Makalu Base Camp Trek

The Makalu Base Camp Trek is considered one of the most challenging and thrilling treks in Nepal. However, its lesser-known status among trekking destinations in the country means the paths are quieter and more secluded. This trek offers an ideal opportunity for adventure seekers to explore the isolated regions of the Himalayas and experience the unique culture and lifestyle of the people living in higher altitudes.

It’s a remote and pure off-the-Beaten Path trek in Nepal. Trekking to Makalu Base Camp provides trekkers with, a taste of pure unspoiled trekking trails, Remarkable Nepalese cultures, a Forest of Rhododendrons, wildlife, a Trek to Makalu Barun National Park, and breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks like Mount Makalu, Chamlang, Peak 3, Peak 5, Yaupa Himal and mount Kanchenjunga.

The trek showcases a pristine landscape and an abundance of natural beauty, leading adventurers to the ultimate destination of Makalu Base Camp, situated at an impressive altitude of 5250 meters. The majestic Mount Makalu, renowned as the fifth-highest mountain in the world, with its captivating beauty and remarkable diversity, serves as a major attraction for adventure-seeking tourists.

Trek to Makalu Base Camp is perfect for trekkers who have a deep appreciation for nature and seek to immerse themselves in diverse landscapes and cultures. Additionally, they will be treated to extraordinary views of some of the tallest mountains on Earth, including the iconic Mount Everest.


  • View Everest from a rare vantage point, the east.
  • Pass river gorges, sheer cliffs, spectacular waterfalls, high-altitude lakes, and Sherpa and Rai villages.
  • Spot rare wildlife, such as the red panda, in the Makalu Barun National Park.
  • Adventure to the world 5 5th highest Mt. Makalu base camp within scenic Barun Valley.
  • Explore the beautiful wilderness of high green hills and picturesque mountain scenery.
  • Walks into the remote isolated country of Nepal's Far North Eastern Himalaya range.
  • Away from mainstream trails on the off-beaten trails to the base camp of Mt. Makalu.

If you're eager to discover more about the key attractions of the Makalu Base Camp Trek, we have crafted a dedicated guide titled "15 Best Things Don’t Miss During Makalu Base Camp Trek"

Although not so far from Everest, the Makalu region is far less frequently visited by trekkers. This trek offers quiet trails, unobstructed views, varied landscapes, and the opportunity to enter the wilderness. Makalu is in eastern Nepal, so there are wonderful views of Kanchenjunga, the third-highest mountain in the world, on Nepal’s eastern border with India. In this region, you will have the opportunity to witness the rural lifestyle of the Sherpa and Rai ethnic groups. While the Sherpas are commonly associated with Everest, you will discover a different aspect of their way of life that remains unaffected by mass tourism.

Our Campsite at Makalu Base Camp. 

This trek falls within the Makalu Barun National Park, an eastern extension of the Sagarmatha National Park (where Everest sits). This is an extremely varied park that houses tropical forests at its lower reaches as well as snow-capped mountains higher up. It has been designated Nepal’s first Strict Nature Reserve, to protect the natural ecosystems and wildlife, which includes red pandas, snow leopards, and black bears.


We recommend that you read the post which explains Everything You Need To Know About Makalu Base Camp Trekking In Nepal and delve into the details about this trek.

The Makalu Base Camp Trek  Route


The following figure shows the Makalu Base Camp Trek Route Map


Begin by flying from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar, in eastern Nepal. Then, drive to the trailhead at Num via Chichila to begin the 21-day trek. Start trekking at a relatively low altitude, where the landscape is green and lush and the farmland is inhabited by the Rai people. As the trail rises, terraced hills give way to Rhododendron forests (at their best in spring, when the flowers bloom). Trek through some of the last areas of pristine forest in Nepal.

Follow the Arun River and then its glacier-fed tributary, the Barun At higher altitudes you will pass through Sherpa settlements. There are a number of beautiful waterfalls within the Barun River Valley, as well as glaciers and sheer cliffs. Spend a couple of days at, and around, the Makalu Base Camp to fully appreciate the mountain vistas, high-altitude lakes, and the Barun glacier. The trek from Base Camp retraces the in-route back to Tumlingtar, although the descent will be faster than the ascent. Acclimatization days are built into the itinerary.

Our Team at Makalu Base Camp elevation of 4870 meters.

What is the Makalu Base Camp Trek Altitude?

