Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking

Visit Himalaya Treks presenting our brand-new Holidays to Upper Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking. Upper Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking leads you to a unique adventure in the least ventured region of Nepal's Far North East. Located in remote pockets of the Taplejung district and beyond the world’s 3rd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga connecting to the Tibet border. The unforgotten areas of Nepal Himalayas by the outside world, where very few trekkers and adventurers seldom venture.

Trek Short Profile:
Trekking Mode:
  Fully Camping Trek.
Trekking Grade:  Adventurous & Demanding.
Trekking Region: Far North East Nepal, around Kanchenjunga, Taplejung district.
Starting Point:  KTM - Bhadrapur by flight and by Drive to Sekathum. 
End of Trek:  Olangchung Gola. Return by Helicopter.
Maximum altitude: Pang-Pema Kanchenjunga North Base Camp 5,143 m / 16, 873 feet and
Domori View Point at 5,600 m / 18, 372 feet, and Nangamari Base Camp is 5,400 m /17,716 feet high.
Trekking duration:  20 Nights and 21 Days with flight and drives.
Total Trip:  23 Nights and 24 Days from arrival to final departure.
Best Season:  Spring season from April to May, and autumn season from October to November.  


  • Explore the hidden Yangma Valley close to Nepal and Tibet's southeast border.
  • An adventure on the elusive trail at least ventured away from the main flow of trekkers.
  • A perfect mountain wilderness enclosed by the high peaks of Northern Kanchenjunga.
  • From low warm areas to the arctic zone of glaciers at Kanchenjunga north base camp.
  • Enjoy the adventure to remote villages of Eastern Nepal to scenic Nangama Lake”

Upper Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking is an amazing country of pure mountain wilderness, away from mainstream trekking trails. Where walk takes you to one of the wildest countries around the Himalayas, which makes the adventure, more special. Very different from the rest of other popular and famous trekking destinations, on this walk after visiting Kanchenjunga North Base Camp. Our route diverts further north towards Olangchung Gola also spelled as Walunchung Gola. 

Most trekkers' main destination is Kanchenjunga Circuit, covering both North and South Base Camps, few adventures often visit Olangchung Gola. However many outside travelers are not aware of the remote north of Yangma Valley, situated beyond the human settlement of Olangchung Gola.  A great adventure of a lifetime experience, walking into a virgin wild country. Where one can enjoy trekking in tranquil surroundings in the harmony of blissful nature, facing dramatic landscape scenery.

Upper Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking begins with a panoramic flight to Nepal Far South East, around the Terai belt of sub-tropical climate. An exciting drive takes to cooler mid-hills at Ilam Bazaar surrounded by a sea of Tea Gardens. Then finally reaching the starting point of the trek at Taplejung and beyond at Sekathum where from our walking journey started. The first part of the adventure leads to the rural farm villages of Amjilosa, Ghunsa, and Kangbachen also called Kambachen. Where one can enjoy the local ways of farm life interwoven with Tibetan Buddhism and culture.

The adventure leads to a barren glacial valley towards Pang Pema at Mount Kanchenjunga North Base Camp third highest Peak in the world elevation of 8586 meters.  Enjoy the dramatic scenery of arctic zone terrain within remorseless fields of ice and glaciers. Facing stunning views of the world’s third highest mountain and its adjoining peaks with massif Ice-Fall. After exciting moments, the adventure reaches you on the highest spot at Domori View Point, which rewards an incredible panorama Kanchenjunga range of peaks. Includes a hike to the stunning Janu Himal base camp, getting acclimatized and exploring the highest areas of the adventure.

Then the second part of the journey heads towards Yangma Valley and Nangama glacial lake off the beaten tracks. A remote and isolated region of the Eastern Himalayas, walking within dramatic landscapes of rocky high cliffs and snow-capped peaks.  Enjoy the picturesque scenery of the arid and barren highlands, which makes you feel out of this world. Within an amazing scenic high country and around remote isolated traditional villages far from the maddening crowd of modern civilization. A great place to explore the unexplored and pristine hidden areas of the Far Eastern Himalayas. Truly a great adventure around Upper Kanchenjunga and Yangma Valley, a world of its own.

On visiting the spectacular country of Yangma Valley and Nangama Lake, return journey to the lovely village of Olangchunggola. A fascinating settlement adorned with the age-old Buddhist heritage of ancient cultures with a medieval way of farm life. Slowly our great journey, then finally completes at Olangchunggola village taking the shortest and easiest way out. In the comfort of a helicopter, where scenic flight brings you back to Kathmandu. On concluding an overwhelming adventure on Upper Kanchenjunga and Yangma Valley Trekking.

Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trek  Itinerary:
Day 01:    Arrival in Kathmandu (1, 350 meters) and get transferred to hotel.
Day 02:    Sightseeing and trek preparation day.
Day 03:    Flight to Bhadrapur 630 m and drive to Kanyam 1,220 m -06 hrs.
Day 04:    Drive to Taplejung and continue to Sekathum (1,585 m) -05 hrs.
Day 05:    Trek to Amjilosa (2,395 meters) - 06 hrs.
Day 06:    Trek to Gyabla (kyapra) 2, 730 meters. -06 hrs.
Day 07:    Trek Ghunsa 3, 595 meters) -05 hrs.
Day 08:    Trek to Khambachen 4,050 meters.
Day 09:    Acclimatization day at Khambachen 4, 050 meters. Side trip to Nupchu Pokhari following
                       Nupchu Khola north-west of Khambachen.
Day 10:    Trek to Lhonak 4,780 meters -05 hrs.
Day 11:    Trek to Pang-Pema 5, 143 m (Kanchenjunga North base camp) 
Day 12:    Day hike to Domori viewpoint about 5,600 meters.
Day 13:    Trek back to Khambachen 4, 050 m. -05 hrs.
Day 14:    After breakfast hike Janu Himal Base Camp (4540 meters) back to Khambachen lunch and
                     Trek to Ghunsa 3,427 m -06 hrs.
Day 15:    Trek to Kharka 4,160 m -06 hrs.
Day 16:    Trek to Yangma Khola Valley crossing Nango-La Pass 4,776 m -06 hrs.
Day 17:    Trek to Yangma Valley 4,400 m - 05 hrs.
Day 18:    Trek to Nangama-Ri Base Camp 5, 400 m - 05 hrs.
Day 19:    Explore Nangama Pokhari - 04 hrs.
Day 20:    Trek to Jaritar 3,700 m.
Day 21:    Trek to Olangchun Gola 3,191 m -06 hrs.
Day 22:    Explore the traditional Buddhist festival Phutuk (Futuk) stay at Olangchung Gola.
Day 23:    After breakfast explore around the local village, and fly on Helicopter back to Kathmandu. 
Day 24:    International Departure.

Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking Detail Itinerary

  • 1

    On arrival at Kathmandu via various international airlines, our airport representative receives you with transport and transfer to the hotel in the heart of Kathmandu city Hotel Yak & Yeti. Free day at Hotel.

    Altitude 1350 m
    Meals No
    Accommodation Hotel Yak & Yeti
  • 2

    Full day Guided sightseeing with Historical City guide In Kathmandu enjoy sightseeing tour at places of great interest, tour takes you in the heart of Kathmandu city, around places steeped with World Heritage Sites, After back from the sightseeing Trek briefing Upper Kanchenjunga & Yangma Valley Trekking.

    Altitude 1350 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation Hotel Yak & Yeti
  • 3

    Depart from your hotel to Kathmandu domestic airport as per your flight time for Bhadrapur airport, located Far South East around Terai belt the low warm land of Nepal. A 45 minutes scenic flight with super panorama of Himalayan mountain range with views of Everest, Makalu and Kanchenjunga range of peaks all the way till it lands at Bhadrapur airport.

    From here, transfer into local transport for interesting heading up towards cooler Himalayan hills covered with lovely pine and fir tree lines with large Tea Garden as Ilam town and the area famous for. Drive continues past Ilam and Fickal town to Kanyam a moderate size town for overnight stop. Check into best available local Hotel with time to browse around and observe the local culture of eastern hill Nepalese of various ethnic tribes and religions.

    Altitude 1220 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Local Best Available Hotel.
  • 4

    Morning taking another exciting drive to reach Taplejung district headquater. On reaching hill town at Taplejung we will have lunch and drive continues on rough country road reaching Sekathum for first overnight camp. Populated mostly by Kirat tribes of Limbu with some Rai and other Hindu people Chettries and Brahmins.

    Altitude 1585 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp.
  • 5

    Morning walk heads past farm villages towards river bank as trek continues to reach high hills gaining elevation visiting farm fields and smaller hamlets with views of mountain range and rolling green hills as walk leads into a valley filled with nice cool forest then reach at Amjilosa village for overnight stop at Camp. 

    Altitude 2395 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 6

    From Amjilasa morning walk starts towards higher side where altitude gains slowly getting close to mountainous areas as route leads past scattered summer pastures and grazing fields to reach Gyabla or Kyapra for overnight stop around cattle herders village, from here dominated by Tibetan origin mountain tribes with Sherpa and Bhotia people of Buddhist religion with interesting traditional culture stay overnight at Camp. 

