Successful Trekking Tips for Makalu Base Camp Trek
19 Mar

Successful Trekking Tips For Makalu Base Camp Trek

Mt. Makalu at 8,463 m/ 27, 766 ft. Stand as the world’s 5th highest peak a mere distance from Mt. Everest at 12 km apart. 

The Makalu and Barun Valley was first ventured by a British Explorer Eric Shipton, in the mid 1950's. Mt. Makalu was first climbed on May the 15th, 1955 by a French Expedition, since then Mt. Makalu is seldom visited by mountaineers from around the world.


How to make Makalu Base Camp Trekking a great success and enjoyable? 

It all depends upon planning and choosing the best seasons and booking with reliable trekking agencies in Nepal. Where trekkers expect, a hassle-free and money-worth of delightful adventure holidays. To make the trip successful, one has to be well prepared and stay healthy and physically fit. 


Unique Makalu Base Camp Trek.

Having time for daily exercise before and after booking Makalu Base Camp Trek or other adventures around the Himalayas.

Makalu Base Camp Trekking is one of the adventurous treks as well as challenging in snow conditions. It is located around Nepal's Far Mid-Eastern around the Mahalangur Himalayan ranges, between the world's highest Everest and Lhotse. As well as Kanchenjunga in the Far East, the walk to Makalu base camp leads to a remote, isolated region, away from human settlements and villages. 

The top of Makalu is a black rocky pyramid-shaped summit, hence the name 'black' for Mt. Makalu. One of the toughest, most challenging, and technical mountains to climb than other 8,000 m peaks in the Himalayas.  The Makalu base camp trekking is an exciting adventure, walking from the lower warm Arun Valley to the temperate alpine Barun Valley. 

The trail follows through farm villages, then into lovely dense woods of tall rhododendrons, firs, and pine trees. The whole area of Makalu falls within Makalu, Barun National Park and Conservation, enriched with exotic flora and fauna. Some of the plants and herbs, that are extinct on this planet, are found around the Barun Valley. 

Makalu Base Camp is located at the far western end of scenic Barun Valley. It is the only place around the Himalayan region where trekkers can enjoy views of Everest East Face. Known as the Khansung Face, with the 4th highest Mt. Lhotse. Makalu Base Camp Trekking, with a standard itinerary of 16 nights and 17 days. Include a scenic short flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar Town Airport, with an exciting drive both ways. Trekkers can enjoy the Makalu Base Camp Trekking for more days, on request to the company. For a tailor-made and customized itinerary, as per your interest with holiday duration in Nepal.

Barun Glacier and Mt Makalu view.
Barun Glacier and Mt Makalu View. 

Choosing a professional and reputable Trekking Company.

The first steps to your plan and interest for Makalu Base Camp treks, or any other adventure in Nepal Himalayas. Search and find the best, reliable tour operators or trekking agencies in Nepal. Likewise, Visit Himalaya Treks or others that suit you the best as per the itinerary and trek departures dates-wise.

Choosing the best professional local companies, which is Government Registrated with a history of its operation. As well as reading the feedback or reviews of other clients who had enjoyed the treks with their respective companies. 

Check for the most suitable Itinerary.

The other best thing to do, after booking with a reliable local company. Is making sure that the itinerary suits you as per your holidays in Nepal for Makalu Trekking. Some companies might make the itinerary to cut and minimize the package cost. But, this is a lifetime adventure, where all visitors want to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas and have time. Make sure the itinerary has enough days to enjoy extra days for acclimatization. Allowing time to explore the scenic surroundings, as well as walking through villages to observe local cultures.


Make sure high-quality gears are provided by the Operator.

Most top operators in Nepal provide gear for high-altitude trekking as well as for Makalu Base Camp Trekking. The gear that the company provides is good Sleeping bags, Down Jackets, and duffel Bags. Including nice and warm four seasons Sleeping Bags that withstand a maximum of -20 degrees’ temperatures with inner linear. If it’s not included in the trip packages can hire or rent from the good trekking shops, and stores in Kathmandu. 

The company also provides warm gear for the staff and porters, especially on high-altitude treks. Besides sleeping bags, down jackets, and Shoes, the guide will carry a comprehensive medical kit. For minor sicknesses and wounds only, the guides have been trained in basic medical and First Aid Courses.


Prepare yourself mentally.

To enjoy the adventure to Makalu Base Camp, think twice about the country's landscapes and terrains. Including the local cultures, as well as food and simple lodge accommodation. Some of the things that you expect might not be available like good food, attached baths and toilets with hot showers. Remember that you are traveling into a remote isolated wild country around the edge of the Himalayas.

So trekkers joining the trek should be well prepared mentally, and physically and expect what comes your way. Then only you can enjoy the adventure holiday in the Himalayas of Nepal. 


Train and prepare on time well in advance before booking.

It is always best to prepare well ahead for an adventure, like Makalu Base Camp. The trail is rough and narrow in some places, as well as the steep climb to Khongma Danda high ridge. Sometimes the walk can be longer than you expect, so enjoy the Makalu Base Camp Trekking. It is better to get prepared well in advance, staying fit with daily hours of physical exercise.  As well as check your health, before or after booking the trek to Makalu base camp in Nepal. 


