Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek

Visit Himalaya Treks presents “The Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek” around the secluded region of the Mid-Eastern Himalayas. An adventure within hidden pockets of Central Himalayas amidst Jugal Himal massif snow-capped peaks. A perfect adventure on ‘off the beaten track’ for those who are interested in trekking in the complete mountain wilderness.

The Ultimate Jugal Himal Adventure leads you away from human civilization for more than a week. Walking in tranquil surroundings with only the sound of blissful nature in the close shadow of Jugal Himal.  This raw and wild region offers stunning dramatic scenery of towering mountains dusted in snow. The walk leads towards the holy lakes of Panch Pokhari and Bhairab Kunda, enclosed by hills and snow peaks. 

Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek Highlights:
“Stunning scenery of mountains dusted with snow amidst beautiful surroundings.
Explore the glistening lovely glacial lakes of Panch Pokhari and Bhairab Kunda.
Adventure around remote corners of the Central Mountain range of Jugal Himal.
On least ventured and hidden trails away from main popular trekking routes.
Enchanting forest lined with tall rhododendrons, magnolia, oaks, and pine trees.

Trek Short Profile:
Mode of Trekking:- Fully Camping Trek.
Trek Grade:- Moderate.
Highest Point:- Jugal Himal Base Camp at 4,700 m / 15, 420 feet.
Trek Duration:- 14 Nights and 15 Days with drives both ways.
Types of Transportation:- Four-Wheel drives or similar.
Areas of Trekking:- Sindhu-Palanchok district around Nepal Mid-East and Jugal Himal range.
Total Trip:- 17 Nights & 18 Days from arrival to departure.

Where is Jugal Himalayan located?
Jugal Himal, located in Central Himalaya towards Nepal North Far Mid-East close between Langtang and Gauri-Shankar Himalaya range. The Jugal Himal ranges with groups of snow peaks, Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m), Madhya (6,257 m), and Phurba Gyachung (6,637 m.). The trek to the Jugal Himal base camp leads close to Langshisa-Ri (6,427 m), surrounded by staggering snow peaks. Behind the massif Jugal Himal, lies the world’s last 14th Highest Mt. Shisapangma (8,027 m). Mt. Shisapangma, which is wholly in Tibet, a mere distance on the northern side of the Jugal Himal range. 

Jugal Himal with its giant peaks forms the northern boundary of Nepal and Tibet / China. Certainly, a magical country to experience, walking into the dense forest towards the simmering lakes of Panch Pokhari and Bhairab Kunda. Langtang and Jugal Himal Mountain range can also be seen from Kathmandu Valley on a fine clear day.

The Ultimate Jugal Himal Adventure takes you around an isolated, undisturbed pristine country. As well as far from human civilization for some days, heading towards stunning verdant valleys encircled by beautiful forests and glorious views of snow-capped peaks.

The adventure involves crossing over a scenic pass, and exploring remote farm settlements, amidst a delightful display of wildflowers. This makes Ultimate Adventure to Jugal Himal, more exciting with enjoyable moments amid tranquil and sheer mountain wilderness.

Jugal Himal Base Camp Trekking Route

The Ultimate Jugal Himal Adventure begins with an interesting overland journey heading northeast of Kathmandu Valley. Driving past the main highway towards high country hilly roads past rural towns and farm villages to start trekking. After the drive, the walk follows towards the cooler hills of Jugal Himal within a serene forest and picturesque valley of Panch Pokhari. Then heading beyond villages and human habitation to reach Panch Pokhari and its magnificent surroundings.

Panch Pokhari is regarded as a holy spot, the name refers to its five crystal clear ponds. Situated on a picturesque valley within beautiful dense woods of rhododendrons and pine trees. Panch Pokhari also falls en route Langtang Valley via a high pass of Tillman Col.  After an enjoyable time at Panch Pokhari, then heading towards our main target destination at Jugal Himal Base Camp. The highest point of the adventure is enclosed between towering Snow Mountains and massif moraines and glaciers.