Mount Makalu is the world’s fifth-highest peak located in the Mahalangur Himalayan range in Nepal. The Fifth Highest Peak Mount Makalu is 8481 meters tall. The Makalu Base Camp Trek walking journey starts from a Num elevation of 1560 meters. The highest point of the trek is Mount Makalu Base Camp; Mount Makalu Base Camp's altitude is 4870 meters from sea level.

Makalu-Base-Camp-Treks-Altitude-profileMakalu Base Camp Treks Altitude profile chart for travelers. 


Summary of Makalu Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu.
Day 02: Sightseeing and trek Preparation stay overnight at Kathmandu.
Day 03: Fly Kathmandu to Tumlingtar Drive to Num. (1572 meters).
Day 04: Trek to Seduwa (1,500m).
Day 05: Trek to Tashigaon. (2100 meters)
Day 06: Trek to Khongma Danda (3500 meters)
Day 07: Acclimatization Day at Khongma Danda (3500 meters)
Day 08: Trek to Dobate via Shipton La Pass and Keke la Pass (3650 meters)
Day 09: Trek to Yangle Kharka (Yangri Kharka) (3557 meters)
Day 10: Trek to Langmale Kharka (4410 Meters)
Day 11: Trek to Makalu Base Camp (4870 meters)
Day 12: Explore Makalu Base Camp (Barun Glacier and Barun Pokhari) 5100 meters.
Day 13: Trek back to Yangri Kharka Camp (3557 meters)
Day 14: Trek back to Dobate (3650 meters)
Day 15: Trek back to Khongma Danda (3500 meters)
Day 16: Trek back to Tashigaon (2100 meters)
Day 17: Trek back to Seduwa (1500 meters)
Day 18: Trek back to Num (1560 meters) & drive to Tumlingtar overnight at the hotel
Day 19: Flight to Kathmandu receives at airport transfer to Hotel.
Day 20: Free day at Kathmandu.
Day 21: Departure.



FAQ About trek to the Makalu region of Nepal


What are the Flora and Fauna like on the Makalu Base Camp Trek?

Within the vast expanse of the Makalu Barun National Park, an astonishing variety of life thrives, including 3,000 species of flowering plants, 440 species of birds, 75 species of mammals, 315 butterfly species, 43 reptile species, 16 amphibian species making it a treasure trove for nature lovers and researchers alike. Among the remarkable inhabitants are the elusive snow leopard, the adorable red panda, the graceful musk deer, the rugged wild boar, the majestic wild yak, and the hardy Himalayan Thar. This rich biodiversity offers an exciting opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts to spot these fascinating creatures, even at lower altitudes, amidst green pastures, fields, villages, and forests, all set against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and rocky trails, providing an ideal setting for photography enthusiasts.

As you embark on the trek, you will be treated to stunning contrasts of colorful flowers blooming beneath the majestic snow-white mountains, while lush green forests give rise to imposing rocky formations. The Barun Valley boasts lush Rhododendrons adorning its hills, cascading high waterfalls that carve deep gorges, serene alpine meadows, and mighty glaciers, presenting a unique and captivating landscape.

Accommodation on the Makalu Base Camp Trek

There are basic tea houses, and huts available along the Makalu Base Camp trekking route. They may not be as luxurious and plentiful as those in the Everest region, but that is a plus for many travelers as it adds to the wild nature of the adventure. We strongly suggest trekking to the Camping version along the Makalu Base Camp.

Why is Makalu Region Trek the best option?

Makalu region trek is a remote and pure off-the-Beaten Path trek, which provides trekkers, the taste of pure unspoiled trekking trails, Remarkable Nepalese cultures, a Forest of Rhododendrons, wildlife, Trek to Makalu Barun National Park, and breathtaking views of Himalayan peak like Mount Makalu, Chamlang, Peak 3, Peak 5, Yaupa Himal and mount Kanchenjunga. For those who desire to take a challenging trip in Nepal’s Himalayas, Makalu Base Camp Trek is the best choice.


What to expect from Makalu Trek?

Eye-catching scenery and each day you will experience different landscapes, rich with Hindu and Buddhist culture, Charming local villages are the highlights of the Makalu Base Camp trek. Trekking along the gorge of Barun River valley and surrounding Himalayan peaks including the world's fifth highest peak mount Makalu View is the attraction of trekking to the Makalu region of Nepal.

When is the best time to Trek to Makalu Base Camp?

The best time to trek in Nepal is March – April - May in the spring season. During the Spring season rhododendrons flowers are blooming along the route to Makalu Base Camp. Also, the Spring season is best for climbing Himalayan peaks as well.

