The Everest Three High Passes Trek – A lifetime travel adventure over the Khumbu Himalayas of Nepal
05 Jun

The Everest Three High Passes Trek – A Lifetime Travel Adventure Over The Khumbu Himalayas Of Nepal

Everest Three High Passes Trekking is an exciting traverse from the east to the western end of Khumbu Valley. Crossing three high passes over Khongma La Pass, Cho-La Pass, and the Renjo-La Pass includes the world’s Popular Everest base camp trekking

As well as climb to Kala Patthar's rocky ridge top, a popular viewpoint for the closest views of Mt. Everest. Kala Patthar ridgetop is the highest spot of the adventure at 5,550 m/ 18,208 feet, then the three high passes. Where Everest Base Camp is at a height of 5,364 m / 17, 598 feet. The Everest Three High Passes includes Khongma-La at 5,545 m/18,192 feet, the highest among the three passes. Then Cho-La Pass 5, 420 m/17, 782 feet, and the last final pass is Renjo-La 5,360 m/17, 585 feet. 

Everest Three High Passes trekking options of two routes, either clockwise or taking the anticlockwise directions. Most popular and favorable routes, among most trekkers and adventurers, start from an anticlockwise. For many good reasons, in case of bad weather with deep snowfall can obstruct the routes of three passes. Especially if starting clockwise, and you will miss all the beautiful areas where you can enjoy the treks. 

But beginning from anticlockwise, if the weather hampers the itinerary day, still reach the Everest Base Camp. By skipping the first Khongma-La Pass, one can continue the adventure by crossing Cho-La and Renjo-La Passes. Chances are great starting the Everest Three High Passes treks anticlockwise from scenic Imjatse Valley.

Khongma La Pass Everest High Pass Trek
Enjoy a wonderful Himalayan Panorama view from Khongma La Pass Everest Three High Pass Trek.

The Everest Three High Pass Trek Route 

Everest Three High Passes Trekking begins with a short flight to Lukla Town, the starting and ending point of the trek. The walk follows the main trail through the lovely Sherpa villages of Ghat, Phakding, and Monjo to reach Namche Bazaar. The whole area of Khumbu from Lukla and Phakding onwards falls within Sagarmatha National Park. Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as the world’s highest Himalayan park, enriched with exotic flora and fauna.

The Everest Three Pass Trek leads to the famous Namche Bazaar after entering the national park entrance at Monjo. It is a perfect place for trekkers to enjoy an extra day for acclimatization and explore its scenic viewpoints. From Namche Bazar, the walk heads higher to the beautiful Tengboche monastery, located amidst lovely woods. As well as for the panorama of Everest and adjoining peaks. The adventure progresses on leaving the tree line behind towards Dingboche, then reaching Chukung at the end of Imjatse Valley.

The adventure starts from Chukung, to cross the first Khongma-La Pass, with a visit to Everest base camp. As well as climbing to Kala Patthar, the walk continues to cross the Cho-La pass to reach the picturesque Gokyo Valley of lakes. After an exciting time at scenic Gokyo, climb to cross over Renjo-La to complete the last three high passes. 

From Renjo-La, the adventure heads down to Thame, the last village at the western end of Khumbu Valley. Slowly, the adventure then comes to an end upon reaching Lukla to conclude the great adventure of Everest Three High Passes.


Highlights of Everest Three Passes Trekking In the Khumbu region of Nepal.

  • Scenic flights both ways with unparalleled views of the Himalayan ranges.
  • Following a pleasant trail through Sherpa villages adorned with cultures.
  • Walking along with constant views of towering snow-capped mountains.
  • Within UNESCO World Heritage Sites around Sagarmatha National Park.
  • The famous town of Namche Bazaar with amazing facilities for visitors.
  • Great Opportunity to Visit a historical museum, Everest View Hotel, and Lovely traditional sherpa Villages Khumjung, and Khunde.
  • Enjoy the scenic walk to Tengboche and its impressive monastery.
  • In the heart of picturesque Imjatse Valley enclosed by giant peaks.
  • Exciting climb of Khongma-La, and visit to famous Everest base camp.
  • Cross over Cho-La Pass to reach the scenic Gokyo Valley of emerald lakes.
  • Climb to Renjo-La pass with a grand vista of the world’s highest peaks.
  • Visit Thame Valley home of world record holders mountaineering birthplace and monasteries. 


The Three Passes of Everest region of Nepal. 

Around the high Khumbu Valley around the Everest region, there are many high passes for adventurous trekkers to enjoy. From various high passes around Khumbu, the three passes of Khongma-La, Cho-La, and Renjo-La are popular. Three passes cover most scenic and prime places of the Khumbu, with side trips to Everest base camp. 