Pack wisely and avoid excess.

For the trek to Makalu Base Camp, although the adventure of two weeks, where trekkers need good gear to pack. As well as checking with the baggage weight allowance on international and domestic flights. Approx. of 20 kg including the handbags, pack wisely due to the nature of the trekking region and season-wise.

Most reputed companies will provide heavy stuff like sleeping bags and down jackets. This will make it easier to pack only your necessary items, but trekking boots should be good and comfortable. To avoid excess weight, flying from your country, some of the needful items can be bought or hired in Kathmandu.

Check it from the list of clothing and gear for the trekking, pack accordingly, and get information. What should be carried and what things are available in Kathmandu for the trek to Makalu Base Camp?   


Choose the right group for you.

On group departure dates for Makalu Base Camp, must be aware that you will be joining with other nationalities. It is not much of an option on group departures unless you have booked a private trip. Can book the trip after arranging your groups of friends or family members. If you are not satisfied join a group of unknown people to travel with you. But it is good to make new friends with wide-world people and will be very interesting. 

If you are not willing to join with other nationalities, can request a private trip. Like tailor-made or customized for you and your friends and family members. 


Listen to your trekking Guide.

The most important is always to take advice and needful information from your guide and Group Leader. If you are on medication, ask the expert guide or leaders if it is okay to take medication. Considering the high altitude, where some oral medications, are not safe above 2,500 m onwards. Listen carefully for all the information provided by the guide and Leaders, on briefing at the hotel. As well as on trekking, where the guide and leaders will brief of the next morning walks, and what to expect.


 Make your walking pace slow and steady.

As this is a high-altitude adventure, it is always best to walk slowly at your comfortable pace. Take slowly and rest where needed, avoid being breathless or tiredness. Have rest to enjoy the surrounding beautiful scenery, as well as the local cultures, when walking through the villages.


Make sure you get a balanced diet.

For long hours of walks and trekking, especially around rough terrains around the Himalayas. Like adventure at Makalu Base Camp, one needs a good balanced diet to cope with strenuous long climbs. As per the suggestions and advice from the medical side, recommended carbohydrate foods to give energy.

Especially, on long hours of outdoor activities, where one will easily burn the calories. Add more supplements with other nutritious meals, including more carbohydrates, as a good balanced diet. As well as drinking much water and having energy-stuffed soups and foods.


Always stay hydrated.

After physical activities and trekking around the high-altitude areas of the Himalayas like on Makalu treks. To be on the safe side being dehydrated, drinking at least 2-3 liters of water. On trekking one will be easily dehydrated with sweats, on climbing steep uphill on a sunny day. Always keep the water filled in your light bottles, and use it quite often to keep your health. As well hydration level at proportion is one of the major problems that one can face on high altitude treks.

Kalo Pokhari en route to Makalu Base Camp Trek
Kalo Pokhari en route to Makalu Base Camp Trek.

Take the necessary steps to prevent altitude sickness.

To enjoy Makalu Base Camp Trekking or other adventures around the Himalayas, when walking around higher altitudes. The major factor to take care of is prevention from HAS (High Altitude Sickness) or AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness).

Don’t let your lifetime adventure holidays catch the severe symptoms of HAS. Needs to take things slowly, when walking on high altitude treks like to Makalu Base Camp. Necessary steps to keep fit and healthy, avoid sickness, have good rest, and wake at a slow pace on climbs. As well as enjoying meals and wearing the right gear for the day as weather-wise. Do not let the cold wind get you, wear proper headgear for the day and night time. Drinking as much as you have good clean water and good sleep.


Bring the right gear.

To avoid too much weight, pack only the necessary gear and items as provided on the clothing and equipment list. The right gear to pack also depends upon the seasons of trekking chosen. If it is too much to carry from home, one can buy a lot of essential stuff in Kathmandu. Please remember the weight allowance on International and Domestic flights. As well as the porters carry an average of 25 to 30 kg, depending upon the number of people in the groups.  


Get the right trekking boots.

The first thing to be prepared of buying the best quality boots for the treks around the Himalayas. As well as for Makalu Base Camp Trekking, the boots should be light and strong. Should withstand wet ground, and snow with good traction so that you slip on icy or slippery paths. The boots should be comfortable to walk, and too tight, having room to wriggle your toes.

Tight boots can make your feet freeze easily and can get blisters on downhill walks. The boots should have some small space to move your toes, which will avoid cramps and getting cold. 


Know how to stay connected with your family.

On treks especially around remote parts of the world, where cell phone hardly works. However, for such a remote trek our team has always SAT Phone and it is possible to communicate with your family. Although at present world of WI-FI, where one can easily contact home and dear ones. But in some places on trekking the Wi-Fi, internet, and Telecommunications will be out of order. Especially around valleys and deep gorges bounded by high cliffs and mountains.


