What Makes Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek so unique
11 May

What Makes Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek So Unique

Someone said, “Birds know places much better than humans.” Such might be true with the Manaslu region, home to hundreds of bird species. Any nature lover is indisputably attracted to Manaslus’ remarkable biodiversity and astounding landscape. Manaslu, a naturally mystical land in the Himalayas has the potential to enlighten your soul and remain a souvenir.

Unbeatable Vibes
The experience is unique and affordable for any passionate trekker. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is equally competitive in giving a pleasing experience as any other trek such as Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, and Kanchenjunga Trek. The beauty of Manaslu is so rare that such a thing mustn’t be missed by any backpacker around the globe.

You need to believe this place isn’t to be replaced with other destinies or even delisted Trekking to Manaslu combing with Tsum Valley is a whole new world enriched with unbeatable vibes within the most alluring things. Tsum Valley & Manaslu trek is made up of instances like this, the deserted valley, and harmonious people from villages such as Jagat, Lokpa, Chokhangparo, Nile, and Mu Gompa.

Buddhist Stupa at Tsum Valley.

A call from Mt. Manaslu
Embarking on the journey to the Around the Manaslu assures that you will linger a lifetime of pretty experiences. The trek offers variations in encounters in the voyage like wonderful nature, aesthetic monasteries, majestic peaks, and local culture and lifestyle. And how come you could be untouched by the colossal Mt. Manaslu, standing tall as 8, 163 meters? No doubt that listening to the Budhi Gandaki River while walking aside its river basin, and gazing at the sky-scrappers would let your trail fail to give you the utmost sense of peace. If there’s anything that could heal and rejuvenate your soul, then Mt. Manalsu is calling you to trek in its amazing lap. It has the most to give for your adventurous, spiritual, and thrilling demands as a trekker.


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Majestic Mountain Views
Manaslu Circuit Trek upholds the feature of scenic snow-capped mountain views like any other Himalayan trek. But what differentiates Manaslu from others is its’ winsome views of the world’s eighth tallest mountain, Mt. Manaslu. The high-altitude Manaslu regions offer wide-angle views of many mountains in Western Nepal. You should expect immense outlooks of stunning mountains like Himalchuli (7,893 m), Ngadi Chuli (7,871 m), Shringi Himal (7,187 m), and Ganesh Himal (7,000 m). These neighboring peaks of Mt. Manaslu present themselves in their best profile while trekking in the upper trail of the region. As a shutterbug, you may get the opportunity to click the rare images of those mountains in the region.

Mount Manaslu background and Local village en route to Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Tsum Valley Untouched Beauty
The surrounding beauty of the Manaslu region is still profoundly in its pristine form. As a trekker, you’re required to trek along the remote trails of high-altitude zones. Passing through awe-inspiring landscapes comprising pine and rhododendron forests, white-water rivers, a series of gorges, and unique valleys of the region makes the journey a lot more exciting than we expect.

There comes adventure in the challenging off-the-beaten path of the trail along with an epic taste of tranquillity in the lap of Mt. Manaslu. Tsum Valley is considered an untouched region that offers a more authentic and secluded trekking experience. So, the Manaslu Circuit trek combined with Tsum Valley is a perfect cup of tea for those searching for less crowded places on Earth that are mystically beautiful and intact.

Cultural Immersion
The cultural resource of the Manaslu region is another unbeatable and inimitable thing. It’s a culturally enjoyable place enshrined with traditional Buddhist monasteries. The sacred monasteries: Pango Gumba, Mani Dhungry, and Gurwa Gumba are popular monasteries of the region. You may get to witness a prayer procession during trekking, letting you closely experience locals’ religious practices.

The rites and rituals practiced by various ethnic communities are another interesting content of the region. You may be accustomed to Tibetan religious practices, Gurung lifestyles in the high-altitude region, and communities of Tamang, Magar, and Brahmin inhabitants in the lower region. You may experience the unique music, dance, and dress of such communities during the journey up to the Manaslu Base Camp. So, the Manaslu region is an earpiece for those wanting to explore local lifestyles, traditions, and cultural profoundness in remote mountain regions of East Nepal.

Birendra Lake views en route to Manaslu Trekking in Nepal.

Challenging Terrain
While rating the difficulty of the Manaslu trek, its challenging terrain always comes as the first matter of discussion. Adding to the subject, there comes its remoteness, high altitude hiking for numerous days, and traversing through one of the biggest passes in Nepal, Larkya La Pass (5,106 m). 

