Peak Climbing Gear List Details

Peak Climbing Gear List Details


Visit Himalaya Treks has always been keen about safety on the journey. We have prepared a Peak Climbing gear List which the Climber will need during their Climbing trip to Nepal. The following list should help you with your packing.

Gear List For the Peak Climbing trip you will need to bring the following personal gear.

01: Ice Axe w/Leash (General mountaineering tool. Sizing is important: under 5’7″ use a 60cm tool; 5’7″- 6’1″ use a 65cm tool; over 6’1″ use a 70cm tool. (Too short is preferable to too long).)

02: Crampons (With flat rather than “cookie cutter” frame rails)

03: 40 ft 6mm perlon (For Prussiks or bring your glacier rig.)

04: Alpine Climbing Harness (Harness should fit over all clothing; have gear loops, adjustable leg loops, and be reasonably comfortable to hang suspended in.)

05: Carabiners (2 Large Pear or D-shaped locking. 2 standard ovals or D’s)

06: Climbing helmet (Must be adjustable to fit, with or without hat or balaclava on)

07: 1 Ascender (Recommended: left or right hand.)

08: Ski or trekking poles (Snow baskets required. Helpful for balance when carrying a heavy pack or if you have knee problems)

09: Climbing boots.

10: Gaiters (Please make sure your gaiters fit around the Climbing boot without being too tight around the boot.)


Note: Walking poles, down jackets, sleeping bags, etc available on hire in Kathmandu, on your request we will provide them at an additional Cost.