Manaslu Circuit Rupina La Pass Trek

Manaslu Circuit and Rupina La Pass Trek are an adventure of great dramatic combination both areas located around Nepal's Far North Mid-West in the district of Gorkha within the massive Manaslu Himalaya. Manaslu Circuit and Rupina-La Pass Trek allow trekkers and adventurers a wonderful opportunity to explore the virgin and unspoiled country of Rupina-La well-hidden and away from trekking routes.

The area around Rupina-La where very few trekkers often venture as it falls within a remote and isolated area of Nepal Mid-West on the southern rim of the massive Manaslu Himalaya. That includes Boudha Himal, Himal-Chuli, and Rani Peak (Lidani Peak) with groups of Manaslu peaks with views of Lamjung and Annapurna Himalaya range towards the northwest.

Manaslu Circuit Rupina la Pass Trek highlight

  • Adventure into the most beautiful country around Far North Mid-West Himalayas’
  • Traverse two high scenic passes from one beautiful country to another region.
  • Adventure to complete mountain wilderness facing super Himalayan Panorama.
  • Enjoy walking on off the beaten tracks for some days and then on mainstream trails.
  • Explore the wild country of the Gorkha district from scenic Rupina La to Manaslu Valley.
  • Cross-high passes of Rupina-la (4720 meters) and Larke-La in between high Himalayan peaks.

Manaslu Circuit and Rupina-La Pass Trek is an adventure of great dramatic combination both areas located around Nepal Far North Mid-West in the district of Gorkha within massive Manaslu Himalaya. Manaslu Circuit and Rupina-La Pass Trek allow trekkers and adventurers a wonderful opportunity to explore the virgin and unspoiled country of Rupina-La well-hidden and away from trekking routes. The area around Rupina-La where very few trekkers often venture as it falls within a remote and isolated area of Nepal Mid-West on the southern rim of the massive Manaslu Himalaya. That includes Boudha Himal, Himal-Chuli, and Rani Peak (Lidani Peak) with groups of Manaslu peaks with views of Lamjung and Annapurna Himalaya range towards the northwest.

The first part of the adventure takes you to the Rupina-La area after an interesting drive from Kathmandu to reach Nepal Mid-West around Gorkha historical town and its district, where our walk takes you around nice well-tended farm villages. As the trek progress where our route leaves behind villages and human settlement for complete mountain wilderness following on less trekked trails into sheer isolation entering into the dense deep green forest of tall rhododendron, oaks, and pine tree lines. The adventure takes you beyond tree lines with a steep climb to reach on top Rupina-La Pass above 4,720 meters high with close views of Bauddha and Himal Chuli peaks that make Manaslu a massif range.

From the top of Rupina-La where descent takes you on a narrow ledge path can be tricky with ice in some sections as our route joins on the main Manaslu trekking trail to reach the first village of Manaslu at Nyak.  After being in absolute isolation for many days this will be a great change walking on mainstream trekking routes and in the comfort of a nice lodge along the way with pleasant overnight stops at lovely villages of Namrung, Lo, and main Sama- Gaon villages of Manaslu high valley. Adventure from here on the northern side of massif Manaslu Himalaya with close views of the world 8 8th highest Mt. Manaslu which towers at 8, 163 m and 26, 781 feet high with adjoining giant mountains.

Manaslu high valley once closed to the outside world which was opened in the last three decades remains a restricted area where travelers are limited to entering high scenic Manaslu Valley and are allowed only on obtaining special permits. Enjoying time around scenic Manaslu valley with glorious views of surrounding high peaks and exploring lovely village steps with impressive Buddhism cultures. The upper Manaslu valley also falls on the Old Trans Himalaya Salt Trade and Caravan Route of Nepal to Tibet border where trade still exists but in smaller numbers among local Manaslu people and Tibetan.