The climb leads to the highest point, the top of the Kala Patthar rocky ridge, including Chukung-Ri and Gokyo-Ri scenic viewpoints. The three passes of Everest are an opportunity for trekkers to visit all the best destinations the Everest region has to offer. It is a scenic traverse from one beautiful valley to another exciting place. Makes Everest Three High Passes Hike one of the best adventurous trekking in and around the Khumbu Himalayas. 

Trekkers must know that the word and name ‘La’ is a sign of high respect when addressing higher persons or heavenly spirits. In Sherpa and Tibetan cultures, Pa-la and Ama-la are for fathers and mothers. As well as to any person with respect. As for the mountains and passes regarded, as the abode of gods and holy spirits. Includes every pass tagged as La and is usually marked and adorned with Buddhist prayer flags and rock cairns as offerings. 

Enjoy a wonderful view from Khongma La Pass while trekking to Everest Three High Pass.

The Khongma La Pass (5545 meters/18192 ft)
Khongma-La Pass, often called Mehara-La Pass, was the original name, but due to confusion with Mera Peak. Then, the name changed to Khongma-La it is also the name of the Himalayan Pheasant found around high areas of Khumbu. Khongma-La is also close to Mehara Peak, located north of the pass at 5,849 m/19,094 feet high. 

Khongma-La Pass at 5,545 m/18,192 ft, is well hidden by the peaks of Pokalde in the southeast and the towering Nuptse peak. It is the first or last pass on Everest Three High Passes trekking. It depends upon the start point of the treks from Thame, clockwise or anticlockwise from Chukung. 

The most favored option is the anticlockwise route, where Khongma-La is the first pass to cross. The walk from Chukung leads above the Imjatse Valley, close to the foot of Nuptse and Lhotse peaks. On leaving Imjatse Valley behind, heading towards a gorge and a gully. In between the high rocky cliffs of Pokalde Peak and Nakartsang Ridge and Nuptse wall, following a rocky path. Then, on top of the Khongma-La Pass, also called Khongma-Tse, the high pass is marked with prayer flags. 

From the top, a steep descent takes you to cross the Khumbu Glaciers and then a short steep up. Then, on reaching the dune of the rocky moraine and an easy walk to Lobuche, a small settlement with serval good lodges. Lobuche is on the mid-ways of Everest Base Camp and Pheriche or Dingboche routes. 

Chola Pass top
The Cho La Pass top 5420 meters while on trekking to Everest Three High Passes Trek.

Cho La Pass 5420 m / 17782 ft.
Cho-La Pass often called Tsho-La Pass, which refers to smaller glacial ponds and lakes. Easy to pronounce, it became popular and most common as Cho-La, the second pass on Everest three high passes trekking. Walking from west of Gokyo Valley or east of Lobuche and Dzongla. It also forms the boundary between the Gokyo Valley and eastern Khumbu Valley and the Everest base camp route. Located beneath the staggering Cholatse Peak, the pass is marked with rock cairns and prayer flags. 

Cho-La Pass at 5,420 m/17, 782 feet high, facing grandeur views of surrounding near peaks. Include Lobuche East and West peaks with Nirekha and Cholatse peaks as far as views of Mt. Cho-Oyu towards the northwest. The climb from Dzongla, the eastern base, leads to a steep climb over a rocky ridge. Walk leads on an icy section as you start the climb early, before dawn. 

Before, the cold wind chill factor catches you along with the first light of sunrise after a strenuous climb. Reach on top of Cho-La Pass and enjoy the breathtaking views of the snow mountains surrounding the top. From the pass, a steep downhill over a moraine of rocks and boulders reaches Thagnak, a small settlement. Located at the western base of Cho-La around the west end of Gokyo Valley and close beneath Ngozumba Glacier. The longest glacier in Nepal and around the Himalayas is also the source of the Dudh Koshi River. 

Crossing Cho La Pass 5420 meters while trekking to Everest Three High Passes in the Khumbu region of Nepal.

Renjo La Pass (5360 m / 17 585 ft.
Renjo La Pass, at 5,360 m/17, 585 feet, is the last and lesser height of all Everest Three High Passes. Renjo-La Pass is west of Khumbu Valley and Everest and southwest of Gokyo Valley. Renjo-La could be the first or the last pass on this adventure upon the choices of trekkers. But more or less, it is the last final pass to complete the Everest three high passes.

