Putha Hiunchuli Expedition

Putha Hiunchuli-Dhaulagiri VII Peak Climbing, and adventure around remote pockets of Lower Dolpo and southwest of massive Dhaulagiri Himalayas. A fascinating wild country to experience enclosed by staggering snow peaks in an isolated corner from the rest of the world. The Putha Hiunchuli, an adjoining peak of the world’s 7th high Mt. Dhaulagiri at 8,167 m / 26,795 feet.

Putha Hiunchuli towers high at 7, 246 meters / 23, 773 feet, also called as Dhaulagiri VII. Which is a part of the great Dhaulagiri Himalaya range that extends to the southern flank at Dolpo. Putha Hiunchuli was first summited by late Jimmy Robert and Ang Nima Sherpa in 1954, since then it is seldom climbed. Putha Hiunchuli or Dhaulagiri VII peak, a striking mountain to enjoy the classic adventure, leads to a straightforward climb. Includes some technical difficulties sections to cope towards the summit, a strenuous haul but worth the experience. On top of after a hard effort rewards with a spectacular panorama of all Dhaulagiri Himalaya range with Annapurna peaks towards the east. The view extends towards Mustang and Mukut Himal, as far towards Kagmara and Kanjiboraba Himal of western Dolpo peaks. 


The trek to Putha Hiunchuli-Dhaulagiri VII Peak Climbing is more of exploration rather than a normal walking Himalayan journey. The route leads to sheer wilderness after Tarakot and Panjing villages, on least ventured trails by a few trekkers and adventurers. An enjoyable walk as the route follows through the lovely village of Tarakot. A fortress village guarding the country against outside invaders during the Malla kingdom period around 14th to 17th Century. An impressive place Tarakot to visit and its old Sandul Gompa/monastery, after walking from Dunai to Tarakot. Adventure to Putha Hiunchuli-Dhaulagiri VII Peak Climbing begins from Kathmandu taking a sweeping scenic flight to Nepalgunj city. Located Nepal Far South West around sub-tropical climate area, where connecting short flight lands at Jhupal in Dolpo. From Jhupal to Dunai, a major town and headquarter of Dolpo district, a walk leads to old Tarakot village. 

After Tarakot route leads towards our major destinations to Putha Hiunchuli or Dhaulagiri VII peak within sheer mountain wilderness. Walk to isolated villages of Panjing and Kagkot Gaon, an interesting settlement to explore traditional farm life and its monasteries. From here onwards adventure leads to windswept high mountainous country heading past summer grazing pastures of yak and other cattle. Altitude gains gradually towards interim camp, also called German Base Camp, and then climb further to Putha Hiunchuli base camp. At Putha Hiunchuli base camp at 4, 910 m high, having ample time for Acclimatization and preparations. For the final bid to the summit of Putha Hiunchuli / Dhaulagiri VII peak climb, along with favorable weather conditions. Ascent to major highlight destinations Putha Hiunchuli peak, reserved two weeks, as well having time at base camp. Within 14 days members and climbing guides will plan and scout the route for a safe and successful climb.


The straightforward route to the summit is North-East Face, which is more reachable crossing a stream of Kaya Khola. The tributaries of Barbung Khola, located straight towards Kagkot valley, from the base camp to make the climb much more accessible. Setting three higher camps from first to the last Camp III at 6,500 m high before the summit bid. After a good rest at base camp with some Pre-climbing practice, a guide and leader will set up the right day. Leaving the base camp for some days towards Camp-I and II, then reaching the final last Camp III. A nice spot on a snowy small level field, then head for the summit early morning before the crack of dawn.

Our guide will fix ropes and ledges where necessary on technical sections of the climb to the top. On reaching the summit of Putha Hiunchuli / Dhaulagiri- VII and achieving the victory of a lifetime experience and adventure. Enjoy the dramatic panorama of the snow mountain range, overlooking the Dhaulagiri Himalaya range, with the Nilgiris and Annapurna group of peaks. The view extends far to the peaks of Dolpo, feeling in great spirits standing on the highest spot at 7, 246 m.

