11 Jan


The Nepal Cultural Trail is a long distance trek from the Mechi to Mahakali rivers—a splendid addition to the country’s tourist attractions and alternative to the familiar routes. Passing through the mid-hills and valleys along the length of the country from the east to the west, it is also the trail to unite Nepal. Nepal’s iconic trekking routes are the Annapurna, Solu Khumbu and Langtang trails. These areas have achieved worldwide acclaim. The Annapurna trail to the north of Pokhara is set against a backdrop of the Annapurna range. Trekking in the Solu Khumbu region, you are, of course, in Everest country. The Langtang route is located to the north of Kathmandu. However, these routes, although superlative, rarely get repeat visitations and have recently received a reputation for being crowded with bottlenecks at places such as Lukla’s airport. New trail exploration is necessary in Nepal, something to bring tourists to Nepal. Nepal is endowed with breathtaking natural resources. The Himalaya are prized worldwide for their unrivalled majesty. The mid-hills, the heartland and soul of Nepali culture, offer a sensational Himalayan backdrop and village scenery.


This region is just as awe-inspiring and encompasses widest range of biodiversity. Most enchanting of all are the friendly, hospitable hill people. However, Nepal markets few trails in the mid-hills. Trekking across Nepal needs to be developed as a tourism product. New, attractive products are essential to address the overdue need for Nepal to supplement its tourism inventory. A long distance trail would increase Nepal’s new-product standing. Nepal’s stunning beauty with mountainous topography and mid-hills endowed with rich natural resources as well as cultural attractions combine for massive potential for a long distance trail. Additionally, long distance trails are widely popular throughout the world. Because of the popularity of long distance routes and the popularity of trekking in Nepal, a long distance trail through Nepal’s mid-hills has great potential for tourism.


Nepal is ready for something similar to the Appalachian, Inca, Pacific Crest and the newly promoted Te Araroa (New Zealand) Trails, among other magnificent world-renowned routes. The Nepal Cultural Trail will be an extensive route that can be completed section by section or as a whole, something to keep tourists occupied for a long visitation or through repeat visitations. It would be an all-year course and tourist friendly, available as a do-it-yourself venture as well as an agency trek for people who desire greater comfort. The journey would highlight the sacred sites, people and culture from border to border through the mid-hills and valleys. Nepal’s long distance trek: The Nepal Cultural Trail, the “Trail to Unite Nepal”.


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