After an exciting time around Sama-Gaon and Samdu villages walk takes you to the end of Manaslu valley and Gorkha district reaching on the foot of high Larke-La Pass, next early morning traverse over Larke-La the highest point of the adventure at 5,106 meters high. The top is festooned with hundreds of Buddhist colorful prayer flags and marked with a sign board with the name and the exact height of the pass, enjoy a fascinating panorama of the Manaslu range with some peaks of Manang with Annapurna Himalaya.

Slowly our adventure takes you on to long descent as you enter into a new country in the Manang area and back into the lovely dense forest of tall rhododendron, pines, oaks, and fir tree lines. The return journey leads you to a long descent to reach the roadhead at the nice impressive Dharapani village where the popular Annapurna and Manaslu circuit joins along with magnificent views of high peaks. From Dharapani our wonderful adventurous walks complete taking an exciting drive back to Kathmandu after a great adventure and remarkable experience on Manaslu Circuit and Rupina-La Pass (4720 meters) and Larkya La Pass 5106 meters Trek.

Best Seasons for Manaslu Circuit - Rupina-La Pass Trek:
The best time for this marvelous adventure is from March to May during spring times when days are much longer with many sunlight hours as well warm during day time, but cold in the morning and nights. Chances of snow sometimes, but in springtime, the hills are alive with wildflowers in full seasonal bloom enjoying various species of flowers from trees to bushes.

Another best month from September to early November during autumn/fall times when most days are crystal clear for views and walks, but short sunlight hours due to the autumn season can get freezing cold in the morning and nighttime can expect snow on treks sometimes around a higher altitude above 2, 000 meters.

Manaslu Circuit Rupina la Pass Trek short Itinerary,
Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu, receive at Airport, and transfer to Hotel at Free day.
Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu full day (Trek preparation day)
Day 03: Drive to Barpak (1915 meters) and stay at Tea House / Lodge.
Day 04: Trek to Jongong (1440 meters)
Day 05: Trek to Ghar Khola (2900 meters Camp)
Day 06: Trek to Daraudi Khola (Kharka Camp 3440 meters)
Day 07: Trek to Sanrung Kharka Camp (3800 meters)
Day 08: Cross Rupina La Pass (4720 meters) and Trek to Buddha Himal Base Camp (3600 meters)
Day 09: Trek to Zhong Kharka (2960 meters)
Day 10: Trek to Deng  (1860 meters) connecting the Manaslu Circuit route at Nyak.
Day 11: Trek to Namrung. (2630 meters)
Day 12: Trek to Lho. (3180 meters
Day 13: Trek to Sama Gaon. (3525 meters)
Day 14: Side trip to Punggen Glacier, Punggen Tal, Punggen Gumpa or Manaslu Base Camp.
Day 15: Trek to Samdo. (3860 meters)
Day 16: Side trip to Pangbuche Peak viewpoint to Valley on route to Tibet border.
Day 17: Trek to Dharmasala. (4460 meters)
Day 18: Cross Larke La (5106 meters) and trek to Bhimthang. (3610 meters)
Day 19: Trek to Tilche. (2300 meters)
Day 20: Trek to Dharapani and drive to Besisar (760 meters)
Day 21: Drive to Kathmandu.
Day 22: Departure.

Manaslu Circuit Rupina La Pass Trek Detail Itinerary

  • 1

    On arrival in Kathmandu received by Visit Himalaya staff and guide for a short transfer to respective hotels within the heart of Kathmandu city, Our guide/group leader provides information and briefing regarding the treks, camping, and hotels stay overnight at Kathmandu Hotel.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 2

    In Kathmandu's full-day tour around interesting and important historical and religious places, the most important monuments are listed as World Heritage Sites. The tour begins with a short drive and walks to old Durbar Square, enjoying the various masterpiece of pagoda-style monuments, and then visiting the old Swayambhunath, a famous Buddhist site, and the landmark of Nepal from here tour leads at Bouddhanath Stupa. 

