Where is Nepal Located? The Land of the Himalayas
04 Jul

Where Is Nepal Located? The Land Of The Himalayas

Where is Nepal? The Land Of the Himalayas.
In 2010, around 55 million people visited China and 6 million people visited India. But very few among these came to a tiny landlocked country lying in between these two countries, Nepal. Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal is located in the Himalayas and bordered to the north by the Republic of China and to the south, east, and west by the Republic of India. Nepal is a beautiful mountainous country with the highest point in the world, Mount Everest. Khumbu region, where Mount Everest lies is visited each year by thousands with a dream of seeing, Mount Everest, the top of the world. Along with Mount Everest there are several other mountains which are some of the highest points in the world, making Nepal one of the best destinations in the world for trekking.

           Trekking In Nepal - Local village in Nepal - Myagdi Khola Dhaulagiri circuit trek.

All sorts of trekking In Nepal can be done, from easy walks to technical climbing, remote treks or busy treks with thousands of people along with you on a same trail for weeks, short treks of couple days and more than month longs trek, newly found trekking routes or hundreds of years old routes which where routes for salt and silk trades, trekking to the areas with every comfort available on treks and to treks where only thousand years old ruins and caves reamains. On these treks amazing landscapes and majestic mountains keeps offering stunning views. Apart from these natural wonders, there is also a cultural and religious side to these places, with a peaceful mixture of the Hindu and Buddhism cultures and religion. Rarely, a day goes by on a trek when there isn’t any shrine, temple or stupa on the trails where human settlements are nearby and often monasteries and temples even away from settlements that more than centuries old. Peoples faith and believe can be observed in every of these place and even the places where most of time lives are very hard.

                        Trekking In Nepal - Luri Gumpa at Mustang Nepal.  

Along with these remote places and physical activity like trekking and huge mountains at high altitudes, there is a different side to the country as well. Beautiful lakes and huge towering mountain, jungles with now endangered animals like one horned rhinoceros and tigers, Lumbini, birthplace of the light of Asia, Gautam Buddha, all are in the major cities of the country, easily accessible and with all the comforts of the major cities. Kathmandu, the capital itself is renowned for its many medieval temples and monasteries and also boasts few of the world heritages sites within it. Pokhara, one of the most beautiful cities in the country offers you stunning views of huge mountains along with lots of other adventurous activities like white water rafting, paragliding and much more. There are cities in southern part of the country, from where within less than an hour all the jungle activities awaits inside the national parks where if lucky then sightings of few endangered and rare species can be possible.

The country offers from expeditions to the top of the world to leisure holidays in the finest hotel viewing these towering mountains, a day hike around the cities to month long trekking in the wilderness, religious tours and travels to different adventurous activities like skydiving and white water rafting, restaurants where all the men from the stories of the mountains ate to the caves which are thousands of years old.All these trekking, expeditions, religious and cultural treks or tours, adventure activities, leisure holidays and everything other activities possible in the country is organized by Visit Himalaya Treks.


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