The return journey leads to another scenic area at Bhairab Kunda, heading further northeast of Panch Pokhari. The walk follows an elusive path often used by cattle herders, which remains so far as a secret route. Slowly the walk heads to our next last destination and highlights reaching Bhairab Kunda. Another magnificent area amid beautiful forest clearing, as well as a sacred spot for Hindu followers. In Panch Pokhari, Bhairab Kunda where an annual religious fair is held in the monsoon time of August. At Bhairab Kunda have ample time to explore its scenic view-points close to the shore of Bhairab Kunda. A crystal-clear simmering pond bounded by huge rocky high cliffs and soaring snow peaks of the Jugal Himal range.

Another holy pond the Bhairab Kunda, is located beneath the towering eastern range of Jugal Himal. A picturesque and serene spot Bhairab Kunda is encircled by enchanting forest, and spectacular scenery of snow-clad peaks. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims and local shamans (Witch Doctors) visit for prayer and worship the God Bhairab. Another manifestation of the Hindu God Lord Shiva, the devotees perform religious rites and a dip in the pond. The belief is that it washes the sins of hundreds of lifetimes.

Panch Pokhari and Bhairab Kunda around the Jugal Himal range, slowly drawing a few groups of trekkers, over the last few years. Visit Himalaya Treks, probably the only local company to venture around this fresh new mountainous hidden country of Jugal Himal.

The Ultimate Jugal Himal Adventure is purely a wilderness trek, exploring the hidden gem of the Jugal Himal region. Where the walk leads to the foot of the Massif Central Mountain range of Jugal Himal. As well as visiting serene Panch Pokhari and Bhairab Kunda in the close shadow of staggering white peaks. 

On completing the wonderful adventure around Panch Pokhari Jugal Himal base camp and Bhairab Kunda the return journey from Bhairab Kunda leads towards farm villages. Where our walk concludes right next to the road head, and then an exciting drive takes you back to Kathmandu. On reaching Kathmandu, the Ultimate Jugal Himal Adventure completes, after a great wonderful experience around the hidden country of the Central Himalayas.

Best seasons for Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek:

The best seasons are spring and autumn/fall, the springtime begins from March till May. Where days are bright with sunshine most of the time, the late afternoon can get overcast. Chances of rains around low areas and mid-hills with snowfall in higher areas sometimes. Whereas, most days are pleasant for treks and clear stunning views.

Springtime time when wildflowers are in seasonal bloom, especially the rhododendrons of different species and magnolia. The green meadow will be blanketed with miniature and tiny lovely colorful flowers. A great time for treks around Panch Pokhari Jugal Himal base camp and Bhairab Kunda and other Himalayas. Cold morning above 1,800 m / 6,000 feet, as well as in shades and late afternoon until night time.

The next best time for the Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek is autumn/fall, which starts from September to December, Most days are clear with bright sunshine. Cold morning and in shades as well as late afternoon and night time, most days are fine for clear views and walks. Chances of snowfall above 2,500 m / 8,200 feet high sometimes; but enjoyable time for pleasant walks and stunning views of the Snow Mountain range.


Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek Itinerary,

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu, and transfer to hotel.
Day 02: A Day in Kathmandu for tour and trek preparations.
Day 03: Drive to Thulo Bhotang 2, 600 m Approx. 6 hours journey.
Day 04: Trek to Nosyampati 3, 661 m- 06 hrs.
Day 05: At Nosyampati for acclimatization and a short hike.
Day 06: Trek to Panch Pokhari 4, 055 m -05 hrs.
Day 07: Trek to Nema-Gchukpa Kharka 3,578 m -05 hrs.
Day 08: Trek to Chhendang 2,636 m -05.
Day 09: Trek to Ne Pemasal 3, 500 m 06 hrs.
Day 10: Trek to Gyap Kharka 4, 400 m-05 hrs.
Day 11: Trek to Jugal Himal Base Camp 4, 700 m -04 hrs.
Day 12: Trek to Ne Pemasal via an alternative route of Ne Pemasal River -05 hrs.
Day 13: Trek to Ne-Kharka 4, 230 m -06 hrs.
Day 14: Trek to Jumle Pokhari 4,200 m -05 hrs.
Day 15: Trek to Bhairab Kunda 4,125 m -05 hrs.
Day 16: Trek to Thulo Dhunga 3,500 m -06 hrs.
Day 17: Trek to Kyangsing village-2 hrs. Drive to Kathmandu 6 hrs.
Day 18: Free day in Kathmandu or Depart for homeward bound.

Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek Detail Itinerary

  • 1

    On the first arrival at Kathmandu, Nepal International Airport, after completing the visa formalities and collecting the baggage. Then reaching the Air Terminal exit door, Visit Himalaya Treks staff will receive you.

    A short drive takes you to your hotel, located in a nice locality not far from the main city of Kathmandu. After checking into your rooms, rest then join to trek briefing provided by the group leader or guide regarding the treks, camping, foods, and walking path. As well as local culture and religion, the views to expect to include important detail and information to make your adventure enjoyable and delightful.

    Altitude 1350 m
    Meals No
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 2

    A leisurely day in Kathmandu for an exciting tour around Kathmandu and Nepal's famous landmarks. The tour guided by our expert cultural guide, takes you to places of great historical and religious interest of both Hinduism and Buddhism.

    Kathmandu city and the valley steeped with World Heritage Sites, of Old Durbar Square (old palace). The Swayambhunath Stupa of more than 2,500 years old with the Holy Hindu Temple of Pashupatinath and a large dome Buddhist Stupa of Bouddhanath. After an interesting tour back at the hotel for final preparation and packing for Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek.

    Some items and clothing not required for trekking can leave in the hotel to store. Including valuables can be stored in the hotel's safe deposit or with the Visit Himalaya Treks office.

    Altitude 1350 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 3

    After having a good breakfast, depart from the hotel for a long and interesting overland journey, towards the east of Kathmandu Valley. The first few hours of drive on a pleasant scenic highway reaching Dhulikhel old town. From Dhulikhel enjoy panoramic views of the Central and Eastern Himalayas with Jugal and Langtang Himal range. The drive heads down to much warmer areas through farm villages and towns, from Panchkhal town.

    Our journey diverts leaving the main road and heading north to Melamche Bazaar, a large spread-out town. Possible lunch stop as time permits, and then drive leads up on winding hilly dirt rough road reaching Thulo Bhotang. A nice village of mixed hill tribes of Tamang, Sherpa, and Magar with few Newar, Chettries, and Bharamins.

    The villagers seldom see a few foreign trekkers on this route, our first overnight tented camp is set on a farm yard. Having time to explore the village and observe the local culture, from here on our route leads to a completely isolated high country. 

    Altitude 2600 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Tea House/Camp
  • 4

    The first-day trek of the adventure begins after clearing the camp and having breakfast prepared by our camping cook. The walk starts with a climb heading up to Tupi Danda through a lovely cool forested path. The forest is lined with tall rhododendron, pines, and fir trees as uphill continues past a few Kharka (cattle herder temporary summer shelters). Taking a slow pace due to gain in altitude then finally the walk ends on reaching a nice grassy meadow. Where our overnight camp is set at Nosyampati amidst beautiful woodland.

    Altitude 3610 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 5

    A leisure day at Nosyampati for acclimation before reaching the higher region towards Panch Pokhari and Jugal Himal base camp. An ideal height for rest and a short hike up the hills for the best views of surrounding dramatic landscapes and snow-mountain range. Nosyampati is also a summer pasture and grazing field for local villagers’ cattle. Enjoy the serene setting within a pristine location with only the sound of nature and birds.

    Altitude 3661 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 6

    The morning after a good breakfast, today's walk is fairly short compared to the previous day. However the steep climb makes the day quite longer, start the morning with uphill to cover more than 400 meters. The climb gets quite steeper in some sections but rewards you with exceptional views of the Jugal Himal mountain range.

    The climb leads higher within the forest and then a short descent reaching Panch Pokhari and the five simmering ponds. Located on a scenic valley beneath towering peaks Himalayan massifs of Gauri Shankar (7,134 m), Jugal Himal (6, 535 m). Includes Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m), the scenery is absolutely stunning against the great contrast of green forested hills.

    Panch Pokhari means five ponds, a holy pilgrimage site for the Hindus. During the mid-monsoon wet months of July or August on a full moon, a religious fair takes place. Thousands of Hindus and some Buddhists pay homage to this holy spot for prayer and worship. As well as taking a bath in the holy ponds to clean the sins and bad omens of hundreds of lifetimes.

    Panch Pokhari is also on several routes of famous Himalayan destinations towards Jugal Himal Base Camp. As well as towards the famous Langtang Valley via Tillman’s Col, the pioneer who explored the areas in the early 1950s.

