Upper Dolpo, History, culture and Landscapes
25 Jun

Upper Dolpo, History, Culture And Landscapes

Upper Dolpo and Shey Phoksundo Lake; The Trans-Himalayan region inner Dolpo is restricted to group trekking only. A group trekking permit is needed and can be arrange through only Government recognizes trekking agency of Nepal. Local accommodations are available in Dunai, Sangta, Chhepka, and Ringmo. Campsites with rubbish pits, toilets and shelters are available throughout the Park. Trekking lodges are located in Dunai, Chhepka, and Ringmo and provide food and limited supplies. Park offices are located at Suligad, Chhepka, Palam Ringmo, and Tojem. At the headquarters in Palam there is a small visitor center.

                       Local Village at Upper Dolpo Nepal.

Shey Phoksundo national park is situated in the Trans-Himalayan region of northwest Nepal. It is Nepal’s largest national park covering an area of 3,555sq.Km. It was established in 1984 to preserve a unique Trans-Himalayan ecosystem with a diversity if Flora and Fauna. The parks climatic differences altitude variation and different zoo-geographical regions support a diverse range of biotic systems. In 1998, an area of 349sq.km. Surrounding the park was declared as a buffer zone, which consists of forest and private lands. The buffer zone is jointly managed by the park and local communities. Together they initiate community development activities and management the natural and cultural resources.

Shey Phoksundo national park provides a diversity of spectacular landscapes. Elevations in the park range from 2130m in Ankhe to 6883m at the summit of kanjiroba Himal. Much of the park lies north of the Himalayan crest. Nepal’s deepest and second largest lake Phoksundo lake lies in the Upper region of Suligad. Near the lake’s outlet is the country’s highest waterfall. The major rivers in the park are the Khung, Nmajung and Panjang; The Suligad and Jugdula rivers, which are the major tributaries of the Thuli Bheri River; and the langu River, which drains the high Dolpo plateau to the east and flows wesward. Phoksundo Lake is famous for its magnificent turquoise color and the spectacular scenery clearly rank it with the most scenic mountain parks in the world. Ringmo village a typical Tibetan village is scenically nestled in the area. Many beautiful glaciers can be found near and above the lake area. The park contains many gompas (monasteries) and religious area. The most famous Shey Gompa was established in the 11th century. Thashung Gompa located near Phoksundo Lake was build 900 Years ago to conserved Wildlife.

        Old Buddhist Stupa at Upper Dolpo Nepal, 

Dolpo is home to more than 9,000 peoples, and their Village area among the highest settlements on Earth. Most of the inhabitants of the park practice Bon Buddhism, an ancient religion with roots in Animism and Buddhism. The Bon-Po religion,which form the entire cultural base for Tibetan Buddhism, was founded 18,000 years ago. During the Zang Zung Empire of Today’s Western Tibet. The landscape is dotted with sacred monasteries, thangka paintings, and chortens . The Local community is heavily depended on trade with Tibet and agriculture. This area is also famous for its salt trade caravans. The easiest way to reach the park is by air from Nepalgunj to the Juphal Airstrip in Dolpo followed by a half day walk to the park entrance at Suligad.

Our Campsite at Shey Gumpa at Upper Dolpo Nepal, 

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