10 Great  Reasons to Visit Nepal with the Best Trekking Company In Nepal
20 Aug

10 Great  Reasons To Visit Nepal With The Best Trekking Company In Nepal

There are many reasons why you must visit Nepal, with the Best Trekking Company In Nepal, a country of unique bio-diversity from rich vegetation, cultures, and dramatic landscapes. Due to its amazing topographic position and altitude variation, the elevation starts from low as 60 m. 

Extends towards the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8,848.86 m, all within a distance of 150 km. Resulting in a dramatic climatic change from Sub-tropical to cooler-alpine temperature to Arctic cold zone of ice and snow. Nepal for a small country blessed with the natural wonders of the world’s highest mountain range the great Himalayas. Includes eight tallest peaks on earth with thousands of lesser peaks from above 5,500 m to 8, 000 m high.

Apart from the stunning scenery of snow peaks, rivers, and dales to high rolling green hills with the world’s highest lakes. As well as the world's deepest gorge Kaligandaki River, and the largest natural rhododendron garden.

The land of the World’s Ten Heritage Sites, from ancient temples, Stupas, old palaces, and the birth site of Lord Buddha. Including the national parks enriched with exotic flora and fauna. This makes Nepal one of the most sought countries to visit with the Best trekking company in Nepal for all types of exotic holidays and various adventure destinations. 

Although the main flow of tourism is for trekking in Nepal and Mountaineering Expeditions. But one can enjoy cultural and historical tours, Jungle Safari, and white water rafting or relax on scenic Mountain Resorts. 

Nepal is a premier country for all types of holiday destinations and offers more than one can expect. It is also a botanical paradise for nature lovers and school/college students. A great country to explore the colorful cultures of both ancient religions Hinduism and Buddhism. Where one can visit famous holy pilgrimage sites from the main cities to the hidden corners of Nepal Himalayas.

The only country in the world where the Hindu and Buddhism religions blend in perfect harmony.

Sunset over Mt. Everest.
Sunset over Mt. Everest, view from Kala Patthar.

01: The land of the world’s highest Mt. Everest (8,848.86 m / 29, 032 feet): 

Most people around the world might not be aware that Nepal is the land of the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest. Which was first summited in the history of mountaineering by late legendary mountaineers Tenzing & Hillary on May 29th, 1953. From then on it is one the most popular mountains, where thousands of mountaineering expeditions and trekkers visit. 

In the best time of the year, especially spring and autumn, the high, peak seasons. Mt. Everest also forms the borders between Nepal and Tibet / China, the South Face is located in Nepal. The North Face or North Col is in Tibet / China, the new height of Mt. Everest at present. Is above 8.848.86 m or 29, 032 feet, which was revised from 8,848 m, by Nepal and China in December 2020.  

Mt. Everest Base Camp Trekking, besides Mountaineering, Expeditions is one of the most popular adventure destinations for millions of wide-world travelers.


02: Of World's 14 tallest peaks, the 8 highest are located in Nepal:

From the list of the world’s 14th highest peaks, Nepal proudly captures the eight tallest peaks. Namely the first number one Mt. Everest, the 3rd Mt. Kanchenjunga 8,586 m, and the 4th Mt. Lhotse 8,516 m. Includes the 5th Mt. Makalu at 8,463 m and 6th Mt. Cho-Oyu at 8,201 m, Mt. Dhaulagiri at 8,167 m. As well as the 8th Mt. Manaslu 8,163 m and the 10th highest Mt. Annapurna-I, at above 8,091 m. high. 

The world’s tallest and famous peaks are located Mid-East and Far East, as well as around Mid-Western Nepal. A country with more than hundreds of stunning giant peaks from above 5,500 m to 8,000 meters. 

Makes Nepal the world’s foremost adventure ground for all types of adventure from trekking and Hiking, mountaineering, and peak climbing, Tours and Sightseeing, and more.


03: World’s highest Tilicho Lake around Annapurna Circuit Route:

Nepal due to the famous world's highest peaks, and its massive Himalayan Mountain range, which forms a major water source. Like streams, rivers, glacial ponds, and lakes that decorate the beautiful high hills and green valleys. 

