Buddhist Colorful festival Tiji celebration in Isolated Land in Upper Mustang
02 May

Buddhist Colorful Festival Tiji Celebration In Isolated Land In Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang is a forbidden Buddhist kingdom located in the isolated region of Kali Gandaki Valley in north-central Nepal. Upper Mustang is also a part of the Mustang Kingdom and is differentiated by only one fact – the visit of foreign tourists is regulated in the Upper Mustang area due to its proximity to the sensitive Tibetan border.

Life in Mustang is full of hardships but the beauty of the natural landscape is what draws tourists from all over the world to this land. Trekking in groups is safer than trekking alone, as in case of emergencies there is an increased possibility of finding help in the isolated Mustang and Upper Mustang regions.

Learn More about Upper Mustang Tiji Festival.

Mustang is a great place for trekking expeditions because much of the arid plateau area of this place is unexplored and spectacular. Hundreds of years old caves and monasteries along with interesting festivals of Tiji and Yartung have attracted more than 1000 trekkers from western countries to Mustang every year. Trekking in Mustang can be an incredible experience if you follow some guidelines that can safeguard you from getting into any kind of trouble. 

Very Old Buddhist Stupa and Landscapes in Upper Mustang Nepal.
Does and Don’t Things during your Upper Mustang Trek.
For trekking in Upper Mustang it is important to get a legal permit. Especially as Upper Mustang is a sensitive area because it is near the Tibetan border. Therefore, getting a legal permit (Restricted area entry permit) or trekking in Upper Mustang can save you from legal issues.

Trekking in groups is safer than trekking alone, as in case of emergencies there is an increased possibility of finding help in the isolated Mustang and Upper Mustang regions. Also, Solo Trek is not allowed to trek Upper Mustang. You will need a minimum of 2 trekkers to get Upper Mustang restricted area entry permit.

Don’t throw plastic bottles and trash in the area where you are trekking. Pack all the trash and dispose of it properly to help in conserving the beautiful flora and fauna of Mustang and Upper Mustang. It is better to hire an experienced guide from a reliable travel agency for undertaking a trekking Tour to Mustang and Upper Mustang.

Buddhist Monks presenting their ritual dance during the Tiji festival in Lo- Manthang Upper Mustang In Nepal.

Visit Annual Tiji Festival during your Trekking journey to Upper Mustang.

In 2015 only 4 travelers attend at Tiji festival in Mustang because a 7.8 magnitude divesting earthquake hit Nepal mid of the trekking Tour and expedition season on April 25 -2015. Even in this hard time local community from Mustang did not leave their tradition and they did celebrate the ritual festival Tiji festival in this hard circumstance.

It is a quite big surprise after a year more than 400 travelers attend in Tiji Festival 2016 celebrated month of May 3 to 5. What a big comes back. Unique Buddhist culture, hundreds of years old Buddhist monasteries, pure Tibetans style customs, and breathtaking landscapes are the major attractive part of Upper Mustang of Nepal.

The Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang was a restricted area until 1992 which makes it one of the most preserved regions in the world, even now visiting Upper Mustang requires restricted area entry permits for travelers and restricted area entry permits cost USD 500 per person for 10 days valid permit.

The best way to experience pure Tibetan Buddhist native culture, and tradition is by attending in Tiji festival which is held each year month of May. Visit Himalaya Treks is organizing a trip to Mustang during the Tiji festival since 2009 showing this colorful ritual festival in the forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang. For the 2023/24 Tiji Festival date is announced. Visit Himalaya Treks open booking for this annual Tiji Festival trek celebrating May 06 to 26 – 2023. Here we would like to share a short clip of a video from our recent Mustang Tiji Festival Trek.

Enjoy a Short clip of a Video taken during the Tiji Festival in Lo Manthang Upper Mustang.

The Tiji Festival of the ancient city of Lo Manthag in Upper Mustang is the highlight of this trip. Thousands of men, women, and children participate in this annual elaborate re-enactment of the Tiji myth, telling of a deity named Dorje Jon who battles his demon father to save the kingdom from destruction. It will be our unique privilege to witness the same color, costume, dancing, and ritual that were displayed by these people in this place more than six hundred years ago according to the religious mythology.


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Upper Mustang Tiji Festival

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Besides the Tiji Festival Trek, travelers can be done on this isolated Upper Mustang trek. The best time to Trek in Upper Mustang is the Month of April to mid-November. Nowadays Trekking tours to Mustang not required any Camping arrangements, stander Tea Houses, Lodges are available along the Upper Mustang Trekking route. The First Western traveler in Mustang was Toni Hagen Swiss explorer and Geologist who visited in Mustang 1952 during one of his travels across the Himalayas. Michel Peissel from French was the first authorized traveler to visit in Mustang in 1964.

Performing Monks Dance during the time of Tiji Festival Celebration In Upper Mustang Nepal.

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