Complete information about kanchenjunga base camp trek in Nepal.
05 Aug

Complete Information About Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek In Nepal.

Mount Kanchenjunga Trekking “off the beaten path Trek” has emerged as a new possibility for trekkers who have been disappointed for not being able to do Annapurna Circuit Trek or Mustang Trek, both shortened by the road, Everest Base Camp Trek because of inconsistent flights or looking for another possible lodge treks like all of the above-mentioned treks in Nepal.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is far harder and more strenuous than the Annapurna Circuit Trek and cannot be placed in the same category as Annapurna Circuit Trek. The logistics and food are the most basic compared to simple luxuries (attached bathroom, hot showers, warm dining) available in the circuit. However, the wild and pristine region with its beauty at peace tries its hardest to make up for all its shortcomings.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek starts similarly to the old Annapurna Circuit Trek, passing through the lowlands and terraced villages of various ethnical people constantly following the valleys carved by the rivers coming from the Yalung and Kanchenjunga Glacier. Slowly the trek climbs into the higher valleys with mountains growing larger and closer with each day. The trek has two main valleys leading to North and South Base Camp; Oktang (Kanchenjunga Base Camp South) from Suketar and Pangpema (Kanchenjunga North Base Camp ) from Mitlung separated by Sele La Pass.

Kanchenjunga-south-side-view-from-Oktang- View-Point

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek Southside Route:-

If started through Suketar, one can enjoy views of Kanchenjunga Range, Kabru Range, and Jannu from a distance and view them grow with each passing day of the trek. After some days through the tropical climate and Limbu villages, the trek finally enters higher elevations at Thungim (listed in the trekking map as Yamphudin). Some hard days follow as the climb from Thungim via Sherpa Gaon to Lasiya Bhanjyang is a steep 1300 meters climb and is not recommended as well.

An alternative route from Thungim via Amji Khola over two days is recommended. This hard day is rewarded with views of Everest and Makalu (for this one has to leave the main trail and continue to the top for extra 15 minutes near Lasiya Bhanjyang) and also blooming rhododendrons (in spring) can help lift the mood. The narrow valleys and small lodges at Tseram and Ramche led to Oktang (Kanchenjunga Base Camp, South) passing through some yak pasturelands en route to Oktang from Tseram. This part of the trek offers views of Kanchenjunga, Kabru Range, Rathong, Boktoh, and several other 5000-meter peaks lying on the border of Nepal and India. Oktang also marks the end of the north side of the Kanchenjunga Trek.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek North Side Route:-

From Mitlung, the trek similarly starts following narrow valleys and lots of cardamom fields and tropical forests. After a couple of days very similar to the days on the other side, the Tibetan village of Phale marks entrance into the lap of the mountains. The very next settlement after Phale is Ghunsa, the biggest village in the higher altitudes of the whole Kanchenjunga region and also probably the best with much better lodges. Many almost invisible trails through scree and landslides follow after Ghunsa and led into Khambachen, a higher pastureland for yaks now turned into a small village with few lodges.

Impressive Jannu, Sobhi Thongje, Gabur, and Sarphu Ranges enclose these valleys and many unnamed peaks appear towards the end of the valley. Lhonak is similar to Gimmi Gela, Mera, and Wedge Peak surrounding it and Gimmi Gela Twin, Nepal Peak, and Kirat Chuli at the end of the valley. Another hard day through rocks and boulders track guide us finally to Pangpema (Kanchenjunga North Base Camp). An option to climb on several ridges of Dhromo Peak for better views of Kanchenjunga is recommended as well.

The trek also has one of the longest passes (but not so hard), Sele La which separates the Northern and Southern valleys of Kanchenjunga. The pass can be done in two days and has several small passes on a passing day but commonly known as Sele La. The major passes are (in order from Tseram to Ghunsa) Sinelapche Bhanjyang, Mirgin La, Sinion La, and finally Sele La (two more places with prayer flags as passes as well). Sinelapche Bhanjyang is the highest with an elevation of 4650 meters and Mirgin La provides the best view with Makalu on the horizon.

Mt. Kanchenjunga North View.

Where is Mount Kanchenjunga Located?

Kangchenjunga also spelled Kanchenjunga and Khangchendzonga, is the third-highest mountain in the world. Its summit lies at 8,586 m (28,169 ft) in a section of the Himalayas, the Kangchenjunga Himal, which is bounded in the west by the Tamur River, in the north by the Lhonak River and Jongsang La, and in the east by the Teesta River. It lies in the border region between Nepal and Sikkim state of India, with three of the five peaks, namely Main, Central, and South, directly on the border, and the peaks West and Kangbachen in Nepal's Taplejung District.

Mount Kanchenjunga Climbing Route:-

There are four climbing routes to reach the summit of Kangchenjunga, three of which are in Nepal from the southwest, northwest, and northeast, and one from northeastern Sikkim in India. To date, the northeastern route from Sikkim has been successfully used only three times. The Indian government has banned expeditions to Kanchenjunga; therefore, this route has been closed since 2000. Mount Kangchenjunga was first climbed on 25 May 1955 by Joe Brown and George Band, who were part of the 1955 British Kangchenjunga expedition. 

Our Campsite at Khambachen Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
Our Campsite is at Khambachen KBC north valley.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek complete trek details:-

Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd is Nepal Base Local company, Organizing perfectly off the Beaten Treks in Nepal. Trekking around the Kanchenjunga Circuit is a pure unique trek that guides to Kanchenjunga South Base Camp and Kanchenjunga North Base Camp. Nowadays Basic Tea House is available along the Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek route, if you are happy to enjoy with pure local traditional lifestyle, involving with local, their unique culture and lifestyle then you are welcome to trek over Kanchenjunga staying at Local and Basic Tea House.

However, if you are planning to travel with groups of friends with staying a bit away from the village, and love to enjoy pure nature then Kanchenjunga Camping  Trek is the best option. Visit Himalaya Treks Offer Upper Kanchenjunga Yangma Valley Camping trek for the pure nature lovers in this unique and pure off the Beaten Track.  


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