After a great successful feat, then head for the return journey to Dunai and Jhupal on leaving the base camp. Clearing the camp leaving nothing only the footprints, depart from the wilderness back to human civilization at Dunai and Jhupal. An exciting flight brings you to Kathmandu after a brief stopover at Nepalgunj city airport. After an amazing adventure and experience on Putha Hiunchuli-Dhaulagiri VII Peak Climbing.  

Best Seasons for Putha Hiunchuli Peak Trek & Climb:
The best time is in the spring season from April, May and early summer of June month. Most days are bright with longer sun-light hours, during spring the hills and valleys are lively with wildflowers in seasonal bloom. Cold morning and night-time, chances of light rains and snowfall sometimes around higher elevations. The next best season is autumn, from September to November one of the high and peak times around the Himalayas. Days are mostly clear and bright but gets dark soon due to short sunlight hours. Cold morning, late afternoon and nighttime with the clear bright starry night sky, chances of snow sometimes. 

Putha Hiunchuli Expedition outline Itinerary:
Day 01:          Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to your hotel.
Day 02:          In Kathmandu with sightseeing tour and trek / climb preparation.
Day 03:          Fly to Nepalgunj (50 mins scenic flight) and transfer to hotel.
Day 04:          Fly to Jhupal 2,475 m at Dolpo and drive to Dunai 2,140 m - 02 hrs.
Day 05:          Trek to Tarakot 2,540 m - 06 hrs.
Day 06:          Trek to Musi / Barbung Khola 2, 890 m and camp-05 hrs.
Day 07:          Trek past Kagkot Gaon, camp at Kagkot monastery 3,285 m- 05 hrs.
Day 08:          Rest day for acclimatization and to explore the least visited areas.
Day 09:          Trek to Panjing village 4,200 m - 05 hrs.
Day 10:          Trek to Putha Hiunchuli Base Camp Phedi 4, 500 m-05 hrs.
Day 11:          Trek to Putha Hiunchuli Base Camp 4, 910 m - 04 hrs.
Day 12-26:    Base Camp Setup and Climbing period of 15 days and setting further high camps.  
Day 27:          At base camp for packing and collecting garbage.
Day 28:          Trek back to Kagkot village- 07 hrs.
Day 29:          Trek to Tarakot or Lashicap village 2,775 m- 07 hrs.
Day 30:          Trek to Dunai and drive to Jhupal - 07 hrs.
Day 31:          Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj.
Day 32:          In Kathmandu free day for individual activities.
Day 33:          International departure for homeward or to respective countries.

Putha Hiunchuli Expedition Detail Itinerary

  • 1

    On landing at Kathmandu and Nepal international airport, received by company’s staff and guides for short transfer to the hotels. Check into your rooms with time for briefing by your leads and guide provided with necessary information regarding the trek and climb.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 2

    Free day in Kathmandu for trek and climb preparations, as well options for exciting tour around places of historical and cultural sites. Rest of the day getting ready for the adventure to Putha Hiunchuli around Dolpo.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 3

    Transfer to Kathmandu domestic airport, as per the flight schedule for Nepalgunj city airport. A panoramic flight of 50 minutes facing tremendous views of mid to Far Western Himalaya with full range of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain range, as plane lands at Nepalgunj airport. Located Nepal Far South West within sub-tropical climate. From the airport a short transfer to the hotel, with time to browse the streets of Nepalgunj city, very different to rest of Nepal where cultures are of strong Indian influence due to its close border with India.

    Altitude 150 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 4

    Early breakfast, and depart from the hotel for short scenic flight to Jhupal at Dolpo, on arrival at Jhupal small airstrip received by our trekking and camping Staff, who have traveled overland a week ahead. From Jhupal a short drive through farm areas and villages, as temperatures gets cooler on reaching at Dunai. The headquarter and administrative town of Dolpo district, overnight in a local nice lodge from here on tented camping.