    Altitude 4055 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 7

    On leaving the camp at Panch Pokhari, our route leads towards Jugal Himal Base Camp, heading straight north. A steep climb for a few hours leads to a crest and a ridge top above 4, 400 m high. Facing outstanding views of surrounding landscapes with Panch Pokhari down below with Jugal Himal range of peaks towards north direction. Slowly the walk descends to the base of this unnamed high ridge reaching a small place of Nema-Gchukpa Kharka. A lovely high spot for an overnight camp with grandeur views of snow peaks.

    Altitude 3578 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 8

    From Nema-Gchukpa Kharka, adventure heads towards a Chhendang which is quite lower from this campsite. The morning after breakfast, the walk leads further north at first with a slow short climb to a high ridge. Reaching on top of Chidakpu Kharka at 4,513 m, after a steep climb. Rewards with spectacular scenery of Langtang and Jugal Himal range, and then a long descent to Chhendang for overnight camp.

    After downhill, needs to cross a fast-flowing cold stream, if the temporary log bridge does not exist. Depending upon the grazing seasons, sometimes the cattle herders make a simple small bridge for animals; to graze on the other side.

    Altitude 2636 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 9

    Today is a fairly long walk, where trekkers need to be careful on some sections across a narrow path. Especially on the ledge of a high rocky cliff with some danger of rock fall, the path leads to a slow climb. As the walk progresses reach a small grassy area at Tongsyup Gufa, a place with an overhanging cave. In the early days monks and high Buddhist priests used this cave as a good shelter for meditation. From here on slow downhill to cross a stream, then reaching our overnight camp at Ne Pemasal.

    Altitude 3500 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 10

    Morning is another moderate walk as the trail climbs gradually adding more heights to the adventure. Leaving the fast-flowing stream for an uphill climb towards the small place of Bumbaserpu at above 4,200 m high. From here another hour or more climb to reach the overnight camp at Gyap Kharka. After an exciting day's walk of great variation with short down and ups on a narrow edge path.

    Altitude 4400 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 11

    Gyap Kharka, which is also a summer grazing pasture area for cattle. From here a short walk to Jugal Himal Base Camp our major destination of the adventure. They can be misleading, heed slowly as you encounter rocky moraines and glaciers to reach Jugal Himal Base Camp. Arriving on time for lunch and overnight halt, at the bottom of the towering giant peaks of Jugal Himal. An afternoon with time for rest to marvel at the spectacular scenery of the mountain range, and take a short hike around.

    Altitude 4700 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 12

    Enjoying the time of your life and feeling in high spirits on completing the first phase of the adventure. The return journey leads further east of Sindupalanchok district with various routes to reach Bhairab Kunda.

    The walk leads back to Ne Pemasal, but with a difference taking the east route via Ne Pemasal River. Just the opposite side from the path we walked the previous day towards Jugal Base Camp via Gyap Kharka. Eventually, the walk leads towards Ne Pemasal for the last overnight camp around the main areas of Jugal Himal. 

    Altitude 3500 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 13

    From the camp at Ne Pemasal, our route diverts east towards Ne-Kharka for an overnight stop. Leaving the earlier path of the Panch Pokhari area, the trail follows eastward with slow ups and down. The country changes into rugged landscapes of the glaciated moraine of rocks and ice in some sections. Quite a long day walk on a completely new path, probably only a few trekkers and explorers might have used this route. But interesting walk far and off from the main popular areas following the hidden path to reach the overnight camp at Ne-Kharka. This area is often frequented by only a few cattle herders from nearby villages during the summer times.

    Altitude 4230 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 14

    On leaving the camp of Ne-Kharka heading towards another wild country at Jumle Pokhari, a small glacial pond. The walk follows, to short downhill to Takpadding then reaching Phu Kharka, which is east from the main route of Somdong. Our direction leads on a fresh new path around the areas of smaller glacial ponds of Jumle Pokhari. Located not far from Loom Pokhari and Bhairab Kunda our next destination after staying in Jumle Pokhari. Enjoy the views along the walks to Jumle Pokhari, within the remote and isolated region of Jugal Himal. After a pleasant and wonderful walk reaching a small pond of Jumle Pokhari for overnight camp.