Similarly, October, November, and December are the best times to trek Makalu Base Camp in the autumn season. After long monsoons from June to September, the clear sky with clear visibility, we can enjoy the breathtaking views during this time of the year. 


Explore comprehensive information about the best time for the Makalu Base Camp trek, including an explanation of why the mentioned seasons are ideal and which ones to avoid. Read more to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.


Makalu Base Camp Trek Cost?

Makalu Base Camp Tea House Trek costs USD 2250 per person for a total of 21 days package. From arriving in Nepal till departure from Nepal. However, trip costs can vary depending on your preferred travel style, whether you choose to trek and stay at tea houses or mountain huts.

Alternatively, If you want to do a camping trek with full camping support, Visit Himalaya Treks offers USD 3200 per person, a minimum group size of 2 people to run the trek. 

Makalu Base Camp Trek Solo

Experienced trekkers can do Solo trekking, however, the trekking to Makalu Base Camp is remote and off the Beaten Path trek. We strongly suggest trekking with Guide for your own safety.

Makalu base camp tea house trek

The Makalu Base Camp trek offers a tranquil alternative to the bustling trekking routes. Along the trekking route, there are modest mountain huts and tea houses available. These humble accommodations provide basic amenities. Local cuisine, such as rice, curry, and noodle soup, is served at these simple huts. If you are content with local food, you can opt to trek to Makalu Base Camp while staying at these huts and tea houses.

Camping Trekking to Makalu Base Camp.

Trekking to remote destinations offers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure experience. For the journey to Makalu Base Camp, camping is the optimal choice, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the natural surroundings. You will have the opportunity to set up camp in breathtaking valleys, along picturesque riversides, atop scenic hills, and in the embrace of majestic mountains. This will provide you with an authentic mountain experience that will stay with you throughout the trek.

Mount Makalu base camp location.

Mount Makalu's altitude of (8481 meters) the fifth highest Peak in the world is located in the Mahalangur Himalayas range just 19 kilometers southeast of Mount Everest. Mount Makalu is an Isolated peak whose shape is a four-sided pyramid. On the first climb to Makalu was a 1954 team led by Riley Keegan from America. Mount Makalu was first summited by French climbers Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy on May 15, 1955 expedition led by Jean Franco.

Gear List for Trek.

During the trek to Makalu Base Camp, the journey begins in the lowlands with a minimum elevation of only 410 meters at Tumlingtar airport. To reach Tumlingtar, we will take a flight from Kathmandu. Therefore, it is essential to have appropriate gear for the warm and humid temperatures experienced during the initial days of the trek until reaching Tashigaon. Once we ascend to Tashigaon, we will enter high Himalayan terrain, requiring warm gear to combat the colder temperatures. 

Throughout the journey, we will be camping for nearly two weeks at elevations of up to 3500 meters, crossing three passes: Kauma La Pass, Shipton La Pass (4125 meters), and Keke La Pass (4170 meters), both on our way to Makalu Base Camp and on our return journey to Tumlingtar.

The highest point of the trekking is Makalu Base Camp, situated at 4870 meters, where we will spend the night at the campsite. For a comprehensive list of the suggested gear required for the trek. 


How difficult is Makalu Base Camp Trek?

The Makalu Base Camp Trek is a challenging trek suitable for experienced trekkers. It involves reaching high altitudes, navigating steep and rocky terrain, and crossing high passes. Trekkers need to be prepared for unpredictable weather conditions, limited facilities, and the need for acclimatization. The trek requires good physical fitness, prior high-altitude trekking experience, and adequate preparation. Hiring a guide or joining a trekking group is recommended for safety and support.

How long is the Makalu Base Camp trek?

We (Visit Himalaya Treks) offer 21 days long treks to Makalu Base Camp arriving in Nepal to departure from Nepal. Prior to commencing the trek, we offer an entire day of sightseeing in Kathmandu. After the trek ends, there is a full day available for personal enjoyment or shopping before departing for your home country. The actual trekking itself spans 14 consecutive days of uninterrupted walking. Additional 2 days are allocated for transportation, involving driving and flights to reach the starting and ending points of the trek in Kathmandu.

Internet and Phone.

Unlike many treks in Nepal, there is almost no WiFi on this route. The NTC sim card worked for the first couple of days. Once we reached Tasigaun, the connection was over. We Visit Himalaya Treks and have always Provided Satellite Phones with each group for emergency communication. Satellite phones are very important for remote trekking destinations. 