    Altitude 2730 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 7

    After overnight around nice small place of Gyabla walk begins with climb for an hour within forest of pines-oaks and rhododendron trees as trail reach a nice local village Phale. We connecting nice flat area at near Ghunsa River, from here walk on nice pleasant path to Ghunsa village for overnight stop. Ghunsa, a lovely mountain village populated by Bhotia of high Kanchenjunga region with Sherpa tribes of both Tibetan origin here houses are built of fine stone work a nice and neat small farm.

    Altitude 3430 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 8

    Walk from here climbs on following a river with views of waterfalls encountering Yak herders camps along the trail depending upon the time of grazing season. Trail leads towards right bank from Ghunsa River, walking into rhododendron and pine forest, that then with gradual up to Rambuk Kharka and then cross over a small glacier landslide.

    Trek continues facing views of Khumbukarna  also Call Janu Himal with other series of high snow-capped peaks.  Soon walk heads past tree lines to enter into arid and barren landscapes, as climb takes you past Rambuk Kharka with gentle descend to Khambachen crossing a landslide section to camp at Khambachen stay overnight at Camp. 

    Altitude 4050 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 9

    Side trip to Nupchu Pokhari following Nupchu Khola north-west of Khambachen. his scenic valley dominated by peaks of Sharphu (7,070 m.) with north face of Mt. Janu and Wedge peak. As hike takes to a small glacial pond of Nupchu Pokhari enclosed by high snow clad peaks.


    A perfect and ideal spot for rest day to support acclimatization before heading higher towards Kanchenjunga North Base Camp, enjoy short hike around and climb to scenic hill for best panorama of surrounding close peaks and landscapes.

    Altitude 4800 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 10

    From here our route follows above river for an hour and then head further east, as walk descend to a river, and then climbs over rocks and boulder section to a terminal moraine of Kanchenjunga glacier, on leaving Ramtang Kharka (a Yak herders shelter and shade). As walk progress where path leads towards Kanchenjunga glacier and then cross near junction of Lhonak and Kanchenjunga glacier with super views of Mera, Nepal Peak and Wedge Peaks.

    Altitude 4780 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 11

    After Breakfast our Journey lead us to our first highlight of the adventure to Pang Pema at Kanchenjunga North Base Camp, as walk starts with gentle climb above a river with grand views of Kirat Chuli, Nepal Peak, Taple Sikhar, and Gimmigela Chuli. First section climbs leads to gentle walk and then gets steeper heading through a boulder on rocky trail, as walk takes you in between grassy slopes and to a glacier path up at a place called Pang Pema where Kanchenjunga North Base Camp located and the highest spot of the journey.

    Explore around this beautiful and scenic area with chances of spotting some herds of blue sheep's on this wild country of mountains and glaciers. After enjoying wonderful and scenic moment in the backdrop of massive Kanchenjunga mountain range, stay overnight Camp at Pang-Pema. 

    Altitude 5134 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 12

    Morning having breakfast setting off towards a high hill viewpoint for grand panorama from Domori Hill. The viewpoint is unknown for many trekkers visiting around this region, a great place for spectacular scenery of surrounding peaks. Enjoy the views of giant mountain range of Jannu Himal, Wedge Peak with massive range of Kanchenjunga Himalayas stay overnight at Camp Pang-Pema. 

    Altitude 5600 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 13

    After completing the first part of the adventure visiting Kanchenjunga North Base Camp, head towards Khambachen on the same route. Enjoy the downhill walk with few short climb till Khambachen is reached for overnight camp.

    Altitude 4050 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 14

    At Khambachen, morning hike to Janu Himal Base Camp another great opportunity to explore the hidden corners of Kanchenjunga region. Morning after breakfast and carrying packed lunch, walk leads towards a dry moraine trail, following a faint path. This route is seldom used by trekkers other than by Yak herder, climb leads on rocky areas for some hours.

    Finally reaching at the base of Jannu Himal which rises at 7,710 m, which is also known as Mount Kumbhakarna. The 32nd world highest peaks the western flank peak of massive Mt. Kanchenjunga. Enjoy the marvelous views of Jannu Himal and adjoining peaks, and then continue trek down Khambachen and Lunch, After lunch continue to Ghunsa stay overnight at Camp.