    An important pilgrimage site for Buddhist followers with many monasteries, the area is also known as Little Tibet. From here short tour of holy Pashupatinath an important Hindu temple, observe the pilgrims on prayer with offerings, after an interesting day and wonderful tour head back to the hotel for trek preparations.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 3

    Adventure to Rupina-La Pass and Manaslu Trekking starts with an interesting drive on the main highway for some hours. Heading towards Nepal Mid-West around the district of Gorkha, as route diverts heading northwest to Gorkha areas. Following a winding road past farm villages and towns, and then drive leads uphill to Barpak.

    A large spread-out hill town amidst terraced farm fields, Barpak was the epicenter of the 2015 huge earthquake. That shook Nepal’s Mid-West and East causing great damage and loss of many lives. The villages and town slowly coming back to normal life and activities. At Barpak transfer into a nice simple lodge for overnight, with time to browse around the street and market to catch glimpse of the local culture of hill tribes with mostly dominated by Gurung. 

    Altitude 1915 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Tea House / Lodge
  • 4

    From Barpak, the morning walk leads downhill through farm fields and terraces reaching rural farm hill villages. Inhabited by Magar and Gurung tribes, as walk follows short climb to a ridge top. Facing marvelous views of Annapurna, Lamjung, and the Manaslu Himalaya range with Himal-Chuli and Boudha Himal. 

    The walk continues past farm terraces heading downhill to a small farm village of Jongong for overnight. The tented camp is set near the village farm yard after a great day's walks on an isolated forested trail.

    Altitude 1440 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 5

    After a pleasant overnight with the first night in a tented camp, a walk leads to higher cooler hills. The morning route follows into a dense forest of pines, oaks, and rhododendron trees, on leaving the Jongong farm areas. A steep climb on a faint trail, the route from here is least ventured by only a few trekkers and adventurers.

    Follow the local country path where cattle herders use taking their animals to summer grazing pastures. The walk leads through dense mixed forest and then uphill to a high ridge, and then a short descend to stream. Where our camp is set at a place called Ghar Khola, a fast-flowing stream.

    Altitude 2900 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 6

    Enjoying pleasant overnight stop in the middle of a forest as our route leads closer to Rupina-La pass. A pleasant walk on gradual uphill through a dense alpine forest with ups and down towards an open area facing lovely scenery. From here a nice interesting walk crossing Daraudi Khola, then reaching our overnight camp at Kharka, another summer grazing.

    Altitude 3440 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 7

    From this nice scenic spot, the morning walk leads higher towards Rupina-La after an hour of a good walk. Where tree lines drop for short bushes and shrubs, the walk follows a high ridgeline with a climb to a hill. Located at 3,870 m high facing a super panorama of surrounding peaks of Manaslu range, as far towards Ganesh Himal.  After enjoyable scenic moments, on downhill following a faint path to overnight camp close to the base of Rupina-La pass.

    Altitude 3800 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 8

    Today one of the main highlights of the adventure, starting as early as possible to cross over the first high pass. , start the climb early morning to reach on top of Rupina-La Pass, as the walk takes on a steep slope and narrow faint trail. As this area where only a few trekkers seldom use this route except for local cattle herders of both sides of the villages, as climb leads over rocks and moraine facing marvelous close views of high Manaslu Mountain range, includes Boudha-Himal at close distance. 

    After a tough climb reaches on top Rupina-La at 4,720 meters high, the highest spot so far before Larke-La Pass, the top a small rocky ridge sometimes covered in snow and ice. In snow, condition crossing is challenging and demanding which makes it a more adventurous trek on a narrow path.  From the top descend safely towards the base of Boudha Himal, a high peak at 6, 672 m, close to Rani or Lidani peak at 6,693 m. The walk leads on a narrow path crossing a few icy streams then reaching the other side of Rupina-La's pass. Overnight camp an hour walk from the main route to Boudha Himal Base Camp for overnight camp. 

    Altitude 4720 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 9

    A long day walk heading towards the main Manaslu circuit route, as walk leads on glacial areas, taking care over few tough sections. Then once on the main path walk get better towards a wide grazing field at Jarang located above 3,420 meters. From here a long descent of a few hours to Zakbatang. 

