Makalu Base camp Trek details guidebook
23 Jan

Makalu Base Camp Trek Details Guidebook

The travelers who are willing to make an authentic and unique travel journey throughout Makalu base camp Trek A journey starts with a taking 35 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar which is several hours' drive from the trailhead trekking to Makalu Base Camp. En route to Makalu Trek, you will encounter variant diversity with untouched forest, rare wildlife, vibrant terraced farmland, rural culture as well as several 8000 meters Peak.

An ideal trek for nature–loving and adventurous trekkers who want to experience a variety of cultures, encounter scenic landscapes, as well as the towering views of some of the world's tallest mountains, including Mt, Everest, and Mt. Makalu itself. The lap of the world's fifth highest peak takes you through the unspoiled wilderness of Makalu Brun national park, well-known for its authentic natural beauty and the vast majority of flora and fauna.

Peak 6, Peak 7 view from Shershong on the way to Base Camp of Mt.Makalu. 

The Sub-tropical forests to sub-alpine and alpine vegetation as the altitude increases; the tremendous diversity of plants in the Makalu Barun national park contents 47 species of orchid, 87 species of medicinal herbs, 25 species of rhododendron and 56 rare plants is been recorded in this region. 

The more time you travel the high chance to encounter the wildlife in the Makalu base camp trek, so travelers can be spotted some Endangered red pandas and snow leopards, Himalayan black bear, clouded leopard, Ghoral, Himalayan Tahr, wild boar, barking deer, Himalayan marmot, weasel, langur monkey, and serow.

Also, if you are interested in bird-watching trips in Nepal then the Makalu base camp trekking is the best option for travelers like you. Total of 915 species of birds recorded in Nepal up until 2022 including 42 species are globally threatened. Out of 915 species in Nepal, 400 species of birds including the wren babbler, and olive ground warbler is recorded in Makalu Barun national park.


  • View Mt. Makalu from a unique angle.
  • Pass from green terraced farmland to glaciers and waterfalls
  • Spot some of the rarest wildlife in Nepal, including the Red Panda (if you are lucky)
  • Enjoy a full day of exploration at Makalu Base Camp
  • Explore remote valleys Eco nature trails rural area
  • Experience the wonderful hospitality of local sherpa people.

Group Photo at Makalu Base Camp November 2022.

Makalu Base Camp Trek Itinerary.

As a base of our client requirement and our personal experiment, we have designed the Makalu base Camp Trek Itinerary as follows.

Day 01: Fly Kathmandu to Tumlingtar Drive to Num. (1572 meters).
Day 02: Trek to Seduwa (1,500m).
Day 03: Trek to Tashigaon. (2100 meters).
Day 04: Trek to Khongma Danda (3500 meters).
Day 05: Acclimatization Day at Khongma danda (3500 meters).
Day 06: Trek to Debate via Shipton La Pass and Keke la Pass (3650 meters).
Day 07: Trek to Yangle Kharka (Yangri Kharka) (3557 meters).
Day 08: Trek to Langmale Kharka (4410 Meters).
Day 09: Trek to Makalu Base Camp (4870 meters).
Day 10: Explore Makalu Base Camp (Barun Glacier and Barun Pokhari) 5100 meters.
Day 11: Trek back to Yangri kharka Camp (3557 meters).
Day 12: Trek back to Dobate (3650 meters).
Day 13: Trek back to Khongma Danda (3500 meters).
Day 14: Trek back to Tashigaon (2100 meters).
Day 15: Trek back to Seduwa (1500 meters).
Day 16: Trek back to Num (1560 meters) & drive to Tumlingtar overnight at hotel.
Day 17: Flight to Kathmandu receive at airport transfer to hotel.

 (Note: the given itinerary is not mandatory for all travelers and can be changed according to the client’s requirements, weather conditions, and any uncertain ailment)

Our Campsite at Makalu Base Camp November 2022.

Makalu base camp trekking map Information.

Well, the map for the Makalu base Camp trek can be found as a hard copy in the market commonly scaled and of different sizes with detailed geographical features like peaks, glaciers, lakes, rivers, forests, religious sites as well as many other spots. Travel with the map is extremely handy and serves as a compass for the trek with accuracy on the trail.

Required permits for Makalu trekking in Nepal. 

A journey to the off-the-beaten trails of eastern Nepal, Makalu Trekking is an adventurous and gorgeous destination for mountain lovers two and half week-long trek lets you encounter a variety of flora and fauna exclusively with views of the surrounding mountains. Though, doing this adventure you need to hold the Makalu base camp trek Permit issued for Makalu Barun National Park which lets you visit inside the national park.

Apart from the Makalu base camp trek permit for Makalu Barun National Park, you will also require the Makalu Municipality permit issued by the local governing authority.

Find entry permits cost categories below;

Nepali citizens – 100 NPR (USD 1) per person per entry
SAARC citizens – 1,500 NPR (USD 15) per person per entry
Foreigners – 3,000 NPR (USD 30) per person per entry

Makalu Rural Municipality Permit
The only Makalu trek permit issued for Makalu Barun national park is not enough you will also require the Makalu rural municipality entry permit issued from the local government authority. The cost for the rural municipality entry permits is NPR 2000 which is approximately USD 20 per person single entry.

Swiss Camp above Makalu Base Camp.

Makalu base camp trek solo or Makalu base camp trek without a guide?
We understand doing the Makalu base camp trek solo or Makalu base camp trek without a guide is just not a money factor but being away from the crowd and enjoying freedom is what is more important for this generation. And of course, you can do the Makalu base camp trek solo without a guide or without being attached to a big group. However, Nepal is a mountain country where lots of up and down and steep part is included without any sign or information.

So being a solo hiker you never know what to expect the next ahead, might be certain distractions or attractions! Or missing the very important side trip which you never have to miss and nowhere to be mentioned. Having said that it is up to your mind but as a tour organizer having over 20 years of experience, we highly recommend having at least one guide or supporter to make your journey memorable and safe trip to the Himalayas.

Tea House Trekking to Makalu base camp.

Tea House Trekking to Makalu Base Camp is recently ventured as a tea house trek inside the Makalu Barun national park. The trek leads you toward the world's fifth-highest mountain Mt. Makalu is the most popular and off-the-beaten trekking destination in the Mideastern region of Nepal. Nowadays this trek has become another remote trek with teahouse facilities as you trek from Tumlingtar to Makalu base Camp and experience the life of a remote village with miracle landscape varieties of flora and fauna.

Our Camp at Makalu Base Camp

Makalu base camp trek cost.

It is really hard to say how much Makalu Base Camp Trek costs. The cost of your trek to Makalu base camp will be resolute by the type of trek that you are planning, your trekking route, way of your travel, time on a trail, and the type of service that you have to choose to trek. if you trek independently then off-course the amount will be cheaper but the trek you are doing with low cost is not effective as you have expected. If you take a service from agencies or from service providers Makalu base camp trek cost relatively expensive but then they will create a high value for your trip but not figure out the cost.

Visit Himalaya Treks offer USD 2250 Per Person for a Makalu base Camp Tea House Trek with fully guided and high-quality service. So relatively it looks expensive but it creates the high value of your holidays in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Makalu Base Camp Trek reviews, Makalu Base Camp Trek videos, and Photos you can view connecting our social sites. For more deep information about trekking holidays to the Makalu region of Nepal then here is you will get more information Everything you need to know about Makalu Base Camp Trekking in Nepal. 



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