Rara Lake Biggest Lake in Nepal
30 Jan

Rara Lake Biggest Lake In Nepal

Rara National Park Located in the north- western high mountains of Nepal. The Rara national park was established in 1976 with the objectives of conserving biodiversity and maintaining unique landscapes.  Lake Rara which is the main attraction of the Park lies at elevation of 2990m from sea level. The lake is in oval shape which a maximum length of 5km width is 3km and depth of 167m. Best time to visit Rara Lake is September to November and March to May. December to Early march the temperature drops to below freezing and snowfalls accumulates up to one meter closing high pass. Peoples living in Rara national park and its buffer zone area belong to Hindu religion. There are number of ancient temples and shrines of local significance in this region. The majority of the vegetation in the park is dominated by Blue pine and different species of rhododendrons are associated with it. Blue Pine, herbs, marshlands and tussock grasslands inhabited the area surrounding the lake.


About 51 different mammals’ species are recorded in the park the park is an ideal habitat for the endangered musk deer, Himalayan black beer, red panda, Himalayan ghoral, Jackal, Himalayan Thar. So far 272 bird species are recorded in this national park. Rara lake serves as an important halting station for migratory waterfowls across the Himalayas. Coots are plentiful in the lake and several of them stay even for the whole year. Great – created grebe, Red-crested pochard and Gulls visit the park during winter. To get Rara Lake from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj 45m flight by air and from Nepalgunj to Jumla another 25 minutes flight by air and 4 days trek. To make complete Rara lake trek it takes about 16 days.




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