Choose the best month for trek to Makalu Base Camp.

It is always best to enjoy the trek in the right month or season of the year around the Himalayas. Nepal has four main seasons, the spring season March to May, the summer/monsoon season times from June to August, and autumn/fall from September to November.

Winter begins in December and ends in February when one can choose from these four seasons. The best seasons are spring and autumn/ fall, spring with longer days and sunshine hours. When wildflowers are in seasonal bloom, especially the rhododendrons of various species and colors.

The next best time is autumn/ fall, most days fine and clear for views and pleasant walks, but gets dark soon. Due to limited hours of sunshine, it is one of the best times to choose from.


Do not hide your health problems.

Makalu Base Camp Trek is an adventurous walk, that leads to a higher zone around the Himalayas. Where all need to be in good physical shape and with sound medical health. People with BP, diabetes, and other illnesses have managed trekking around the high Himalayas. But one should always provide the company that booked with your medical history, and present symptoms. Which helps the guide and leaders to take extra care, and with advice regarding the daily walks. Should get a letter from your doctors, mentioning the cause of your present illness and health problems. Including people who are allergic to foods and the environment, as well as vegetarians with special diets.   

Prepare for flight delay.

This trek involves a short scenic flight both ways with exciting drives on rough mountain roads. As you will be flying across the Himalayas and mountainous country, sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. Even in the best seasons, the Himalayan patterns can be unfavorable sometimes. Which will affect the normal scheduled flights to land at Tumlingtar Airport or vice-versa.

In this situation, the clients should stay calm and cooperate with the guide and related companies. However, the company will do whatever it can under their command but will be helpless in certain situations. In case of flight delay and cancellation, the company may charter a helicopter service if required with additional Cost. Where extra costs will be incurred on top of trip packages, which will be on a sharing basis. 

Get the travel insurance for Makalu Trek.

It is important and necessary that all members should get Travel Insurance for Makalu Base Camp Trekking In Nepal. In case of unfavorable bad weather, flights are to operate to land at Tumlingtar airport and back. As well as the mountain road is rough and can be obstructed by landslides sometimes. The other reason if the higher areas of Makalu get heavy snowfall. Where treks can be delayed or canceled.

The company may re-route the trekking destinations for all members and staff safeties. If this circumstance happens, it is beyond the company's command. For all the extra expenses in case of using Helicopter Service or other reasons, the client should understand and cooperate. 

Plan a few extra days at the end of your trip.

On booking the trek to Makalu Base Camp or other adventures.  It is always best to have a few more days before and after the treks. Which, allows you to have time to adjust to the local cultures, foods, and the environment. As well in case of flight delay in the beginning or at the end. The extra days will be a great support to cope with the situation. 

 Enjoying wilderness Camp at Makalu Base Camp Trek
Enjoying Wilderness Camp at Makalu Base Camp Trek

Enjoy yourself, remember you are on holiday.

This is a lifetime adventure holiday, so make the best of Makalu Base Camp Treks. Enjoying the scenic areas, at leisure having time to interact with the locals as well as learning local languages. Including the fascinating cultures of the remote villages, taking slow and not missing the stunning views. Release and unfold yourself and make the best of the adventures of a great lifetime experience.  


Explore more of the Makalu Region of Nepal.

Besides trekking to Makalu Base Camp as per the routine of daily walks, on rest days or having half day. Have time for yourself to enjoy exploring the hidden corners of Barun Valley and Makalu Base Camp. Climb above the base camp adding more heights to the adventure, facing a glorious panorama of surrounding giant snow peaks.


Gadgets such as a solar bank and a universal power, adapter are essential.

Trekking around the remote pockets of the Himalayas, like Makalu Base Camp and Barun Valley. Where you will be away from the modern maddening world of civilization and Hi-Tec. Only for isolated villages and temporary settlements en route to Makalu Base Camp. Trekkers with Laptops or other electronic gadgets should be well equipped with necessary items. Such as Solar Bank or Universal Power are essentials to carry to charge your electronic items. 

The other important is to carry a portable solar panel that can be slung on the backpack. They can be used at the end of the day after absorbing solar power during the day walks. The adaptor is necessary as per the flow of Voltage in Nepal, which can be different from your country.  


 Makalu Base Camp Trek Conclusion.

Overall, Makalu Base Camp Trek is a wonderful adventure around the remote hidden corners of the Eastern Himalayas. One of the best treks if you are interested in walking on off-the-beaten tracks. Away from mainstream trekking routes, and far from human habitation, the village is in a complete sheer wilderness of towering giant snow-capped mountains. The trek leads you to tranquil surroundings through an enchanting forest of tall rhododendrons, pines, oaks, and fir trees. 

From the mist-filled forest towards a wide open Barun Valley, where you will be in a world of your own. Far from the maddening crowd, amidst a pristine environment for a week or more. Before heading back to lovely farm villages adorned with age-old heritage in the harmony of beautiful landscape scenery.

Truly an amazing and mesmerizing adventure to experience Makalu Base Camp and the picturesque Barun Valley. 



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