    Altitude 4200 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 15

    After a pleasant overnight in Jumle Pokhari means a twin pond, due to its adjoining Loom Pokhari. The walk follows a secluded path towards Kappu Danda a high hill and ridges. Our approach to Bhairab Kunda is much different from other popular trails, coming from the south direction. As our walk leads from the northwest to reach the holy site of Bhairab Kunda. A stunning-looking holy lake at 4,125 m, one of the major pilgrimage destinations for Hindu followers.

    Like Panch Pokhari, Bhairab Kunda, where religious events are held once a year in the month of July / August. As per the Hindu Lunar calendar, pilgrims come to pay homage to the temple dedicated to Lord Bhairab. Which is another destructive form of Lord Shiva) as well as taking a bath in the holy lake. Enjoy the beautiful seating of Bhairab Kunda from the campsite, overlooking grand views of Jugal Himal peaks.

    Altitude 4125 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 16

    From Bhairab Kunda and its beautiful scenic location, the walk leads down south with a few short ups and more downhill. As the trail enters back into the dense forest of rhododendron, pines, oaks, and fir trees. The walk leads to an exciting place of Nautalle Kharka (means a temporary cattle herder shelter of 9 stories high). Probably built as a watch tower to guard their cattle from other wild animals.

    The walk then heads on winding down to Thulo Dhunga, a small farm settlement with a huge boulder. As the name means Thulo Dhunga, close to the farm areas where our overnight camp is set.

    Altitude 3500 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 17

    Slowly our adventurous walk comes to an end reaching Kyangsing village, a short- and last-day trek of the journey. The morning starts following the south route as the walk gets closer to warm farm areas in the village of Kyangsing. Mostly populated by the mountain tribes of Tamang and some Sherpa interwoven into Buddhism religion. Kyangsing is a nice farm village, from here take a four-wheel drive of more than 6 hours overland journey to Kathmandu.

    Although a long drive but interesting and exciting, the road follows rough dirt tracks. After hours on bumpy hill dirt tracks then joins on the main good road all the way to Kathmandu. On reaching the city limit and back to your respective hotels on time for the last dinner in Kathmandu and Nepal. After a great mesmerizing and wonderful experience on Ultimate Jugal Himal Adventure.

    Altitude 2520 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 18

    Today enjoy the free leisure day in Kathmandu for individual activities and for shopping sprees. Trekkers with early flights for respective countries, or other ports of call can depart from the hotel for international flight homeward bound.

    Altitude 1350 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation No

Cost Includes

    • Arrivals and departure transport by car (We will collect you from the Kathmandu international airport) and transfer to the hotel.
    • A full day sightseeing in Kathmandu with a city guide and necessary transport.
    • 3 nights’ accommodation (2 persons per room) in Kathmandu in a 3* standard Hotel with breakfast.
    • All land transportation (a private car/Jeep/ bus). 
    • All necessary gear arrangements, tent, kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent, table, Chair.
    • Tented accommodation (2 people in 1 tent) including the mattress.
    • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea coffee while on trek) serve by our trekking cook.
    • Experience Guide including his accommodation, food, salary, and insurance.
    • Cook, Helpers, porters including accommodation, food, salary, insurance.
    • Langtang National Park entrance Fees and TIMS Card.
    • First Aid Kit.
    • Government taxes and service charges.

Cost Excludes

    • Nepal entry visa fees.
    • Personal travel insurance (Compulsory) 
    • Entrances fee during the sightseeing in Kathmandu.
    • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu.
    • Personal expenses like personal tips for drivers and Trekking staff.
    • Early arrival and late departure accommodation.  
    • Gears renting cost if needed like a sleeping bag, down jacket, etc.

Cost & Date

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The set departure dates listed are specially quoted and specified for group joining option. Let us know if the set departure dates are not suitable for you- another dates which are suitable for you can certainly be added by us.

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This is a difficult thing to gauge. We have seen everything from USD 25 to USD 900 per person for guides and porters. Tipping is not required, but a small gesture of thanks to your guides and local porters. The Level of the tip should reflect the level of satisfaction from and personal involvement with your guide. However, we recommend you spend a minimum of 10% of your total trip cost for tipping the entire local staff.

$ 2800 / Person
18 Days Nepal
Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek
Altitude 4700 m
Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek
Region Jugal Himal Region
Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek
Difficulty Moderate grade
Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek
Group size 2+ Peoples
Jugal Himal Base Camp Trek
Best Season October - December in autumn season and March - June in Spring season.