From many glacial lakes and ponds across the Nepal Himalayas, it is also the country with the world’s highest Lakes. The Tilicho Lake, located on an extension of scenic Manang Valley; is close to the route of the famous and popular Annapurna Circuit Trekking trails. 

Tilicho Lake at an altitude of above 4,919 meters / 16,138 feet high, is situated amidst a picturesque location. Bounded by towering snow peaks of the Annapurna Himalaya range with Gangapurna Himal, Nilgiri’s, and Tlicho Peaks. 

The Trekking route to Tilicho Lake diverts from the main route of the Annapurna Circuit after the main Manang village. A walk of 2-3 days, after spending overnights in Manang, Khangsar small settlement, and Tilicho Base Camp.

The Tilicho Lake, revered as a holy site by Hindu followers, is mentioned in the great epic Ramayana. An area of 4 km / 2.5 miles in length with 1.2 km / 0. 75 m wide. The surface of 4.8 sq. km / 1.9 sq. mile and an average of 85 m / 279 feet depth. Tilicho Lake can be reached from Manang on a side trip of a few days upon leaving the main Annapurna Circuit Trekking route

The other route is from Jomsom the headquarters town of the Mustang district. Then crossing a high Mesokanto-La at 5,121 m / 16,802 feet high pass.

Tilicho Lake
Tilicho Lake is located in the Manang district elevation of 4919 meters. 


04: 15 % of Nepal's land is covered by Himalayan Mountain ranges.

Nepal with an area of 147, 181 sq. km / 56, 826.9018 sq. miles sandwiched between Tibet/ China and India. The topography of the country starts from the low land of the Terai belt to Churi / Siwalik lower hills. 

Extends to mid and high hills known as Mahabharata, and stretches towards the higher Greater Mahabharata range. Then eventually ends up in a high and massive Mountainous country known as the famous Himalayan ranges.  

The Himalayas and its arrays of snow-capped peaks occupy 15% of the total area of the country. Capturing the eight tallest peaks in the world 14th highest above 8, 000 m / 26, 247 feet peaks. 


05: Country of rare exotic wildlife with endangered species around its various National Parks:   

Nepal besides the world’s highest mountains and glacial lakes has more to offer for interested visitors. Where one can enjoy the thrills of Jungle and wildlife safari in the dense deep jungles of tropical Terai. 

Chitwan National Park is designated as the world’s heritage site and Asia’s best national park. Where rare and endangered mammals and exotic bird’s life habitats, like the Royal Bengal Tiger, One-horned Rhinoceros. Includes four types of deer, two species of crocodiles with many different animals and birds. 

Visitors can enjoy observing the wild animals and birds on an elephant safari, jungle drives, or on nature walks. Staying in the comfort of a nice jungle lodge and resort, enjoying the wildlife safari for a few days. All those activities offered by Visit Himalaya Treks, those VHT is One of the Best Local Trekking Company In Nepal

Apart from the famous and popular Chitwan National Park, visitors can enjoy a jungle safari at Bardiya National Park. Located in Far Mid-West Nepal which is an undisturbed park, and the least visited. Famous for freshwater Gangetic Dolphins and other mammals with different species of birds.  


06: Ten world heritage sites to explore for all types of visitors:

Nepal is a famous and proud nation for a small country with various interesting and exciting places. Where visitors can enjoy, besides mountains and cultural sites, the country with Ten World Heritage Sites. The best especially for students studying history, culture, religion, and nature can explore its heritage sites. 

Some of the heritage sites are the major landmarks of the country like the holy temple of Pashupatinath. Including the 2,500 years old Buddhist monument Stupa of Swyambhunath, popularly known as the Monkey Temple.

Kathmandu, is the capital of Nepal, although a semi-modern, metropolitan, and busy commercial city. But retaining its ancient glory of temples, monasteries, and centuries-old palace complex till the present. Where most of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites are within the three cities of Kathmandu Valley.

Like the Kathmandu and Lalitpur Durbar (palace and royal courtyard) Squares, includes the magnificent Bhaktapur Durbar Square. The ancient Hindu Temples of Changunarayan and Pashupatinath with Buddhist monuments of Swayambhu and Bouddhanath Stupas. The Heritage Sites extend to Far South West at Lumbini, the place where Lord Buddha was born. 

