Yala Peak Climbing In Langtang Valley Nepal
03 Jan

Yala Peak Climbing In Langtang Valley Nepal

Yala Peak Climbing guide to an exciting adventure on top at 5,500 m/ 18,044 feet high. A stunning Yala Peak is located towards the northeastern rim of picturesque Langtang Valley. One of the most straightforward climbs.

All can enjoy the climb to the summit of Yala Peak, a popular and famous peak. Situated around the Langtang and Central Himalayan range and the closest mountaineering and trekking destination from Kathmandu. Adventure for all beginners to veteran mountaineers, a perfect trekking peak as an introduction to basic climbing on mountaineering.  

Yala Peak is a famous and popular trekking peak among all types of trekkers due to its accessibility to reach the mountain. Yala Peak Climb is a great feat to enjoy and experience the wonders of climbing the Himalayan Peaks.

Reaching the top of Yala Peak, trekkers will be overwhelmed by overlooking the spectacular panorama of the Langtang Himal Mountain range. Includes views of snow-clad peaks across the border of Tibet mountains and as far as your eyes can reach. Yala Peak Climbing will surely enlighten trekkers to start and continue the adventure sports of mountaineering.


How Hard and Difficult is Yala Peak Climb? 

Yala Peak is not the hardest nor difficult peak to climb in comparison to other trekking peaks of Nepal. It is a straightforward route to the summit of Yala Peak but leads to a strenuous steep climb. In deep snow conditions, the climb can be hard, difficult, and arduous to follow the right tracks. But overall, it is one of the safest and most approachable trekking peaks to climb without the hazard of High Altitude Sickness. 

The climbing grade is just ‘F’ means Facial / Easy, a steep climb on ice, moraine, and snow. A straightforward route without any difficulty or technical sections to encounter to reach the top of Yala Peak summit. 

The grading systems used from the famous French/ Swiss Alpine Climbing Classification. Climbers require minimum equipment like crampons, good climbing boots, Ice-Axe, or walking poles, including warm wind-proof gear and a positive attitude. However, ropes are fixed on narrow difficult sections, especially on descent if the trail is slippery with ice.

Nevertheless, it is an easy and most rewarding adventurous climb, where all can enjoy the Yala Peak climb.

Breathtaking view from Yala peak Summit
Breathtaking view from Yala Peak Summit.

How Long Does It Take to Climb Yala Peak?   

It depends upon one physical fitness and health condition after being fully acclimatized, approx. 4-5 hours to reach the summit. Some strong climbers cover the whole climb and descend to base camp in less than 5-6 hours.

The climb takes three days to reach the summit of Yala Peak after leaving the lodge at Kyanjin Gompa. Include a spare day at base camp for acclimatization and preparation for the climb to the summit of Yala Peak. 

Yala Peak base camp at 4,400 m / 14,435 feet, the climb leads to achieve another 1,300 m more. Reaching on top of Yala Peak summit after 4-5 hours of strenuous climb. The total duration of the trek and climb is 10 Nights and 11 Days starting from Kathmandu to ending at Kathmandu.


How much does it cost for the Yala Peak Climb?

The cost for Yala Peak Climb entirely depends upon the size of the groups. For an individual climber, it will be quite expensive rather than on a sharing basis. Trekking peaks below 6,000 m, the royalty fee is free of cost, as declared by NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association).

However, climbers require trekking permits known as TIMS (Trekking Information Management Systems) at US$ 20 per person. Includes Langtang National Park Entry Fee cost approx.US$30 per person. 

The rest, according to the rules and norms of the trekking agencies that one has booked. The package trip cost includes the following services from main arrival and departure transportation from the airport to the hotel and vice-versa. 

Hotel accommodations in Kathmandu on a twin-sharing basis, transportation to Syabrubesi and back to Kathmandu. It depends upon the cost from budget to standard basis. Including the food and accommodation on daily treks, wages for guides, porters, and trekking staff, including camping at base camp. The cost can differ from one local company to another, and as per the group size, the standard of provided service.


Yala Peak Climbing preparation and fitness level.

To enjoy Langtang Valley trekking and Climbing Yala Peak, one needs to be in good physical shape. As well as with sound health, if you have some medical history background, inform us and visit Himalaya Treks during the booking time. So that the guide can take extra care and precautionary measures during the trek and climb Yala Peak

Yala Peak is of lesser height than other trekking peaks in the Nepal Himalayas. But a rise in altitude makes the difference on walks and climbs, so all trekkers require good exercise. On planning for the trek and climbing Yala Peak before or after booking, make sure of your physical abilities.

Practice some outdoor exercise as training for the dream destination of Yala Peak climb. Like walking, jogging for an hour or more daily, other exercise aerobic, Zumba, swimming, and walking up and downstairs. Besides walking exercise for the fitness level, the next thing is buying good gear for the trek and climb. Warm clothing and rain, windproof gear Besides walking exercise for the fitness level, the next thing is buying good gear for the trek and climb. 

Warm clothing and rain, windproof gear, and most importantly buy good comfortable trekking boots. The rest of the needful gear can be bought or hired in Kathmandu at trekking shops and stores. Likewise, walking poles, snow gaiters, sleeping bags, down jackets, and other items, if it’s too much to carry from home. It concerns the baggage allowance on international flights. All the trekking and climbing lists can be read by following the given link here. 


Yala Peak Climbing Gears requirement.