    Walking further for a few hours to cross Rupina-La Khola, a stream that flows from high above Rupina-La and Boudha Himal areas. After a long downhill and then finally reaching a place called Zhong Kharka for last overnight in tented camp.

    Altitude 2960 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 10

    On leaving the remote wilderness of Rupina-La areas, from here walk gets better as the route follows through smaller farm villages. Finally reaching the main trail of Manaslu Circuit trail, a great change walking on the mainstream route. After being in isolated corners of Rupina-La areas and away from the human settlement for many days. A slow and steady walk follows to a rocky ridge top covered in bamboo grooves and then reaches a small place at Eklai Bhatti. 

    A short rest, then walk leads higher as the trail diverts towards North West to Deng for an overnight stop in the comfort of a nice local lodge. From here onwards within strong Buddhism culture and custom, where the route of Manaslu and Tsum valley diverts a little further from Deng.

    Altitude 1860 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 11

    After a pleasant overnight at Deng, the route leads within scenic Manaslu valley heading into cooler areas, as the walk continues on a steep-sided path within a scenic valley, and then reach across rows of Mani prayer stone walls at Ghap a nice village for a possible lunch stop. From Ghap slowly altitude gains higher walk into cool lovely woodland as path meander to climb then enter into a wide exposed valley with extensive pasture field, then cross over a large stream flowing from the glacier of Lidana.

    Walks carry on along with fantastic views of Mt. Manaslu, the local name is Kutang Himal includes Pang Phuchin 6,335 m, Saula Himal 6,235 m with an array of lesser peaks. From here climb as altitude gains to reach at Namrung for overnight stop, the village also called as Sho Namru.

    Altitude 2630 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 12

    Today's walk from Namrung takes you to lovely Lho-Gaon village located beneath towering North Face of Mt. Manaslu, morning walk heads towards spread out farm fields and Yak herder camps. As route takes you to the inner side of scenic and beautiful Manaslu valley, as trek progress overlooking grand scenery of surrounding country with high snow peaks then end the day on reaching Lo-Gaon a nice village for an overnight stop.

    Lho-Gaon impressive lovely villages of highest Manaslu Valley with grand close views of Mt. Manaslu with time here visit monastery decorated with many Chorten and Mani walls include views of Ganesh Himal in the east direction.

    Altitude 3180 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 13

    From lovely Lho-Gaon village walk leads to inner Manaslu valley heading towards Sama-Gaon. The main village is around upper Manaslu valley, during the walk enjoy views of Peak 29 and Manaslu range. After a few hours walk reaching Shala village located beneath Phungi, Manaslu, and Himal Chuli peaks. 

    After refreshing stops walk for a few hours and then complete the walk on reaching Sama-Gaon village for overnight stop, situated at the bottom of the world’s 8th highest Mt. Manaslu. 

    Altitude 3525 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 14

    At Sama Gaon for a day hike to a small isolated settlement of Pungeen, also spelled as Yungeen, this beautiful high place offers stupendous views of surrounding high peaks. Morning having breakfast carrying pack lunch head towards Pungeen Lake and on the highest spot of the adventure at 4,700 m high.

    A beautiful turquoise-colored lake amidst giant snow peaks, the area around filled with moraine rocks and boulders with few high altitude vegetation. On reaching our goal and target walk back to Sama-Gaon for an overnight stop.

    Altitude 4700 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 15

    Enjoying two nights at Sama-Gaon with adventure to Pungeen Tal, morning walk heads higher towards the end of scenic Manaslu valley to Samdu the last village of Gorkha and Manaslu valley. Walk follows a gradual climb as altitude gains slowly and the country gets more arid and barren of windswept terrain, as the walk continues to reach Samdo village. A moderate size village with more than fifty houses with a population of nearly two hundred people living in this last and harsh area of Manaslu valley.