The World Heritage Sites also cover the famous Chitwan National Park and the high Everest areas of Sagarmatha National Park. These world heritage sites are wonderful places to visit as well as observe the in-depth of Nepal past glorious history and culture.

World Heritage Sites in Nepal
Unesco World Heritage Sites In nepal 

The founder of Peacefulness Gautama Buddha the Light of Asia:

The Lord Buddha renowned as The Light of Asia born during the time of the Sakya Kingdom around 6th Century BC. The founder of Buddhism preached the way to Nirvana through a Peaceful path, for past centuries the site was buried.

Until it was re-discovered by a German archeologist in 1895 around the district of Rupendehi in Lumbini, Nepal. In ancient Sanskrit means lovely for Lumbini, certainly a great religious and historical site. Where interested visitors can enjoy and experience the ancient aura in a harmony of peacefulness.

Places of interest are the Maya Devi Temple, the mother of Gautama Buddha, and the Asoka Pillar. Emperor Asoka of Northern India visited in 249 BC and constructed four stupas and a stone pillar. Tour of ancient ruined sites of Sakya Kingdom palace and the Peace Flame. 

Lumbini areas house many monasteries of various wide-world countries. Lumbini is designated in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as the heaven and hub for all Buddhist followers.   


08: A country enriched with diverse cultures of religious significance:     

Nepal is an amazing and unique country with diverse cultures of great religious significance, with Hindu and Buddhist major religions. Nepal with more than 60 ethnic tribal groups with more than 100 different native languages. 

Truly a melting pot, with mixtures of Mongolian, Aryans, Dravidian, and Kirati-origin tribes of people. Having their own special heritage cultures and customs, as well as colorful festivals and celebration of each tribal community.  

Where visitors will certainly have a delightful time in Nepal witnessing the varied cultures of different tribes. Although the different origin of tribes and ritual and cultures, all blends well in perfect harmony as one group of Nepali citizens.  


09: Nepal is a Country of the friendliest, happy, and most helpful people:

When traveling around different countries in the world, where few countries can be quite similar to Nepali people. Coming across the happy, cheerful, and friendliness of locals, as Nepali are well known around the world. Where ever one travels around Nepal, visitors will not miss the warm greetings and welcoming smiles of the Nepalese people. 

Every place in Nepal whether in cities and towns or remote isolated villages, where visitors receive warm traditional hospitality. Makes Nepal one of the friendliest countries in the world to visit and experience the Nepalese amazing generosity.  

Our Campsite at Tseram Kanchenjunga
Our Campsite is at Tseram Kanchenjunga Southside.


10: Nepal is the best destination to visit, to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city's hectic busy life.

Most travelers visit Nepal for various reasons as well as for exciting enjoyable holidays. The most important is that the country has full of charm and beauty. Where visitors enjoy time in Nepal being free from the busy hectic life in the peaceful harmony of the Himalayas. 

Nepal offers great tranquil and relaxing holiday destinations around the high hills and mountainous areas. Having facilities of Home-Stay programs, spending in remote traditional farm villages for some days. Enjoy the blissful moments in the cool refreshing mountain air in the close harmony of local immense cultures. 

Truly the best place to release the stress from the busy city life of daily chores. Amidst the charming scenery of snow-capped peaks and friendly villagers, certainly Nepal is a gateway to pleasant relaxation destinations. We Visit Himalaya Treks specializes in organizing your truly amazing travel holidays in Nepal Trekking in Nepal is one of the popular activities VHT offering for more than two decades, those we are one of the Best Trekking Companies in Nepal.  



The Ten best reasons why to visit Nepal surely help and support visitors to plan various wide range of destinations. The country offers more, from leisure, moderate, and adventurous to challenging holidays in the laps of the high Himalayas. 

Nepal is all for all seasons, but the best to choose is during spring and autumn. For moderate Best Treks In Nepal, Sightseeing and Cultural tours, and short hikes, can also enjoy during the winter times of Christmas and New Year Holidays. Nepal for all types of visitors from families, schools, college groups, and elderly folks to corporate executives. 

The country with a wide range of exotic destinations and money's worth of exciting, holidays to choose from and enjoy. To arrange all types of Holidays in Nepal, Visit Himalaya Treks is recognized as one of the Best Trekking Company in Nepal.


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