    Altitude 2475 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp / Tea House.
  • 5

    On leaving Dunai on winding trails following the Thuli Bheri River past number of scattered villages and terraced farms. The walk on gradual wide path through patch of forested areas, and then heading for a short climb uphill to Tarakot, a lovely large village with an old history. Which was fortress in early 14th to 17th Centaury during the Malla Kingdom, who ruled most part of Western Nepal and as well the Kathmandu valley. Enjoy and explore this nice Tarakot village and its  famous old Sandul Gomba located at the junction of Barbung Khola and Tarap Chu River, where our first tented overnight camping is set.

    Altitude 2540 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 6

    Leaving the large main village of Tarakot, route leads along the right bank of a Barbung Khola / stream. Walk leads towards another nice village of Lesicap and then following a high trail towards a scenic valley at Musi Khola / stream. Overnight camp in a small forested area with some spread out farm huts of cattle Herder.

    Altitude 2990 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 7

    From here onwards towards remote terrain, as walk leads to cross a bridge over a small fast running stream. As path heads to a wide level field and then a slow pleasant downhill to overnight camp at Kagkot Gaon / village, close near the monastery. Enjoy rest of the day exploring the isolated village and an old Gompa of great cultural and religious interest.

    Altitude 3285 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 8

    Altitude gains slowly, as walk heads further higher ground, acclimatization is necessary as important precautionary measures. Kagkot village an ideal spot for rest to support acclimatization. 

    Altitude 3285 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 9

    After a pleasant rest, adventure continues towards Panjing, the last human settlement before the climb of Putha Hiunchuli. Walk follows with slow gradual climb through forested areas, offering grand views of surrounding snow peaks then reaching at remote and isolated Panjing village for overnight camp.

    Altitude 4200 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 10

    From here onwards into complete wilderness towards mountainous terrains, as tree lines and lush vegetation slowly disappears. Walk continues to cross two high ridges and pass, then a long descend to a small valley where German Expeditions had establish a base camp for Putha Hiunchuli climb in earlier days. Overnight camping at Trek to Putha Hiunchuli Base Camp Phedi 4, 500 m-05 hrs enjoy the grand views of snow mountain range.

    Altitude 4500 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 11

    An exciting day to reach our major overnight camp at the base of Putha Hiunchuli Peak, climb starts following a steep slope. Quite challenging pass of above 5,000 m in snow condition, as walk leads to a rocky path. As altitude gains gradually on reaching a flat possible level ground to set up our base camp

    Altitude 4910 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 12

    Reserved two full weeks for the climb and return to base camp as well a day for packing and collecting garbage. During two weeks period, members and climbing staff and guides will ferry the equipment to higher Camps. Climbing and descending certainly supports a good acclimatization and exercise, as well checking the route for the final ascent.

    After setting three camps at 5,450 m, 6,150 m and 6,500 m near the summit top, choosing the right day. As well checking the forecast, then from Camp III as the weather allows head for the summit bid. 

    Putha Hiunchuli or Dhaulagiri VII peak is seldom dared by few adventurers and climbers, the peak with two distinct faces. Options to choose from a technical side of a ridges with was attempted by a Japanese climber in early 1970’s. The easier and straight forward climb leads to a snowy slope up towards the northern flank. An average vertical climb is up to 35°, where our guide have maintained the route with fixed ropes. To make the climb safe and much accessible as well for descent, on top Putha Hiunchuli peak or Dhaulagiri-VII summit. Enjoy the spectacular panorama of all Western Himalaya range of peaks, from Dhaulagiri massif, Annapurna group of peaks. Including mountains of Dolpo as far towards Mustang Himal with dramatic views of unique country landscapes. Feeling in high spirits on top of the world, descent to Camp-I or towards base camp, after a great triumph.