Electricity Availability.

We will get electricity until Tasigaun. Once we left Tasigaun, most places ran off solar and didn’t have places to charge items. We Visit Himalaya Treks and provide solar panels to charge our electronic devices. Also, the same Solar Panel we will use for lamps in our Kitchen and Dining tent.

Why Choose VHT for Makalu Base Camp Trek?

VHT (Visit Himalaya Treks) stands out as the premier trekking company for the Makalu Base Camp Trek for several reasons. Firstly, VHT has extensive experience and expertise in organizing and executing treks in the Himalayas, including the Makalu region. Their knowledgeable guides are experienced in navigating challenging terrain and ensuring the safety and well-being of trekkers.

Secondly, VHT offers personalized and tailored services, taking into consideration the preferences and requirements of individual trekkers. They provide comprehensive support throughout the trek, including transportation, accommodation, meals, and equipment, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

Furthermore, VHT is committed to sustainable and responsible tourism practices. They prioritize environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and respect for local communities. Trekkers can be assured that their journey with VHT will have a minimal impact on the natural surroundings and contribute positively to the local economy.

VHT's combination of expertise, personalized services, and commitment to sustainability makes them the top choice and best trekking company for the Makalu Base Camp Trek. Before booking trips it is important to read experienced travelers' reviews, their experience and listen to their advice can make the trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Have a look Pure Off the Beaten Track Makalu Base Camp Trek Video.

Makalu Base Camp Trek Detail Itinerary

  • 1

    Upon arrival in Kathmandu airport receive and transfer to Hotel Stay Overnight at Hotel Kathmandu.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 2

    After breakfast your sightseeing tour will start with our historical city guide, Swayambhu Nath temple, Boudhanath Stup, Pasupatinath temple and Kathmandu Durbar Squire, After sightseeing trek Preparation.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 3

    After breakfast drive to Kathmandu’s domestic airport. It is about 40-minute flight to Tumlingtar airstrips (400m). We will drive to Num about 4 hours bumpy jeep ride where we will meet our porters and team stay at Camp. 

    Altitude 1572 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 4

    After breakfast we start our trek decent down through the forest and terraced fiend. We can view our camp site opposite side of the valley. Crossing the Arun River lead us steep climbing route toward to Num. it is quite hot because of lower elevation and Arun River shape, a challenging day. This is the boundary of the Makalu Barun National Park; we will camp at top of the Village overnight at camp about 5 hours trek.

    Altitude 1500 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 5

    Comparing easier day then a day before, we ascend the ride that is bounded by Isuwa Khola on the west and Kasuwa Khola to the east. The Path leads us across the hill side through the village. Ascending steady trail lead us a busier village of Tashi Gaon about 5 hours trek stay overnight at Camp.

    Altitude 2100 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 6

    Another big day, walking uphill toward to Khongma danda, we leave the green forest behind which are replaced by remote scrub and lovely rhododendrons forest that cover the lower reaches of the mountains about 6 hours trek stay overnight at Camp.

    Altitude 3500 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 7

    It is quite big altitude gained from Tashi Gaon to Khongma Danda, before crossing the Sipton La Pass 4125 meters and ke Ke La Pass 4170 meters we need to well acclimatization. After breakfast hike to view point of Kauma La Hill view point for enjoy the panoramic views and back to camp at Khongma Danda. 

    Altitude 3500 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 8

    One of the challenging day, steady climb up hill trail lead us toward to Shipton La Pass 4125 meters, Shipton La Pass provide superb views of the Num on backdrop. Again gently downhill lead us to kalo Pokhari (black Lake in Nepalese word) and continue to Ke Ke La Pass (4170 meters).  Along the way we have the opportunity to enjoy fantastic views of Chamlang Himal (7,319m). About 7 hours trek stay overnight at Camp at Dobate. 

    Altitude 3650 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 9

    Descending through the rhododendron forest connecting us to Barun upper river valley. Pleasant walk slowly gaining altitude lovely and peaceful small village located in meadow at the best of the valley. About 6 hours trek stay overnight at Camp.

    Altitude 3557 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 10

    Climbing up through the Yak grazing valley and impressive boulder fiends, Langmale Kharka  is popular for Yak and goats graze from the local. About 5 hours trek stay overnight at Camp.