For Yala Peak Climbing, trekking gear will be enough as long you have bought good quality. The most essential item is trekking boots, which can withstand rough terrains, rain, and snow. Snow and rain gear, including warm clothing fleece and down jackets, good warm four-season sleeping bags with inner linear.

Walking poles will be most helpful and support, especially on steep descents, good moderate-bag pack. As well as water bottles, Sig metal bottles are popular among the trekkers. It is unbreakable, leak proof and it keeps the water warm for some hours. Snow gaiters, Ice-axe, a pair of karabiners, locked or unlocked, good water-proof large duffel or kit bags. Visit Himalaya Treks provides the companies with duffel bags for our clients.

Other needful items will be provided and carried by the guide, like main or fixed ropes if required. In deep snow conditions while going downhill on slippery sections of the path. Sun hats, woolen headwear or balaclava, snow or sun goggles, scarf to protect from cool wind and dust. Carry a small personal medical kit, the rest of the comprehensive medical kit will be carried by your guides.  

Our Climbing Guide NgimaKaji at Yala Peak Summit.


Is Camping required on Yala Peak Climbing?

Camping is essential on Yala Peak for a few overnights at base camp before the final summit bid. Visit Himalaya Treks will provide necessary camping arrangements during the climbing period. Like Tents, Mattresses, dining tents, Cooking tents, cooking gear, cooking fuel, etc.

Our experienced trekking cook will serve fresh and hygienic foods during the climbing duration at Yala Peak Base Camp. We also provide portable chairs and tables for dining with gas lamps. The tents are on a sharing basis, with soft thin mattresses, trekkers can bring thermal inflatable mats for extra comfort.

Camping is required after setting off towards Yala Peak base camp from the last settlement of Kyanjin Gompa. All meals are served and cooked by our Cook, kitchen staff, and expert chef, a good healthy food for the climb. 

The meals include from-bed tea and a lavish breakfast. Includes hot lunch, afternoon tea with snacks, and dinner, on climbing day packed lunch will be provided by the cook.


When is the best season for the Yala Peak Climb?

Yala Peak climb and Langtang Valley Trek can enjoy nearly all seasons of the year round. Except for the wet months of summer and monsoon times from mid-June to August, the rest of the season's days are pleasant. 

The most favorable seasons are spring and autumn, where days are bright with full of sunshine. Spring begins from March till May, and most days are fine and clear for pleasant walks and climbs of Yala Peak. The mid-hills are bright and lively with wildflowers in seasonal bloom, making the adventure more exciting. During springtime morning and night times are cold with cold chill in the afternoon around higher elevations.

In spring late afternoon days can get overcast with few light showers and snowfall sometimes. But an enjoyable time for treks and climbing around the Himalayas including Yala Peak. Daylights are longer in the spring with enough sunlight from morning till late afternoon. 

The next best time is autumn starts from September to November, one of the peak seasons for Trekking and Peak Climbing Holidays In Nepal. Autumn season days are much brighter with clear blue sky for walks and scenic views. But days are much shorter due to limited sunlight hours, morning can be cold and late afternoon till night time. Can expect snowfall sometime from 2,500 m onwards and on the climb of Yala Peak summit. 

However, one of the best times to enjoy an exciting adventure during autumn. Interested people can venture to Langtang Valley trekking and Yala Peak Climbing during the winter time of December, and January. It will be much cold with freezing temperatures in the morning and night time, most days are crystal clear with blue sky. 

But days are shorter due to sunlight hours, but an enjoyable time of low season, encountering less flow of trekkers. You can expect snowfall sometime around the higher areas from 2,000 m onwards.

Enjoy a brief clip of a video from Yala Peak Summit.

The views to enjoy from the summit of Yala Peak?

From the summit of Yala Peak, enjoy the alluring panorama of the whole Langtang Himal massif range of peaks. The spectacular views are seen from the top overlooking Ghengu Liru (Langtang II 6,571m / 21,560ft), and Langtang Lirung (7,425m / 23,765ft). Includes Kimsun (6,745m / 22,137ft), and Shalbachum (6,918m / 22, 699ft) in the south direction. 

Includes Chimsedang Himal ridge with peaks, that include Naya-Kanga of Ganjala peak 5,846m with Gangchenpo. As far as Tillman’s beautiful Fluted Peak, with Jugal Himal and Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m/22,854 feet) in the Far East. The views extend to Langshisa-Ri with some mountains across the border of Tibet, China.

The magnificent scenery of the whole Langtang Valley, and chances of spotting some wild mountain goats and antelopes. 


Conclusion of Yala Peak Climbing and Trekking:

After going through the information on the Yala Peak climb and Langtang Valley treks, Trekkers around the world certainly will be interested in this marvelous adventure to Yala Peak Climb and treks.

Most people might wonder and get confused about the exact height of Yala Peak. Many companies and maps have tagged different heights for Yala Peak, from 5,500 m, 5,550 m to 5,700 m. But it is always best to follow the official height as listed by the NMA (5500 meters) (Nepal Mountaineering Association). The governing Semi-Government body that controls and authorizes all trekking peaks in Nepal Himalayas.

Nevertheless, Yala Peak Climbing will be the best as an introduction to Himalayan landscapes and terrains and to experience Mountain Wilderness. Easiest, shortest, and nearest peaks around the Nepal Himalayas. Perfect and non-technical peaks to enjoy the challenge to the summit of Yala Peak.



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