Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Please read these booking conditions carefully, they form an important part of the contract for your holiday.
Minimum Group size 1 Person                                   Maximum Group size 15+1

 A trip refers to an itinerary operated by Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd. that includes certain treks.

Please note that the company would not be accountable to any assurance, security agreement, prior agreement, description of services, or conditions, other than as expressed herein.

DEPOSIT REQUIREMENTS: Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd. requests minimum of 20% deposit of total trip cost before making the confirmation. Remaining amount is payable at any time between commencing the trip or concluding the trip. Please scroll down to Cancellation Policy regarding the refundable policies.

PAYMENT METHODS: Trip Confirmation Deposit can be made by Bank Transfer, Money Transfer Services. In Nepal we don’t have PayPal service that we will not accept by PayPal. 

If you use direct money transfer then you can send us the reference numbers, money transfer control numbers reference so that we can look at your booking carefully. Sometimes, the bank forwards the money with different name. Upon having details from you it’s easy to track the transactions.

Due balance can be paid upon arrival in Nepal. You can pay by cash, bank transfer or by credit card. If you are not arriving or exiting via Nepal then balance due must be paid before starting the trip. You can pay via Bank Transfers, Money Transfers or Credit card as well.

A client is free from making all the cancellations by any reason. We do not impose compulsory trip to any of our customers. We refund certain amount to our customers depending on cancellation dates. The date of cancellation and refunded amounts are mentioned below:

Once the trip is started no amount will be refunded in any reason, therefore a customer is advised to claim the loss with Insurance companies. Please also note that no refunds will be made if you voluntarily leave the trip for any reason. The payment you made for a trip is nontransferable to any accommodation, transport, sightseeing, meals or any other services.

Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd. reserves right to cancel any trips booked by customer with sufficient or accountable reasons. This may include natural disasters, flight cancellations, unforeseen strikes, violence, unconditional mishaps, war, government intervention or weather bugs. In these cases we will refund full amount paid to Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd. Please note that these refunds won’t be applicable to your international airfares, visa fees, travel insurances, bank service charge or any equipment you bought for the particular trip. The refund will include the entire amount you paid for your particular trip or you are free to select another trip valuing same amount or make the calculations based on mutual conversation.

Risk and Liabilities: We are committed to providing the best services which will give you a once in a life time journey in this connection, we perform our duties honestly and seriously to make your journey very smooth & pleasant. However, all programs are conducted strictly under the rules and regulation of the country’s own policies. Therefore Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd shall not be responsible for any changes in the itinerary due to unavoidable circumstance such as govt. restriction, land slide, road blockage, flood, snow, and political unrest, cancellation of flight, delay, sickness or accident. Any extra cost incurring there of shall be borne by the clients on the spot.

Please note that Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd. won’t be accountable for any loss came into existence due to other parties. We won’t be providing you any extra services for your loss. The company also not accountable for any losses or increase in trip costs that a client might have faces due to visa, vaccinations, inbound or outbound flights or trains etc.

MEDICAL CONDITIONS AND SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS / REQUESTS: A customer must notify the company regarding any special requirements that a customer has. This may include physical conditions, short term and long term diseases, food requirements, fitness or any physical disabilities. Last minute information about these conditions may result inability to commence the trip or refusal to start the itinerary. Failure to tell these requirements to the company will result 100% cancellation fees to the client.

Some trips might be unsustainable for clients due to age, mobility, health or any other physical or mental conditions. It is the responsibility of customer to tell about the issues to the company before making the confirmation of the trip. A client will be accountable for all the losses on such cases. We strongly advise all the customer to let us know the requirements before making the trip confirmation. The Company will do its best to fulfill Clients special requirements, but there is no guarantee that the company will be 100% successful to fulfill these needs. Special requests or requirements are not the part of the Contract and therefore the Company is not liable for not providing these requests.

 Insurance: Travel insurance is compulsory for all clients undertaking any tour. It should provide adequate protection for the full duration of the tour to cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, helicopter evacuation; loss of luggage etc. Personal travel insurance is not included in the holiday prices quoted. While every effort is made to ensure the safety of all participants, it is a condition of booking that you take out a personal travel insurance policy. To protect against unforeseen circumstances, it is advisable to take a “Trip cancellations and medical insurance policy” before your arrival into Kathmandu. Such medical policy should cover transportation costs in the event of helicopter or surface evacuation being required. This is especially mandatory for those taking treks to high altitude.

Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd
 will cooperate with insurance companies however if the insurance company fails to pay your expenses you are liable to pay all the bills. You must be accountable that the expenses not paid by the insurance company will be collected from you. You are responsible to deal with the insurance company yourself. The company reserves the right to cancel or suspend your participation on a trip or in certain activities that comprise part of a trip, at any time, including after the commencement of your trip, with no right of refund, if you are unable to provide proof of insurance when requested.

Please Note: 
An adequate and valid travel insurance is compulsory for all Visit Himalaya Treks travelers doing treks and climbing over 4,000 meters. It is a condition of accepting your booking that you agree you will have obtained adequate and valid travel insurance for your booking by the date of departure.

Please kindly note that weather in the mountains are so unpredictable and changes frequently. There are cases of flight cancellations for more than two weeks. Bad weather may cause flight delays or cancellations for several days. Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd is not responsible for costs arising from flight cancellations or any other additional expenses including foods, accommodation or insurance. Alternatively arrangements i.e. helicopter flights will be arrange upon your request, it is your responsibility to pay all additional costs. Moreover Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd. bears no responsibility for costs incurred as a result of missed international flights or expired visas, but we will be glad to make alternative arrangements wherever possible upon your request.

 Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd. is not liable for any physical injuries or health issues that a client may suffer in the field. None of our trip itineraries or packages include personal insurance facilities hence we request all our customers to have proper travel insurance that covers medical expenses and evacuation expenses including but not limited to Helicopter Evacuation.

A tour / trek leader who represents Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt.Ltd deserves all authority during your tours. If you commit any unlawful act, you are compelled to leave the tour. No refund will be made in such cases.

When trekking in the remote areas especially off season, you are highly advised to reserve extra days to be prepared in case of delays, to avoid frustrating consequences. In case of flight cancellation pre-tour/post-tour, you are required to meet your accommodation and food costs yourself.