    Altitude 4410 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 11

    The trek onward valley opens up little, just before turn of the right great pyramid of Mount Makalu comes into the full view on right and Chamlang Himal on right. Continue walking toward until reaching to Makalu Base Camp 4870 meters about 5 hours trek stay overnight at Camp.

    Altitude 4870 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 12

    We spend a day exploring around Makalu Base Camp, with the aim of climbing up to Advance Base Camp. From the edge of the Icy slopes we can get glimpse of Barun valley of Mount Everest, Lhotse and Baruntse. Alternatively, we can explore Swiss Base Camp and Baruan Pokhari in the North Ride area Stay overnight at Makalu Base Camp.

    Altitude 5100 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 13

    After breakfast and a final photo opportunity, we begin our return trek back down the valley Yangri Kharka via Langmale Kharka and Shershong stay overnight at Camp about 6 hours trek. 

    Altitude 3775 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 14

    Continue with decent our journey lead us to Dobate the familiar trail we walked earlier on our way up to Makalu Base Camp. During the month of late march April rhododendrons flowers are blooming that replacing the rock, snow and ice of the mountains.

    Altitude 3650 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 15

    Another Hard day, re crossing the pass Ke Ke La, Kalo Kalo Pokhari, Shipton La toward to Khongma Danda danda. On clear weather we can explore super views of the Himalayas views including mount Kanchenjuga stay overnight at Khongma Danda 6 hours trek.

    Altitude 3500 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 16

    After breakfast steep downhill lead us to Sherpa village of Tashi Gaon. Now we are back to civilization after nearly spend 2 weeks on high mountain valley stay overnight at Tashi Gaon at Beautiful camp at top of the village. 

    Altitude 2100 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 17

    Easy and short day, after breakfast retracing your steps back to Seduwa village stay overnight at Camp.

    Altitude 1500 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 18

    Our Last day trekking as we re-trace our footsteps all the way down to Arun River, Crossing the Arun River steep uphill climb lead us to familiar Village Num. Have lunch at Num and drive to Tumlingtar stay overnight at hotel. 

    Altitude 410 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 19

    Complete the journey with a flight to Kathmandu, Transfer to Hotel stay overnight at Hotel Kathmandu.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 20

    Free day at Kathmandu, Shopping, resting day at Kathmandu stay overnight at Hotel, Evening cultural dinner at Nepalese restaurant stay overnight at Hotel KTM.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 21

    We will transfer to Kathmandu international airport to departure; hope to see you again in your next adventure.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation No

Cost Includes

    • Arrival and Departure land transport by Private Car, Van, Jeep, Hice.
    • Accommodation in Kathmandu before and after the trek (2 nights before trek 2 nights after trek) 2 in sharing room with breakfast. 
    • Sightseeing in Kathmandu with a historical guide and necessary land transport.
    • Kathmandu Tumlingtar – Kathmandu round fare domestic flight ticket.
    • Staffs Land Transport – Kathmandu Tumlingtar- Kathmandu with gears.
    • All necessary gear arrangements, tent, kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent, table, Chair.
    • Tented accommodation (2 people in 1 tent) including the mattress.
    • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea coffee while on trek) serve by our trekking cook.
    • Experience Guide including his accommodation, food, salary, and insurance.
    • Cook, Helpers, porters including accommodation, food, salary, insurance.
    • Makalu Barun National Park entrance Fees and TIMS Card.
    • First Aid Kit.
    • Government taxes and service charges.

Cost Excludes

    • Nepal entry visa fees.
    • Personal travel insurance (Compulsory) 
    • Entrances fee during the sightseeing in Kathmandu.
    • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu.
    • Personal expenses like personal tips for drivers and Trekking staff.
    • Early arrival and late departure accommodation.  
    • Gears renting cost if needed like a sleeping bag, down jacket, etc.

Cost & Date

Start Dates are your arrival date in Nepal and End Dates are the returning date from Nepal.

The set departure dates listed are specially quoted and specified for group joining option. Let us know if the set departure dates are not suitable for you- another dates which are suitable for you can certainly be added by us.

Upcoming Trip Departure

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  • Booking Closed - Maximum group size is filled

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Reviews ( 3 Reviews For This Package )

Henk Van Norden, From Netherlands

Strenuous Two-week Hike, Off The Beaten Track Makalu Base Camp.