Finding a more thrilling adventure en route to the Manaslu Tsum Valley trek, it is possible to add Larkya Peak Climbing adding some additional time. Larkya Peak is located north of Mt. Manaslu height of 6249 meters. For a Larkya Peak Climbing trip, you will need full of Camping arrangements with an experience climbing guide and complete climbing gear. It is absolutely breathtaking views can be observed from the Larkya Peak summit including Mt Manaslu, Himlung Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Annapurna along with other Tibetan Himalayan ranges from the summit of Larkya Peak.

A constantly elevated hike for numerous days and trekking through semi-arid landscapes in the Himalayas make trekking arduous and demanding for trekkers, especially beginners. The trek is considered relatively more challenging than other treks, thus not commonly recommended to beginners.

As a trekker, you’re needed to have the right hiking boots along with a bit of passion and a dedicated set of activities. You need to be physically and mentally fit, strong, and adaptable to the high-altitude climate. Only then you may beat the challenging terrain and feel the actual sense of accomplishment.

View from Larkya Peak Climbing Trip.

Diversity of Flora and Fauna,
The rich biodiversity is the treasure of the Manaslu Conservation Area (1,600 sq. km). The priceless floras and faunas are a great value to the place. Juniper, Fir, Pine, Bamboo, Oak, and Rhododendron are commonly found-floras in the region along with some medicinal herbs and wildflowers. Those wildflowers addressed at the alpine meadows add the next level of charming qualities to an already beautiful world. You’ll realize colorful wildflowers such as primroses, daisies, and irises have been there just to take away your breath. If you want to see the wildflowers, your trekking should be accessed in the spring season. 

Mt. Manaslu also provides a home to many rare and elusive wildlife faunas. It is one of the few places in Nepal where Snow Leopard can be found. People interested in wildlife would find this place rewarding. Goat-like mammals called Himalayan Thar, Musk Deer, and Himalayan black bear are found in the region. Along with that, Golden Langur, cute and charismatic Red Pandas have their homes in the forest of the region. As a trekker, you have the chance to spot them and observe the Golden Eagles flying high in the blue-blue sky.

Accommodation availability along the route,
Manaslu Trek is a less popular trek with a relatively low number of visitors. This is why it provides a more peaceful and remote experience to travelers. You’re able to observe local lifestyles while accommodating yourself in tea houses that are operated by the locals themselves. Rooms in the tea houses shall be facilitated with basic utilities along with food like Dal, Bhat (Rice and Lentils). Locals will also offer you local cuisines that you may find delicious and unique. Foods such as bread and jam, Momos, Thukpa, and Chowmein are also available in the tea houses. But, it’s unsure about the availability of WiFi in the high-altitude regions, while it’s available in lodges in the lower region. Camping is another exciting job to do if you’re a camping lover.


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When is the best season for Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek?
We always want the best weather while trekking to avoid risks and nasty experiences. Rainy and Snowy seasons are thus not to be included in your travel package if you are planning to capture the best photographs. Spring and Autumn seasons are the comfortable travel seasons. March to May and September to mid-December are the best trekking months that offer stunning views of the surrounding. Spring season (March to May), also considered the blooming season, is a busy season due to more visitors. While Autumn season (October to December) offers clear views and a chance to experience great festivals of Nepal like Dashain and Tihar.

Larkya La Pass Top.

Trekking Gears
Manaslu Trekking is demanding trekking that requires certainly recommended gears to make a successful trek. You needed to have durable clothing, footwear, and equipment for trekking in the region to avoid possible risks. Also, you must fill your backpack with the essential materials you need. Trekkers must have comfortable boots, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats and raincoats, and trekking poles. We notify you to take advice from professional trekkers if you’re a novice trekker in the matter of choosing appropriate trekking gear.

Words aren’t just enough to take you to these incredible places. You need to step outdoors to experience the land bestowed with the enigmatic beauty of the natural wonders. It encapsulates variables of blessings to travelers. The trek is challenging but fulfilling. The entire trail is what an adventure-lover, a nature-lover, and a shutterbug are looking for. Embarking on the journey to the Manaslu Base Camp means you’ll be treated to breathtaking views. Hiking into the naturally wonderful land delights your heart just like your favorite slice of cake.


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