    Altitude 7246 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 27

    On this day all staff, members and guides should be at base camp for packing all the climbing gear, as well cleaning the camp back to its natural pristine form.

    Altitude 4910 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 28

    Return journey on the same exciting and scenic route towards the pastureland of yak grazing areas to Kagkot village for overnight camping. After a long day crossing few high ridges with long downhill walks.

    Altitude 3285 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 29

    From Kagkot heading back to human civilization, as route follows the Barbung Khola stream around the wide valley and then reaching back into forested areas towards Tarakot after walking past Lashicap village for overnight camp on the same spot near the Samdu monastery, by the river side.

    Altitude 2775 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Camp
  • 30

    Enjoy the last day trek from Tarakot to Dunai, starts with short climb towards the village, and then downhill. As walk proceeds through many farm areas and scattered hamlets and small rural village following the Thuli Bheri River to Dunai. From Dunai, taking an interesting jeep ride past farm villages to Jhupal for last overnight stop in the comfort of a nice simple lodge.

    Altitude 2475 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Hotel / Camp.
  • 31

    Early morning as per the time of flight to Nepalgunj city airport, transfer towards small airstrip of Jhupal. On boarding in a small aircraft the flying high over the hills facing views of snow peaks, as it land at Nepalgunj airport for connecting flight in  a bigger plane to Kathmandu. A scenic flight from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu, on arrival at Kathmandu domestic air terminal transfer back to the hotel.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 32

    A full day in Kathmandu for relaxation, after a long epic adventure to Putha Hiunchuli or Dhaulagiri-VII peaks. Options for tour around places of great cultural and historical interest. Spend the day for individual activities and shopping souvenirs.

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel
  • 33

    Depart from the hotel, as per your international flight time our staff will accompany to the airport, for your final departure homeward bound or to respective countries. After mesmerizing adventure of a life time experience on Putha Hiunchuli / Dhaulagiri VII peak climbing. 

    Altitude 1335 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation No

Cost Includes

    • Airport transportation, Arrival and departure Land transport.
    • Standard hotel accommodation in Kathmandu on B/B plan
    • Kathmandu – Nepalganj- Jufal  & Jufal – Nepalganj-Kathmandu round fare domestic flight ticket.
    • Experience climbing Sherpa.
    • Climbing gears like rope, ice bar etc for the Putha Hiunchuli Expedition.
    • Mount Putha Hiunchuli peak climbing permit and all government taxes.
    • Garbage deposit fee.
    • Full board high altitude meal while trekking to base camp and climbing Period.
    • Liaison officer with all his expenses while on Putha Hiunchuli Expedition.
    • Expedition manager, Expedition cook, support crew and porters with their equipments, daily wages, food, insurance etc.
    • All necessary camping and kitchen equipment provided that includes base camp tents, dining tent with table and chair, kitchen tent, toilet tent.
    • Good quality high altitude tents while climbing the Putha Hiunchuli Expedition.
    • Emergency Oxygen with regulator and mask.
    • EPI gas and burner for high climb;
    • Satellite Phone and Walkie-Talkie in case of emergency

Cost Excludes

    • Nepal entry visa fees.
    • Lunch, Dinner in Kathmandu.
    • Medical and personal high risk insurance.
    • Personal equipment and climbing gears.
    • International airfare and airport tax
    • Climbing Bonus, tips and personal nature expenses.
    • Applicable permit fees and custom charge for Sat phone, communication equipment and commercial filming while on Putha Hiunchuli Expedition.

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The set departure dates listed are specially quoted and specified for group joining option. Let us know if the set departure dates are not suitable for you- another dates which are suitable for you can certainly be added by us.

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$ 9500 / Person
33 Days Nepal
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition
Altitude 7246 m
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition
Region Dhaulagiri Region Of Nepal
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition
Difficulty Extreme grade
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition
Group size 2+ Peoples
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition
Best Season September -October in Autumn season & April-June Spring Season.