I just completed my trek to Makalu Basecamp in Eastern Nepal, a two-week hike. Makalu is the fifth-highest mountain on Earth. The arrangements for the trek (permits, air tickets, guide-porter, etc) were done by Visit Himalaya Treks. This was the fourth trek organized for me by this company. Everything was as per expectations – no hiccups at all! This strenuous trek would not have been possible without the services of my guide-porter, Mr Subba BK. He was most attentive throughout the trek, keeping me safe and comfortable. Kudos to Subba!

Henk van Norden from Netherlands
Oct 25 to 10 November – 2023.

Mike Timo & Neal East, USA

Another Great Trek To Makalu Base Camp With Visit Himalaya Treks!!

Our trip to Makalu Base Camp in October/November 2022 was the 5th trek that I've done with this company. As with all of my previous treks -- this one was perfect, with extremely helpful, friendly staff that went way out of their way to do everything possible to ensure a great trekking experience.

The staff are what really make the difference -- and this company has consistently provided us with competent and hard-working staff that are an absolute pleasure to travel with. I highly recommend Visit Himalaya Treks and Himal team!!

Renate Schwarz., From - The Netherlands

Trekking Tours in Nepal with Visit Himalaya Treks.

I have been visiting Nepal in the past 25 years and since 1999 Himal has been my guide and tutor for the Himalayas. We have made over 15 treks and travels together. Wether on my own or with a group of hikers: these treks and travels were in the hands of the excellent, caring and responsible organisation of Himal. His professional and organizational skills make a trek in Nepal a real experience of the Himalaya: Himal has taught me to understand more of the people and culture in Nepal; he is also an excellent intermediary who surprises time and again in his ability to connect with his clients and local communities.
For more details, please feel free to contact me:
Renate Schwarz.
E-mail: [email protected]
Kampersingel, 44a, 2012DL, Haarlem the Netherlands.


We always try to be flexible to design the trip itinerary for our client’s needs. However, if you are not convinced as our suggested itinerary then off-course you are always welcome to customize or change the trip itinerary.

Holiday should never be about making it to the final point quickly. Along your trek, we can add days at your request with additional costs to cover guides, porters, accommodation, and food.

An average physical fitness should be maintained prior to booking a trek. Any sort of illness or recent medical problems should be mentioned while booking a trip. Most of our itineraries are prepared to give you maximum time to acclimatize and pace-setting on the treks would be done according to your convenience. If you are having regular medication then tell us before the trip started which would be better for us to give you the physical feedback.

Our main concern is your safety. We never compromised on your safety during the Trekking and all our guides are properly trained and well equipped to take care of our client's safety even in remote areas as well.

There would be always back support in case of an emergency situation like severe high-altitude sickness or accident (which is least expected), you will be sent to the nearest hospital, if possible, otherwise rescued by a helicopter and sent you to the hospital as soon as possible. Since you are entirely liable for all the expenses incurred for the use of such emergency services, please make sure that your travel insurance covers both- medical and emergency evacuation costs.

It is not a problem at all because in this trek we will supply most of the foods from the nearest store and remaining foods we buy from Locals that mean most of the time we served vegetarian food as well and our camping cook and guide will take care as well.

We use standard quality of (Camping Gears) like Clients tents (3 men tents for couple and two men tent for single), dining tents,  Shower Tent, Toilet Tent, staff tend thick mattress, etc.  Also, we care for our staff and provide them with proper equipment for the camping trek. You will also be requested to have the proper gear for your personal use which will be suggested while confirming the trip.

While during the camping trek it is really difficult to find the place to charge gadget somehow we will manage to charge if we stay close by village otherwise we have to take the portable solar panel to carry with us and charge our gadgets.

Now a day’s most of the areas has been covered by cell phone network connection. However, in this trek, we always send satellite phones along with our guide so you can easily be in touch with your family.

Yes, either you can store at the same hotel as you stayed or we can store your goods with us safely in our office free of cost.

This is a difficult thing to gauge. We have seen everything from USD 25 to USD 900 per person for guides and porters. Tipping is not required, but a small gesture of thanks to your guides and local porters. The level of the tip should reflect the level of satisfaction from and personal involvement with your guide. However, we recommend you to spend a minimum of 10% of your total trip cost for tipping the entire local staff.

Best Selling Trip

$ 3200 / Person
21 Days Nepal
Makalu Base Camp Trek
Altitude 4870 m
Makalu Base Camp Trek
Region Makalu Region
Makalu Base Camp Trek
Difficulty Demanding
Makalu Base Camp Trek
Group size 2 Pax Minimum Peoples
Makalu Base Camp Trek
Best Season October - December in Autumn Season * March - May Spring Season