    Altitude 3427 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 15

    From Ghunsa village onwards, leaving the main trekking route for complete wilderness, towards absolute wilderness. As walk leads to a steep climb reaching at the base of Nango-La pass for overnight camp. The areas often used by local Yak herder of Ghunsa and Khambachen. ­

    Altitude 4160 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 16

    Todays, trek slowly leads towards second highlights to Yangma Valley, but first walk leads to cross a high ridge. The high ridge is called as Nango-La Pass, a steep climb of few hours. From the top enjoy superb views of surrounding high snow peaks, and then descent to a stream. As walk follows to Yangma Khola for overnight camp at 3,430 m high.

    Altitude 4776 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 17

    Finally adventure leads to Yangma Valley, an isolated spot around the remote corners of Far North Eastern Himalayas. Where walk follows close to a small settlement of Jaritar, ­facing grand views over the Sarphu Himal range.­ The trail leads to the head of the main valley near the village of Yangma, where our overnight camp is set for the nights, ­near the ­confluence of two smaller upper valleys.­

    Altitude 4400 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 18

    After Breakfast journey continuesly lead us a virgin valley and reaching at the base of Nangma Base Camp a non-technical peak. Which is called Nangama-Ri at 5, 525 m high, rewards excellent views of the whole scenic Yangma Valley and then return back to camp at Nangamari Base Camp stay over night at Camp. 

    Altitude 5525 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 19

    After breakfast day hike exploration around this beautiful pristine valley and continue to enjoy the hike to Nangama Pokhari. A crystal clear glacial lake, within beautiful surrounding scenery of rocky high cliffs and snow-clad peaks. After an enjoyable great wonderful hike back to Yangma and its small windblown village stay overnight at Camp. 

    Altitude 5144 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 20

    On completing our major highlights of the adventure, the route leads on the same trail for some hours. As walk heads southward leaving the lovely hidden areas of Yangma Valley to Jaritar, a small cattle herder village. Overnight camp is set near the settlement of Jaritar.

    Altitude 3700 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 21

    Slowly the adventure leads further down south to more human settlement towards a nice large village of Olangchung Gola. Start the morning walk downhill with some few short steep climb and then reaching Olangchung-Gola, often spelled as Walangchung-Gola as well. Overnight in local simple guest house or in tented camp next to the village.   

    Altitude 3191 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 21

    A nice place for rest to explore around the village, houses here built with stones, the people here are of Bhotia’s tribe with Tibetan Buddhism culture. The native still trade with Tibet on this old caravan route exchanging and trading goods from both sides. Here visit the village and old monastery. Join the villagers at Deki Chholing Gompa, and immerse in the festival of Phutuk, a display of variety of colorful charming dances to experience.

    Altitude 3191 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 23

    Morning with time to explore the remote village of Kanchenjunga and Taplejung areas, as chopper arrives. Landing at designated Helipad, board in the helicopter for exciting 1:30 hours scenic flight to KTM. On reaching Kathmandu airport at domestic terminal, then short drive back to the hotel free day at Hotel Yak & Yeti. Evening group Dinner. 

    Altitude 1350 m
    Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Accommodation Overnight at Camp
  • 24

    Last day in Kathmandu and in amazing Nepal, the land of Himalayan wonders as time for your international flight. we transfer and accompany you to the airport, then bidding farewell hope to seeing you back again for another adventure. As you depart from Kathmandu for homeward bound, after a great wonderful experience on Upper Kanchenjunga & Yangma Valley Trekking.

    Altitude 1350 m
    Meals Breakfast
    Accommodation No

Cost Includes

    • Arrival and Departure land transport by Private Car, Van, Jeep, Hice.
    • Hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu Hotel Yak & Yeti with Breakfast. (2 nights Before and 1 night after the trek.
    • Sightseeing in Kathmandu with historical guide and necessary land transport.
    • Kathmandu Bhadrapur domestic flight.
    • Bhadrapur Sekathum Land transport by private jeep for clients.
    • Porters and Staffs Land transport KTM – Sekathum with trek gears.
    • All necessary gears arrangements, tent, kitchen tent, dining tent, toilet tent, table, Chair.
    • Tented accommodation each member a tent including mattress & Pillow.  
    • All meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea coffee while on trek) serve by our trekking cook.
    • Experience Guide including his accommodation, food, salary, insurance.
    • Cook, Helpers, porters including accommodation, food, salary, insurance.
    • Porters and Yaks for carrying Camping gears, Group baggage and other trekking goods.
    • Kanchenjunga restricted area entry permits.
    • Kanchenjunga conservation entry permits.
    • Olangchung Gola to Kathmandu by Helicopter. (Only 5 Peoples carry in 1 Helicopter)
    • Staffs, Porters and all Trekking good transfer Olangchung Gola – KTM by Land transport.
    • First Aid Kit.
    • Government taxes and service charge.

