Makalu Base Camp Trek Tea House Vs Camping
27 Feb

Makalu Base Camp Trek Tea House Vs Camping

Mt. Makalu is located in Nepal's Far Eastern Himalayas around the Mahalangur Himalayan range. Stands within the southeast of the world’s highest Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, and close to Mt. Kanchenjunga, towards the northeast.

Mt. Makalu at 8,485 m / 27,838 feet towers high, is the world’s fifth-highest peak. A mere distance of 19 km/12 miles from Mt. Everest, and west of Barun Valley rim. The only tough trekkers venture to Makalu Base Camp for several reasons, like simply for trekking. As well as for mountaineering expeditions to the summit of Mt. Makalu, and for traverse the high Sherpani Pass. As well as to cross the West Col of Makalu to reach around Khumbu and Everest region. 

Besides various adventures on Makalu Base Camp Trekking, it is also a paradise for botanists and flower lovers. During spring times of March to May the high hill from the last village of Tashi Gaon and Mumbuk area. Where trekkers can enjoy the wildflowers in full bloom. Especially the rhododendrons of various colors of different species from tall trees to bush. It is also the national flower of Nepal, besides beautiful flowers, in the Barun Valley areas. 

Is also famous for its varieties of herbs and medicinal plants, which are nearly extinct on this planet. But it exists en route to Makalu Base Camp, making this trekking more special and exclusive than other Himalayan destinations.

Tea House at Khongma Danda
Tea House at Khongma Danda en route to Makalu Base Camp Trek.

Makalu Base Camp Trek Tea House Trek.

On Makalu Base Camp Trek overnights in local Tea Houses and Lodges, trekkers have to suffice in whatever is available. This region is quite raw, with few groups of visitors seldom venturing due to its remote locations. In the early days trekkers and mountaineers had to carry all the camping gear and food. But in the last few decades, a few small and simple huts have been built to cater to the needs of the trekkers. 

After Tashi Gaon, the last permanent village and human settlement, from then on into sheer mountain wilderness. However, the locals have managed to set up some temporary settlements in Khongma Danda (3637 meters)High Ridge. As well as Dobate (3844 meters), Yangle Kharka (3616 meters), Nehe Kharka, Langmale Kharka (4410 meters), and Makalu Base Camp (4870 meters )the Tea Houses are simple with basic facilities. 

Accommodation Availability along the Makalu Base Camp Trek.

Trekkers should be well aware beforehand that this trekking is less frequented than other mainstream areas of Nepal Himalayas. All trekkers to Makalu Base Camp should enjoy and compromise in whatever facilities they can find. This is an adventure into pure mountain wilderness on off-the-beaten tracks, far from main villages and settlements. 

The lodge accommodation after the town of Tumlingtar to Num village in hilly country. The lodge accommodation is simple and nice with the homely environment of the local natives. Similarly, in Seduwa and Tashi-Gaon the last permanent villages and settlements offer simple and nice lodge accommodation. Having common toilets and bathrooms with extra charge for using hot showers or a bucket of hot water. 

From Tashi-Gaon en route to Makalu Base Camp, very simple and basic huts serve as Tea Houses or lodges. Provides small rooms but is neat, and cozy with moderate size dining rooms with a fireplace to keep the environment warm. 

Tea House at Makalu Base Camp.
Tea House at Makalu Base Camp. 

Availability of Food en route to Makalu Base Camp at Tea House, Lodges.

The food menu of limited variation to choose from, and simple meals are served due to the nature of harsh terrains. From Tashi-Gaon onwards, only the dining with electricity facilities run by Solar Power. Can enjoy simple and healthy meals, with few variations of tourist standard foods. 

Mostly noodles fried or in soup with seasonal vegetables, eggs, or rice, and curry are available. Chapattis, Pancakes or Tibetan Breads, the bakery loaf breads are scares in most places after the main village from Tashi Gaon. Refreshing hot and cold drinks are available, tea of variation, coffee, chocolates, and hot lemon in all lodge restaurants. 

