Partner With Us

Partner With Us


Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd continues to expand the range of our partners, agents, and suppliers worldwide who are interested in working with us on the areas we cover on our trips. If you are also searching for reliable Pure Nepalese-owned agent partners based in Kathmandu Nepal and are interested in bringing your clients to Nepal (Land of the Himalayas)  with a happy smiling, Successful trip and believe in quality service, you are welcome to join with us.

We realize the importance of time and efficiency of communication, which are necessary for our agents while they are communicating with their clients. Therefore, our dedicated expert travel consultants are always available to answer your questions. We have our own experienced, professional, local team from different areas of Nepal like historical tour leaders, guides, cooking team, and supporters staff that play the most important role in our travel work. They are always in the field with smiling faces for our clients in order to give excellent service and make the trips perfect forever.

As we have kept our equipment best available. We are committed to providing the best quality equipment which is very important while trekking in the Himalayas.  Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd recognizes that our partners and clients are the ones that allow us to keep doing what we love, emotionally and professionally. Because of that, our business and providing the highest level of service have become extremely important to us therefore we provide a full palette of service for our partners.

As we have our own permanent guides, cook and supporter staffs. We have very special rates for the whole year with the highest quality of service. You won’t have to worry about having different season costs, high, peak, and normal which will give you a big headache when you advertise the brochure for the series groups.  

We pass the same advantage to our agents, new and emerging travel companies which helps them to get in start their businesses and grow in the future. We customize itineraries going beyond the classic Nepal highlights; we tailor unique cultural tours, trekking, and adventure itineraries to meet your client’s needs and interests. We have the infrastructure and relationships to carry out nearly any request you may propose.