Best Time To Visit Nepal

Best Time To Visit Nepal


WHEN IS BEST TIME TO VISIT NEPAL - We recommend our trekkers the best time to visit Nepal, especially the best months to trek in Nepal. Trekking requires the best climate and season to enjoy and explore the nature.  Although the best time to visit Nepal depends on the activity you are doing and holiday activity. As in whole, Here we recommend these months as the best time to trek in Nepal. 


October to November (The heavenly months in Nepal)
Best Time to Visit Nepal
Also referred as the autumn season, this is the time of the year with the clear blue skies and green and lush valleys, easily making it the best time in the year to visit Nepal for Trekking Holidays. Adding to the weather is also the festive season that falls in these months, Tihar, the festival of lights (also known as the festival of the brothers and sisters) being the highlight of the many festivals. The temperature can be hot in the days with clear sky with no rains and can be very pleasant for the views of the mountains so October November is the Best time to visit for Trekking and hiking in Nepal.


December to February Winter season in Nepal 
It is winter in Nepal in these 3 months in Nepal. High altitude trekking can be unbearable because of the freezing cold, with many treks with high passes being close at this time of the year. This could be easily the best time to visit and do some moderate treks like Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp Trek, Langtang valley Trek, Ghorepani Poon hill Trek etc if a quiet, peaceful and less people on trails is your priority. The weather remains calm, rainfall is rare during these months and trekking is still very much possible and enjoyable as well.


March to May Spring season in Nepal 
The spring season falls during this time and is easily the busiest time of the year in some parts, Everest Trekking trail in particular being the busiest region. The days can get really hot, at times temperature crossing 30 degrees Celsius mark but the jungles with blossoming colorful Rhododendrons and other flowers with towering snow capped pinnacles at the background are an absolute delight to watch. March to May Spring season along with October to November autumn season are the best months to trek in Nepal.


June to September Monson season in Nepal 
The worst time to trek in Nepal as heavy rains, floods and landslides are common until mid September. However, places like the Nar Phu Valley Trek, Upper Dolpo and upper parts of Mustang are the places to be at this time of the year because of the least rainfall in these areas. Those places are the rain shadows located behind of the Himalayas in Nepal. Apart from these areas, all other areas are a nuisance to trek during these times because of the rains and the problems like leeches, muddy trails, cancelled flights so we mark these months as the least amongst the “Best time to Visit Nepal”.


We Visit Himalaya Treks also advice travelers , to get full information regarding your visit before making your trip, and recommend the best time to Visit Nepal.