Makalu Base Camp Camping Trek.

Makalu Base Camp Trek with tented camping, is one of the best ways to enjoy the adventures. In the earlier days, a smaller Tea House flourished around the high Himalayan popular region. Including en route to Makalu Base Camp, which has been fairly new for the last few years. 

To enjoy the best of Makalu Base Camp Trek is with the camping facilities. On booking the trip with Visit Himalaya Treks the company will provide all camping gear including food for the whole trek. As well as with camping staff with a separate kitchen unit of expert cooks to serve the best healthy foods for our clients.

Camping at Makalu Base Camp.
Camping at Makalu Base Camp.

High-quality gear is essential for Makalu Base Camp Camping Trek.

Makalu Base Camp Trekking is a high-altitude adventure around Nepal's Far Eastern Himalayas. Where high-quality gear and camping equipment are necessary to enjoy the whole adventure to Makalu Base Camp. Strong spacious two-man tents, kitchen and dining tents, including toilet tents. As well as a comfortable portable dining table and chairs for comfort while enjoying the dinner. 

Including kerosene or gas lamps to make the dining tents much brighter and more lively. The sleeping tents include small foam mattresses which are light and easy to carry. All camping gears are ferried from the last road-head in Num, after a drive from Tumlingtar and vice-versa.

A balanced diet is very important while on a high-altitude trek:

Joining Makalu Base Camp Trekking, the most important is staying healthy throughout the journey. Where good balanced diet plays an important role in being fit and able to encounter long duration walks. As well as climbing on steep to Khoma Danda, ridge, and beyond. 

The camping cooks are experts in this type of high-altitude trekking, cooking, and serving the best meals. Where trekkers can enjoy a healthy atmosphere while trekking and enjoying great meals, from breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The hygienic and balanced diet is provided by our set Cook and Kitchen team.

On a camping trip. Visit Himalaya Treks provides the best and expert cooks, who can make great meals. Serving the best foods in every meal from breakfast, lunch to dinner with afternoon refreshment on reaching the camp. The kitchen is well equipped and stocked with canned foods to fresh vegetables, serving healthy with a balanced diet. 

All foods are cooked in a hygienic environment in a large kitchen tent, the cook with helpers of Kitchen staff. The strong backup to healthy and good meals throughout the trekking, making all types of dishes and variations. So that trekkers won’t be bored with the same kind of meals each day. Always surprising and delightful food is served, including some fresh bakery items. 


Strong, experienced supporters are the backbones of high-altitude treks in Nepal.

Wherever you venture around Nepal Himalayan destination, especially on off-the-beaten trekking trails. Where camping is necessary with all, the logistic support is needed to make the adventure a great success. 

As well as to keep all the clients happy and satisfied, with the backup and support of strong, experienced supporters. Expert trekking guides and camping staff with professional cooks are the main backbones of the high-altitude treks in Nepal. The strong and experienced trekking staff' makes all the trekking in Nepal most enjoyable with a mesmerizing experience. 

Crossing Keke La Pass 4170 meters
VHT Supporters team at keke la Pass (4170 meters) En route to Makalu Base Camp Trek.

Tea House Vs Camping Makalu Base Camp Trek Conclusion:

After going through the options of Tea House/Lodge or Camping Treks to Makalu Base Camp. Depending upon the interest of trekkers Visit Himalaya Treks Nepal based local company has experienced many odds. Especially around remote corners of the Himalayas, where there are not much good facilities. 

Like on this off-the-beaten trek to Makalu Base Camp, where tented camping will be the best and classic way. To enjoy the Makalu Base Camp adventures, for a smaller group of 2 - 4, the Tea House trek might sound good. As per the trip cost set by the local companies, but in a larger group. From above 5 to 6 people, it is best with camping, to enjoy Makalu Base Camp Trek.

For Makalu Base Camp Trekking spring from April to May is best when wildflowers are in seasonal bloom. The next best time is autumn/fall, from September to November, when most days are bright and beautiful.


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