    Altitude 3860 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 16

    Another overnight at Samdo, morning carrying pack lunch head north from Samdo, on route Tibet border. Which is an ancient Trans Himalaya Salt Trade Caravan trail to Tibet / China frontier. Walk on dry windswept terrain heading closer towards Pangbuche Peak, an excellent viewpoint at above 4700m. A perfect acclimatization hike before crossing Larke-La Pass, catch the breathtaking views of the Manaslu Himal range. After a scenic tiring walk heads back to Samdo for an overnight stop. 

    Altitude 4700 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 17

    From Samdo village, walk leads at the end of Manaslu valley rim and Gorkha District. Where Larke-La forms the barrier between Manaslu and Gorkha with Manang areas. Following the rugged terrain trails crossing a few icy streams facing views of Mt. Manaslu Himalaya, then reaching Dharmasala means a shelter for travelers. At Dharmasala or Larke, Phedi afternoon is free for short walks and preparations for the next early morning long climb to cross over high Larke-La Pass towards Manang areas. 

    Altitude 4460 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 18

    Start early morning, climb takes you to steep slope over the moraine of rocks and boulders to cross over ablation of north Larke glacier. As the climb continues and gets steeper with rest stops to enjoy views of Cho Danda and Larke Peak, and then reach on top Larke-La Pass marked with colorful Buddhist prayer flags. From the top enjoy the grand panorama of Himlung, Cheo Himal, and Kang-Guru with Annapurna-II including the Manaslu Himal range. After wonderful moment downhill to the bottom of the pass at Larcia.

    The walk continues further for another few hours to Tambuche and then ends the tough day, reaching Bhimthang for an overnight stop. Bhimthang is a lovely spot surrounded with green dense forest with many good lodges adorned with prayer flags and Mani walls.

    Altitude 5106 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 19

    From Bhimthang rest of the journey is easier on a pleasant downhill with a few short ups to Gho on route Tilche and Dharapani, the end of our trek. The morning starts walking into a beautiful forest of pines and rhododendron and then reach an open area at Gho, a small cattle, and yak herder camp. After a brief stop or for a possible lunch break, the adventure continues on the long descent to the lovely village of Tilche, located above Masrsyangdi River Overnight at Camp, situated below Dharapani village on the main road to Manang and towards Besisar town.

    Altitude 2300 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 20

    After a nice brief stop then end the day walk with a short final climb to Dharapani Village, located on the junction of the popular Annapurna and Manaslu Circuit route. From here our adventurous walk completes taking a morning drive to reach low and warm areas around Lamjung district, after staying in Manang and Manaslu area. Besisar is a large town and administrative headquarter of the Lamjung district, with enough time in the afternoon for a stroll and to observe the culture of local hill people populated mostly by the Gurung tribe.

    Altitude 760 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 21

    After a refreshing overnight halt at Besisar, having breakfast board in a vehicle for the drive back to Kathmandu, an exciting journey overlooking views of a high snow-capped mountain range with beautiful landscapes of rolling hills dotted with farm villages and terraces. As drive follows past many farm villages to Mugling Bazaar.

    From here after a brief refreshing stop, the journey continues on a good road with a climb towards the rim of Kathmandu Valley. From the outskirt of the valley short hour drive to Kathmandu, and then back to your hotel, enjoy the rest of the afternoon free for individual activities and shopping souvenirs. 

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 22

    As per your international flight time, our staff transfers you to Kathmandu Tribhuvan International airport for final departure from amazing Nepal the country of natural wonders with high Himalayan peaks. After a most memorable experience and adventure on Manaslu Circuit via Rupina-La Pass and Larkya La Pass Trekking.  

