Peak Climbing
Peak Climbing

Peak Climbing

‘wide range of peaks above and below 6,000 meters to enjoy the climb’

Climbing Trekking Peaks of Nepal Himalayas, the country is famous for its highest Himalayan range of peaks. Nepal with world’s tallest mountains with thousands of smaller peaks from above 6,000 m to below 5,500 meters. Makes Nepal the world’s number one and the best premier country for adventure for beginners as well for expert climbers. 

Trekking Peaks are the best way as an introduction for climbing, before planning major mountains above 7,000 m or 8,000 meters. Trekking Peaks allows enough experience as practice and exercise for mountaineering, gaining all types of technical techniques and skills. Trekking Peaks of Nepal Himalayas offers a wide range of climbing thrills and excitement, from non-technical to tough technical challenges.

The Nepal Himalayas with world’s highest peaks, where all types of adventurers and climbers visit the country every season. Most trekking peaks are concentrated within Nepal Mid-West and Eastern Himalayas, most popular are Island, Mera, Lobuche, and Chulu’s Peaks. There are more trekking peaks around the far west and eastern region of Nepal, some are unclimbed due to remoteness.  

Most Trekking Peaks are under NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) has classified 27 peaks, from above 5,500 m to 6,580 meters. The rest of the other peaks are ruled by the Ministry of Tourism Department, where all trekking peaks require permits. As per the rules defined by the respective Government Department, includes refundable garbage deposits on showing the recipient's receipts.