The walk from Gokyo 3rd Lakes, also known as Gokyo Tsho, the trail leads close across the lake. Reaching the base of Renjo-La Pass, the climb leads to a steep haul, taking care of the dangers from rock falls. The climb takes more than 2-3 hours to reach the top of Renjo-La Pass. The top of Renjo-La Pass offers a jaw-dropping panorama of the surrounding picturesque scenery of the snow mountains. 

Enjoy the views of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse with Mt. Makalu as far as Mt. Cho-Oyu. Include Ama Dablam, Tharmasarku, and the whole range of Kongde Peak. On crossing the last Renjo-La Pass, then completes the Everest Three High Passes. After a great and tough adventure climbing steep ups with a long descent, the walk then leads to Thame. Before heading back to Namche Bazaar and then to Lukla for the return flight to Kathmandu.

Amazing Everest, Lhotse and Makalu View from Renjo La Pass
Amazing Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu Views from Renjo la Pass during our Everest Three High Pass Trek. 


Everest Three High Passes Trek Duration required.

The standard itinerary for Everest Three High Passes Trekking is 17 Nights and 18 Days from Lukla to Lukla. Visit Himalaya Treks Offer 22 days Everest Three High Passes Trek arriving in Kathmandu Nepal to departure from Kathmandu. Includes flights both ways as well as rest days for acclimatization and exploring scenic viewpoints. 

The whole trek covers a distance of approx. 179 k.m. or 111 miles, excluding extra side trips and acclimatization walks. The general and standard itinerary are in the following manner, which helps you to plan this great adventure. The walking hours on each day may differ depending upon the trekker's fitness level and health. In snow conditions, crossing passes might take longer than the average hours, as mentioned by guides and the itinerary. This is how the itinerary is set and planned, with hours of walking and altitude on each overnight stop. 

Is a Guide Required for Everest Three High Passes Trekking in the Khumbu region of Nepal? 
In the past few decades, guides were not needed for solo and individual trekking. But in the last few years, the Nepal Ministry of Tourism has declared that no individual or solo trekking is allowed. All foreign visitors must be accompanied, by an expert guide holding a Government License to guide around the Nepal Himalayas. Trekkers must book and join reliable trekking companies, must be fully authorized, and must be government-registered. 

Trekking with a guide will be a good companion and experience, to get knowledge about the country’s local cultures and customs. As well as to be safe in case of sudden illness and unfortunate incidents. This can happen anytime and anywhere, especially around the remote corners of the Himalayas, like Everest Three High Passes Trekking or any other high Himalayan Trekking destination in Nepal

Enjoy a short video clip from the top of Renjo La Pass #EverestThreePassTrek

Preparation for Everest Three High Passes Trek in Nepal.
For the Everest Three High Passes Trek, all members should be physically fit and in sound medical health. For a person with a medical history and special dietary, please inform our company Visit Himalaya Trek before starting your trip to the Himalayas of Nepal. 

So that the company can make necessary arrangements, on booking for this adventures. All age groups can join a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 70 years old. A minimum age of under 15 must be accompanied by parents or guardians, as well as elderly persons. All need to obtain Travel and Medical Insurance in case of unfortunate incidents and accidents.

For physical fitness, one needs to exercise for an hour or more before booking and when signing the trip. Like, walking, jogging, or any other good physical exercise to keep the fitness level. It is best to check up with your doctor on booking the trip for Everest Three High Passes Trekking. As well as gathering information on the landscapes and terrains and choosing the best seasons for the trek. Trekkers need to be well prepared to join a group of members from different nationalities. As well as packing the right gear for the treks, the clothing list, will be provided by the company on request. 

Finally, booking the airline tickets for Kathmandu on the exact dates at least two days, ahead before the trek departures. As well as having a few overnights in Kathmandu after the trek in case the flight from Lukla gets delayed. It might lead to cancellation sometimes due to bad and unfavorable weather conditions. 

Wonderful Gokyo Lake In Khumbu Valley In Nepal.

Conclusion Everest Three Pass Trek 
Everest Three High Passes Trekking is an adventure covering all the scenic sides of the Everest region. The grade of trekking is moderate to adventurous and can be challenging in deep snow conditions. When crossing over the high passes sometimes, but more or less, it is an exciting and enjoyable walk. 

Trekkers will have the opportunity to visit all the picturesque valleys of high Khumbu in the close shadow of Mount Everest. Trek within the harmony of the impressive cultures of the native Sherpa. At every overnight stop all guests, are greeted with traditional greetings and warm hospitality. Besides beautiful stunning views, trekkers will enjoy the local Sherpa heritage and cultures, and monasteries of great religious interest. 

Everest Three High Passes Trekking is for all types of people interested in absolute wilderness. The trekking trails follow the popular main route and then head towards hidden corners on off-the-beaten tracks. 


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