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation No

Cost Includes

    • Arrival, and departure land transport by private car, or van. (We will collect you from the Kathmandu international airport and transfer you to Hotel) 
    • 3 nights 2 in sharing accommodation in Kathmandu with Breakfast. (2 nights before and 1 night after the trek 3* stander self-rated Hotel in Kathmandu)
    • Full-day sightseeing in Kathmandu, with a city guide and necessary land transport.
    • Kathmandu Barpak land transport by private jeep and on the way back Dharapani - Besisahar -  Kathmandu by private Jeep.
    • Manaslu restricted entry permits, including Manaslu Conservation entry permits, Annapurna Conservation entry permits, and TIMS.
    • Experience Government license holder trekking guide, cook, and supporter porters. 
    • All necessary land transport for Cook staff and porters. 
    • Tented Accommodation during the trek, (2 members share a tent) 
    • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including tea and coffee while on the trek, serve by our trekking cook staff. 
    • Dining tent, Table, chairs, toilet tent, and sleeping mattress. 
    • Accommodation, food, salary, and insurance, for the Guide cook, staff, and Porters. 
    • All necessary cooking gear, cooking fuel, (we use kerosene for cook food on trek)
    • If need a down jacket, sleeping bag, walking pole, or duffel bag, we will provide it without cost. 
    • Medicine kit (first aid kit) 
    • Government taxes and service charges. 

Cost Excludes

    • Nepal entry visa fee (for more details please refer to the Nepal visa information section)
    • Entrances fee while sightseeing in Kathmandu.
    • Personal travel and medical insurance (compulsory) 
    • Extra nights’ accommodation in Kathmandu if staying more than the above itinerary suggested.
    • Lunch/dinner in Kathmandu, except breakfast.
    • Personal expenses like drinks while on trek (water) bar bills, laundry, and telephone, personal tips for your Driver, guide, and Porter.

Cost & Date

Start Dates are your arrival date in Nepal and End Dates are the returning date from Nepal.

The set departure dates listed are specially quoted and specified for group joining option. Let us know if the set departure dates are not suitable for you- another dates which are suitable for you can certainly be added by us.

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An average physical fitness should be maintained before booking a trek. Any sort of illness or recent medical problems should be mentioned while booking a trip. Most of our itineraries are prepared to give you maximum time to acclimatize and pace-setting on the treks would be done according to your convenience. If you are taking regular medication then tell us before the trip starts which would be better for us to give you the physical feedback.

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It is not a problem at all because in a mountain most of the tea houses/lodges serve vegetarian food as well and our guide will take care of the time cooking and on a camping trek, our cook and staff will care all about the food section.

Most of the lodges in the mountains are the basic ones like a guest house or tea house style. 

We also use standard quality (Camping Gear) like Clients' tents (3 men tents for couples and two men tents for single), dining tents, Shower tents, Toilet tents, staff tend thick mattresses, etc.  Also, we care for our staff and provide them with proper equipment for the camping trek. You will also be requested to have the proper gear for your personal use which will be suggested while confirming the trip.

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Now a day’s most of the major village has a cell phone network connection. However, in a remote area where cell phones do not work, and even if there is no other communication access then we send satellite phones along with our guide so you can always be in touch with your family.

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The luggage must not exceed up to 20 kilos. A trekking helper (porter) carries baggage of less than 15 kilos. This bag can be received at the end of each day’s trek and you should carry the rest of the weight as a day bag with all your money and valuables inside it.

This is a difficult thing to gauge. We have seen everything from USD 25 to USD 900 per person for guides and porters. Tipping is not required, but a small gesture of thanks to your guides and local porters. The Level of the tip should reflect the level of satisfaction from and personal involvement with your guide. However, we recommend you spend a minimum of 10% of your total trip cost for tipping the entire local staff.

Group Size Price
2 - 4 People $3200
5 - 9 People $2800
10 + People $2600
$ 2600 / Person
22 Days Nepal
Manaslu Circuit Rupina La Pass Trek
Altitude 5160 m
Manaslu Circuit Rupina La Pass Trek
Region Manaslu Region Of Nepal
Manaslu Circuit Rupina La Pass Trek
Difficulty Challenging Grade
Manaslu Circuit Rupina La Pass Trek
Group size 2+ Peoples
Manaslu Circuit Rupina La Pass Trek
Best Season September -November in Autumn season & April-June Spring Season.