Cost Excludes

    • Nepal entry visa fees.
    • Personal travel insurance (Compulsory) 
    • Entrances fee during the sightseeing in Kathmandu.
    • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu, early arrival and late departure.
    • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu.
    • Personal expenses like personal tips for Driver and Trekking staffs.
    • Gears renting cost if needed like sleeping bag, down jacket etc.

Cost & Date

Start Dates are your arrival date in Nepal and End Dates are the returning date from Nepal.

The set departure dates listed are specially quoted and specified for group joining option. Let us know if the set departure dates are not suitable for you- another dates which are suitable for you can certainly be added by us.

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Skip Horner, Victor, Montana USA

We’ve Run Four Adventurous Treks Together Now, Each To A Different Location In Nepal Including The Khumbu, Makalu And Kangchenjunga Regions.

I’ve been guiding treks and climbs in Nepal for more than four decades, and in that time I’ve worked with a number of outfitters. I currently work with Himal Tamang at Visit Himalaya Treks, and I can say without hesitation that he runs a totally dependable first-class operation. There are none better in my long experience. We’ve run four adventurous treks together now, each to a different location in Nepal including the Khumbu, Makalu and Kangchenjunga regions.

Visit Himalaya always provides the best in services, from the excellent trekking cooks to the expert trek leadership. Himal Tamang himself is always available to help with logistics, which are thoroughly and professionally dealt with. If we want or need yaks, he provides them. If we want helicopter access, Himal arranges this without a hitch. No detail is too much for them. I have complete faith in every aspect of the trek when I work with Himal at Visit Himalaya Treks. I highly recommend Visit Himalaya Treks for any trek or climb in Nepal.

Skip Horner
Certified Alpine Guide
American Mountain Guides Association
Victor, Montana USA


We always try to be flexible to design the trip itinerary for our client’s needs. However, if you are not convinced as our suggested itinerary then off-course you are always welcome to customize or change the trip itinerary.

Holiday should never be about making it to the final point quickly. Along your trek, we can add days at your request with additional costs to cover guides, porters, accommodation, and food.

An average physical fitness should be maintained prior to booking a trek. Any sort of illness or recent medical problems should be mentioned while booking a trip. Most of our itineraries are prepared to give you maximum time to acclimatize and pace-setting on the treks would be done according to your convenience. If you are having regular medication then tell us before the trip started which would be better for us to give you the physical feedback. Upper Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking is one of the demanding trekking holidays, if you have not previous trekking experience, You have not been high altitude 5000 meters before we don't suggest you this trek. 

Our main concern is your safety. We never compromised on your safety during the Trekking and all our guides are properly trained and well equipped to take care of our client's safety even in remote areas as well.

There would be always back support in case of an emergency situation like severe high-altitude sickness or accident (which is least expected), you will be sent to the nearest hospital, if possible, otherwise rescued by a helicopter and sent you to the hospital as soon as possible. Since you are entirely liable for all the expenses incurred for the use of such emergency services, please make sure that your travel insurance covers both- medical and emergency evacuation costs.

It is not a problem at all because in this trek we will supply most of the foods from the nearest store and remaining foods we buy from Locals that mean most of the time we served vegetarian food as well and our camping cook and guide will take care as well.

We use standard quality of (Camping Gears) like Clients tents (3 men tents for couple and two men tent for single), dining tents,  Shower Tent, Toilet Tent, staff tend thick mattress, etc.  Also, we care for our staff and provide them with proper equipment for the camping trek. You will also be requested to have the proper gear for your personal use which will be suggested while confirming the trip.

While during the camping trek it is really difficult to find the place to charge gadget somehow we will manage to charge if we stay close by village otherwise we have to take the portable solar panel to carry with us and charge our gadgets and light for the kitchen and dinning tent. 

Now a day’s most of the areas has been covered by cell phone network connection. However, in this trek, we always send satellite phones along with our guide so you can easily be in touch with your family.

Yes, either you can store at the same hotel as you stayed or we can store your goods with us safely in our office free of cost.

This is a difficult thing to gauge. We have seen everything from USD 25 to USD 900 per person for guides and porters. Tipping is not required, but a small gesture of thanks to your guides and local porters. The level of the tip should reflect the level of satisfaction from and personal involvement with your guide. However, we recommend you to spend a minimum of 10% of your total trip cost for tipping the entire local staff.

Best Selling Trip

$ 6800 / Person
24 Days Nepal
Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking
Altitude 5600 m
Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking
Region Kanchenjunga Region
Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking
Difficulty Challenging Grade
Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking
Group size 4+ Peoples
Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Trekking
Best Season October - November in Autumn season & April - May in Spring Season